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Weight Loss
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plateau already? :(

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The last few days the scale has said the exact same thing... Although I think the scale is busted as it doesn't matter what I wear or what time of the day I weigh in its the same exact number... I'm house sitting right now and not using my own scale... Tell me not to freak out and think that after only 5lbs lost (45 more to go) I hit a plateau... Tell me it's the scale and when I get home to my touchy scale I will see some change in either direction.
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Don't stress its the scale ! Laughing

45 down 5 to go. C'mon you've done great so far. Even if you have hit a plateau it won't last so "calm the body"

Oh no. It's 5 down 45 to go... That's why I'm freaking about a possible plateau

As your weight should be fluctuating pretty much daily, I'd say it's the scale.

Oops ! Don't worry it is still the scale.

At 5 down you are not going to plateau. Hope you are eating minimum at your BMR. eat at your BMR n achieve a 500 deficit daily you will see a steady decline of 1 lbs a week. As your body adjusts water retention decreasing due to not eating junk or retaining in muscle for exercise you will see ups and downs. BUT over 3 to 4 weeks there will be a weight loss by way of fat loss of 1lbs average a week.

O girl throw that scale away!!!!

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find the heaviest objects you can (like winter boots, or a gallon of milk), or even a water bottle over 16 oz (something you know weighs 1 lb or more) and go stand on that scale.  If it goes up, it's you, and if it doesn't, its the scale.  tada!

Never use someone's scale. Been there, did that, big head trip!!! As far as plateaus, I have seen many, and they really do mess with you. Stop scale watching, do weekly weigh in's early before food but after you've had a chance to clear out if you get my meaning. As long as you are eating right, things will fall off. Switch it up, get out of your comfort zone!!


Have fun!!!

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