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A pill to relieve bloating?

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It seems that no matter what I eat, or don't eat I'm always bloated. I had seen a nutritionist about this and she gave me a 2 week sample of something...the name escapes me at the moment but it started with an A, it restored bacteria in the body and it worked great! However after finding out it would cost 40-80 bucks to continue, I had to stop. =(


Does anyone know of any pills like this which help relieve bloating? It's ALL the time, not just before/during my period.

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i have used DIUREX for bloating before...  its a Water Pill that you can buy Over The Counter...  some of them are in a PILL form and contain alot of Caffiene tho... i bought the CAPSULE form and it only contains PAMABROM...  you can read all about it at  DIUREX dot COM...  its only a Diuretic...  nothing else... Laughing

Ask your doctor what the underlying cause was - maybe you aren't drinking enough water regularly.  Or, if it has to do with bacteria in the body, maybe eating yogurt would help?

acidophilus maybe? That's a probiotic...they are pretty expensive but I would think you could probably get a lower strength for like $20.

I agree with allnaturalgirl02, that is probably what you were recommended for and if you look around you can get a version of it in any health food store and even at the Grocery Store.  Find out why the Doctor gave you that.  Could you be lactose intolerant?  That made me extremely bloated. One I started using Soy substitutes that helped.  Just a thought.  If you continue feeling bloated though,  please push the Doctor.  My friend had terrible feelings of being bloated for about 6 months and it turned out to be Ovarian cancer from which she never recovered from.  DOn't suffer in silience.

Good Luck.

I think it was a probiotic, i just wish I could remember the name. The problem with eating yogurt is that it bloats me BIG TIME. So, reverse effect there. It wasn't lactose. Now that you say it, it was a probiotic. Which works the best though? When I asked my pharmacist at CVS he said none of them really worked, they just had a ton of caffeine.




That was what I used.

Explain to your doctor that you cannot afford the prescription.

When I discussed a similar problem (different kind of prescription) with my doctor, he said he would provide me with several months worth of sample packs, free of charge, and that I could drop in and ask his nurse for more whenever I ran out.

thank you, I'll try that.


But assuming they can't...is there another, cheaper pill I could use?

It depends on what you mean by bloating.  Do you mean retention of fluids or do you mean intestinal gas?

I'm not sure. Like I said, the original pill I was given was a probiotic. I'm not feeling gassy though.

I never get bloated since I cut out gluten, but I slipped up last week (damn biscuit...) and was soo bloated. Searched through what felt like a whole aisle of pills and medicines and came across Rennie Deflatine which did the trick for being on the go. 

Hope that helps (even if just temporarily!) Smile

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