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Weight Loss
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Plateau - pulling my hair out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Help!  I've been roughly the same weight for the last three to four weeks and I'm over it.


The last two weeks I've stopped counting my calories because my new job is a weird routine I'm not settled in yet.  excuses I know.  When I did track my defecit would be around 500-1500 calories/day.  though not often was it over a thousand.


I do 30min cardio and 30 min strength training 4-5 days/wk. 


I listened to jillian michaels recent podcast about plateaus and she said the only reason someone over 25lbs overweight or more should be in a plateau is if they dont track their calories in/out, they dont switch up their workout routine, or they have a hormonal issue.


I havent switched up my routine but I do raise the weights when they get easy.  Do I still need to do something different?  Will I not eventually see the weight loss?  this is insane!  and frustrating!

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What kind of cardio are you doing? I'd try switching it up and doing something else. Or perhaps you aren't tracking your calories right and you're eating more than you think you are? Hmm. Are your clothes fitting any differently or do you look different? You could be losing inches just not pounds because you might be building muscle.

My experience - The only way out of plateau is to give your body a shock. I was in a similar situation a month before, where I stopped losing weight at all. Then, I doubled my exercise in gym and started burning 1800 calories on cardio, instead of 900, plus an hour of serious mountain biking. Within two weeks, I started dropping pounds again, and I came back to my regular routine. I think it of as a stuck wheel in a mud, sometimes you just have to yank it out of it.

Hope it helps and good luck.

Don't give up! I had that experience my first time around losing weight and then a year later I was back to where I'd started +5 lbs. Please persevere through this for you and for us :) I'm in a similar boat at the moment and I've been trying to keep myself going. Good luck!

When we loose weight the body needs to adjust once in  while - so we call it a plateau. Once the body has adjusted to the weight loss which we have achieved over the last few weeks, we start loosing weight again. Just relax and stick to your routine - in a week or two you will start loosing weight again.

Just because the number isn't changing doesn't mean your body isn't changing. I've been 120 lbs for like 5 weeks now but my clothes are fitting looser and looser and I feel more fit. Get the measuring tape out for more accurate "weight loss."

Don't give up!  Take some time today (Sunday) to plan out all of your meals this week and then go grocery shopping so that everything is in place.  This will make it easy for you to track every day this week.  Adjusting to a new work schedule can be difficult, but if you plan ahead you can track your food regardless of your schedule.

It's true that shaking up workout routines helps people break plateaus, but I'm going to guess from your post that not tracking is probably a bigger problem for you than your exercise routine right now.  

Hey everyone!  Thanks for the responses. 


I started beginning of feb and I am down 24lbs.  I am stuck at 24lbs.  It's so frustrating because those first 24lbs. flew off and now I am stuck. 


I've been packing my lunch err... dinner lol. Which helps a lot. If anything I may not be eating enough but I don't think that explains why the scale isn't moving.  Gosh it wasn't this hard to lose the weight a couple yrs ago when I lost 50lbs in 6 months.  Sigh.  I'm on the last week of month four and stuck at 24lbs! grrr!


I am sore!  I did free weights on Saturday with a walk with the dogs and I am still sore from it!  But I usually do 30mins of elliptical then 30mins of machine weight strength training.


I'm ready for the scale to head downward!  Granted, my pants are falling off and clothes are fitting better. I just want the scale to meet up with everything else!  I'm thinking there is no way my body is perfectly balancing the amount of muscle I've put on with the fat I've lost to keep my weight the same for the last month! grrrr!

I know the feeling - I’ve basically been in a plateau for the past six months. This is despite exercising every day and tracking my calories. I’ve lost a lot of weight already, so it’s not like I don’t know how to lose. I’ve changed my routine a little this week and I’ve changed my diet so that it’s primarily clean. Previously I was burning about 550 calories off during exercise. Now I’ve just decided to exercise for one hour a day, six days a week. Some sessions will probably burn 550, others 700.

There are many suggestions on the internet regarding what to try. What kind of cardio do you do? Is it just walking? If so, you might want to switch it up to something more intense. Lately I’ve been doing my own version of circuit training for my cardio. I skip 200 times, run for five minutes, jump on the trampoline x amount of times, do thirty jumping jacks etc. It helps prevent boredom.

Another thing you could do is make sure you eat clean. And commit to tracking EVERYTHING you eat and drink for several weeks to see if you really are under or over-estimating your calories.

Best of luck. I know how disheartening it is.

I do the elliptical machine, that is my jam. lol  I make sure my heartrate gets up, that I sweat, that I can't talk well.  I cool off then I do weights.


I don't eat lots of processed food.  I do have one cheat day a week but it's not a crazy free for all day, it's just one meal and usually I only eat a little of it before I get full. 



I am definitely a lot stronger than I used to be but I'd be hard pressed to believe that my muscle weighs more causing a halt in weight loss.  I'm gonna switch up my cardio machine and try free weights for the next couple weeks to see if I can kick start something again.  This has got to quit already!  I wouldnt be able to handle 6 months of it!!

Hello everybody.

One thing that I realised the other week when I was in plateau all week long even though I was exercising and tracking every singe think I ate was that my body responded better on the day I gave myself a day-off trainning. I gave myself a day off for my body to rest from so much exercise. Of course I still watched for what I ate, but letting your body rest and understand everything that you've been doing with it is also important.

Yeah, I generally take two days off a week to give my body rest. 


I am trying to switch up my strength training routine to see if I can shock my body a little bit, typically I do three days upper body on the machines then two day legs on the machines but now that I am using free weights I want to break it up by muscle group.  What are your recommendations?  I did abs today, I can do arms/shoulders, legs, back, .....what else???



Each body works in different ways, and I'm certainly no expert to recommend exactly whyat you need, only to try sugestions. Strengh trainnings are great and necessary, but they are a different way to lose weight. They help in the long term, they will show in your clothes, but they won't show on the scale right now.

Sometimes changing exercises is more that muscle groups. Like, have you thought about power yoga for exemple? It could be a complement to your strengh work out, another way to work your muscles and it's known to make people sweat like pigs (hehe).

The lesson here is, shake up your routine, surprise your body. Because our bodies are funny machines that when they plateau it's like we're working out like it's all the strengh or breath we have and all our body thinks is "yeah, right, we're here again doing those up and down again like that other day bla bla bored"

And we can't let him win, right? ;)

Switching to free weights and doing a full body routine 3 times a week would be most beneficial for the weight training portion of your exercise routine.  For specific suggestions, post in the fitness forum :)

Another week down (official week weigh in day) and still the same weight.


I've noticed that I didn't plateau until my allergies got really bad.  And when I mean really bad I mean everyone telling me I sound horrible, not being able to breathe, sleep, stuffed nose, watery eyes, congestion like whoa, sneezy.  All hours of the day with no relief, with no meds helping.  I WONDER if that has anything to do with it.  Even with my allergies I've kept my routine the same, eating right/exercising 5 days/wk.  This might be turning into a sinus infection if it hasn't already.  sigh  What do you guys think?


On a happier note, one of my coworkers said if I lost any more weight I'd need new clothes, I got the pleasure of telling her these were pants SMALLer than where I started from, meaning I'm almost down to a third pant size!  That made my day.

I haven't been to the gym since Monday mainly due to my allergies/sinus infection and partially because I was wondering if I might be overtraining because I am constantly sore.  I am back down to my lowest weight but still haven't hit 25lbs. down. haha  Still, I've been losing every day I've not gone.  Maybe my body was telling me I was working too hard???

Doesn't hurt to take a break and let your body recover, especially if you have been dealing with health issues :)  You might find it easier to get off your plateau after this.  Good luck!

I had this same thing happen to me. I talked with my physiology teacher about my problem and this was her explaination and advise. The body's goal is to always maintain homeostasis. When we limit our calories and increase our activity the body will at times feel like we are not giving it enough food and will subsequently defend our fat stores, which means we will plateau. She told me that I needed to trick my body into losing weight again. On her advise, I kept my workouts the same and  increased my calories for 2 days. I increased my calories to the amount that I would eat if I were maintaining my current weight. In doing so I told my body that it was going to be receiving more calories than it had been receiving on a daily basis. As a result it no longer felt it needed to defend my fat stores. On the third day I reduced my calories and started to lose again. My physio teacher said to increase my calories for 2 to 3 days. I did it for 2, but 3 would work too.  At first I did not want to do it as it seemed increasing my calories would put me more behind, but I was not losing anyway so I gave it a try and it worked.


Just an update, this is the end of my week off aaaaaaaaaaand the scale finally moved!!!!!!!!!!!!  I dropped 2.4lbs.  Thank goodness! 


Listening to my body did the trick!  Now I'm ready to get back at it but I'm gonna change it up a little bit so my body doesn't suffer again.


Soooooooooooo happy.

GREAT!!!!! I am so happy for you :).

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