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Pint of Ice Cream

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Hi.  I am a little bit new to counting calories and I usually eat really healthy stuff, but today I ate a pint of ice cream.  The whole pint was only 360 calories, and I fit it into my daily intake, but is this okay?  I don't make a habit of it... but it was reallllyy good but now I feel extremely full and scared that I won't lose weight because of it.

Is this okay?

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Totally fine, I fit a pint of light Phish Food into my daily calories every now and then and don't gain, and that's 840 cal.

But what I really want to know is...where on earth did you find a whole pint that was 360 calories??? That's 90 calories for a half cup, right?

*gasp* I must know the name of this low cal ice cream NAO! =P

Yeah 90 cal for half a cup... I live in Vermont and the whole label says:

Made in Vermont:  Leonardo's Italian Gelato "Just like in Italy" Stracciatella Flavor.  Homemade Italian Ice Cream: Sam's Creamy Chocolate Chip Gelato.  One Pint - All Natural.

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size 1/2 cup (80 g).  Servings per container: 4.  Amount per serving: Calories - 90, Cal from fat - 35.  Total fat - 4g, Saturated fat - 1.5 g, Trans Fat - 0g, Cholesterol - 10 mg, Sodium - 35 mg, Total Carbohydrate 12g, Sugars 8g, Protein 2g.  Vitamin A - 4%, Calcium - 8%

It was really tasty, but I don't know if they sell it outside of New England


Perhaps try the website: http://www.leonardosgelateria.com/

Gelato isn't really icecream - it doesn't have any 'cream' in it, so it's much lower in calories than icecream... no you're not going to gain weight from your little indulgence - you'd have to eat a dozen pints for that! I had a klondike bar (yes, one single bar) this afternoon that had almost that many calories in it...

Yes, gelato, I believe is made of water? Anyway, stracciatella is DELICIOUS! I loved me some of that in Italia!!!! Nom nom nom!

I always find a way to fit ice cream in my day. It hasn't stopped my weight loss. As long as it fits into your cals, you're fine. =)

I thought I saw that same brand, Leonardos, in Georgia the other day.... But I could just be making it up. Grocery stores aren't the place my brain functions best, lol.

Hm, where did you find a pint of ice cream that was only 360 calories? Typically one serving in a pint of full fat ice cream is 360 calories and in a pint there is four 1/2 cup servings... I would double check on that, because it would seem as if you may have actually eaten... 1440 calories! 

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err someone decided not to read the rests of the posts before replying lol.  I kid, I kid. :)

Seriously though, gelato is one of my favorite desserts cuz it's so good and so refreshing and so low-cal.  I love mango flavoured. :)

Are you kidding me! Awesome - I know what's for dinner!

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