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Piece of Cake? Literally!

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OK.... so I've been on my first diet EVER for about almost 3 weeks in a few days. I have lost about 12-13 pounds. Which is very motivating! I have been eating NOTHING but healthy foods, and drinking LOTS of water. I do admit, I have not been working out. I am nurse though and I am on my feet ALL DAY, walking non-stop it seems like. BUT .... we had a birthday party today at work and well, I ate a PIECE of CAKE! I feel like such a failure! BUT! It was really GOOD! : ) . Isent it ok to cheat, maybe once a month? I feel really gulity right now! Does anyone else cheat? Once and awhile?
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of course! some people have a "cheat" day every week and just eat maintenance calories. it actually can help with your weight loss.
okay relax it's one piece of cake and that will not hurt the diet and it doesn't make you a failure! It makes you human! Of course everyone cheats on their diet from time to time and some even plan  moderation cheat days once every week. Just don't do it all the time or everyday (which doesn't sound like a prob for you) and you will continue to lose weight.

Congrats on the weight loss already YAY...way to go!!!

This is awesome and I'm glad you're psyched but just wanted to give you a heads-up- you'll begin to lose more slowly after a while because the first few pounds tend to fly off.  Don't get discouraged!  it doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong!!
Everyone slips every once in a while (in regard to the cake) but it's good if you can TRY to fit it into your daily calories, maybe by having a lighter dinner.  My personal philosophy is that intentional, controled splurges help keep me from unintentional binges.
Way to go, and keep up the good work!
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Really? A Cheat day meaning all day? Or maybe one good nice meal that I use to eat when I didnt care about myself?
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Awesome! This makes me want to have another peice, now! (Just Kidding)
Hey, I'd feel proud of myself that I only had ONE piece of cake!  Give yourself a pat on the back.  You're doing great.
I don't know about a cheat day like all day but i'm sure some people do that too (in moderation). For me a cheat day would be kind of like what you did today. Eat clean all the time and then once a week have a piece of cake, or one large homemade cookie etc (only if I must). I certainly don't make a point of having a cheat day but sometimes if you really must have something you should just have it in moderation of course.
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What about COCA-COLA (My biggest down fall)? I have not had one in almost 3 weeks. I use to drink a 2-Liter a DAY! Maybe once a month would be ok?
YES. It's okay to have that piece of cake once in a while! As for me, if I don't have one bad something every day I'd go crazy. So I make sure the something isn't TOO bad, and factor it into my calories for the day :D
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