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Please help me reduce bloating quickly

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Does anyone have any advice on what to eat (or not eat) to quickly reduce bloating? I have a test photoshoot coming up, and lately my stomach is wanting to play peek-a-boo. I'm not asking for a crash diet plan, like losing 5 lbs. in a week. No way! LOL But I do wanna have that flat tummy appearance for when I go, so I can look and feel my best.

If you could give me a daily plan on what to eat, or some suggestions, I'd reaalllyy appreciate it. OH, and it's not around the time of the month, so it's nothing to do with PMS.

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I'm still bloated and I look pregnant. Please help!

Limit your salt, dairy and fruits as they all cause bloating.

Realistically, eliminating anything is bad.  But if you are thinking bloating, I'd try limit those items below and drink tons of water!

Good luck!


if I'm feeling bloated I'll buy the biggest water bottle i can find and chug it! it may make you feel more bloated at first, but after an hour or so I usually feel less bloated after doing this

Original Post by lorawilson1:

Limit your salt, dairy and fruits as they all cause bloating.

Realistically, eliminating anything is bad. But if you are thinking bloating, I'd try limit those items below and drink tons of water!

Good luck!

That only leaves like... veggies and meat. Aren't you supposed to stay away from veggies too because they also cause excess gas from not being fully digested properly?



I found a great resource..not all dairy products or fruit are known to cause gas. here is a pretty useful list...i hope it helps. :)

LESS GAS CAUSING FOODS: The following foods cause less gas.

  • DAIRY:

    • Lowfat cheese and cottage cheese

    • Lowfat frozen yogurt

    • Plain or fruit lowfat yogurt


    • Smooth peanut butter


    • Cooked or canned fruits without peels, like applesauce or fruit cocktail

    • Filtered fruit juices without added fructose (sugar)

    • Lower fiber fruits, like grapes, kiwi, plums, or nectarines


    • Angel food cake

    • Breads, rolls, and pastas made with white or refined flours

    • Cooked pastas with light sauces

    • Farina type cereals, like cream of wheat or rice

    • Mashed potatoes without skins

    • White rice


    • Eggs cooked without frying, like poached or boiled

    • Lean meat, fish, and poultry cooked without lots of fat


    • Carrots

    • Summer squash and winter squash

    • Vegetable soup

THE FOODS BELOW CAN CAUSE GAS: Avoid these foods for a few weeks to see if your problems with gas lessen.


    • Mannitol (TM)

    • Sorbitol (TM)

  • DAIRY:

    • Cream

    • Ice cream

    • Ice milk

    • Milk

    • Milk products


    • Baked beans

    • Dried beans, like kidney, pinto, garbanzos, lima, and navy

    • Dried peas, like split peas and lentils

    • Soybeans


    • Apples

    • Avocados

    • Bananas

    • Melon

    • Prunes and raisins


    • Bran cereal or breads

    • Large amounts of wheat products


    • Fatty meats

    • Fried foods

    • Gravies

    • Pastries

    • Rich cream sauces


    • Broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower

    • Corn

    • Cucumber

    • Green peppers

    • Kohlrabi

    • Onions and leeks

    • Radishes, rutabaga and turnips

    • Sauerkraut

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i've heard cilantro and parsely help

and lots of water

Thank u so much for that list, chrissy! But i still must laugh because it says to avoid milk products, but then says that yogurt and cottage cheese is okay. lol

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cut down your sodium, it makes you retain water

Here are some things that help me when I'm bloated:

-lying down with a heating pad on my stomach

-eating smaller, more frequent meals

-taking something like gas-x or beano

-doing "digestive yoga" (google it for poses)

-going for a walk, or doing gentle exercises

-decreasing the amount of fiber in your diet

-avoid gas-inducing foods (see list posted above)

-see your doctor.  There are drugs that help with this

-try digestive enzymes.  You can find them at drugstores, and they really do help a lot of people.

Oh, also, for quick relief of bloating, I find that doing situps helps temporarily.

Good luck!

Banana's help me, plus lots of water with lemon.... anything with high potassium helps relieve water retention and if you feel bloated you may be retaining water

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