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do i have a piece of cake or no?

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It's my sisters birthday and we're having cake and ice cream after dinner. I know it wouldn't be a huge deal if I had a piece, but the thing is, I don't really want one. I feel weird not eating it though because my whole family is going to yell at me for not allowing myself to eat the cake, as they'll all be having some. What should i say to them? Or should i just ask for a small piece and have a few bites? I really don't even like cake anymore though. It upsets my stomach and I don't think it's worth it. Ahh i don't know what to do. They want me to stop dieting and I'm trying to maintain but I actually do not want any cake!
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For the sake of not getting into a huge argument, I'd take a piece, have a couple bites and then quietly get rid of the rest.
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Eat the cake. If not for you, then for your sister.
Well sounds like you answered your own question. YOU DONT LIKE CAKE! Just say, you dont care for cake. Or just take as you said, a small piece, eat a courtesy bite and pitch it while noone is watching! If you loved cake I would say, indulge in a very small piece and figure it into your cal intake. But you dont even want eat! You are lucky and this one is a.....yes, the  pun is intended....piece of cake decision!!!!
dm...why eat the cake!? She doesnt even like it? How is this doing something for her, or her sister?
I think if you don't even like cake anymore don't eat it. Just tell your family you are just too full from dinner and couldn't possibly eat another bite. It's your decision, not theirs and ultimately it's what you want that counts. Your family should not try to sabbatoge your maintained weight goals.
Take a piece, act like you are going to eat it, take a couple bites, and when no onoe is looking, throw it away...give it to the dog. why interrogsate you for not eating cake, are you interagating them for not gettin healthier choices??
The cake is a lie!!!
thanks everyone. Yeah I don't want to really make a scene so I'll just take a piece and try to get rid of it after a bite or two. I used to like cake so it would be weird if i said that i don't care for it. They'd think i was lying. Thanks again for the advice!!!


Granted, your family should not be giving you grief about your food choices and you have the right to refuse anything you don't really want.  However, this is your sister, and her birthday should be about her, not an argument about what you're eating (even if the scene would be be your family's fault).  I agree that taking a piece, having one or two bites, then discretely getting rid of it, or saying "I'm more full than I thought I was" would be the diplomatic thing to do.

I have family members who ask for just a sliver of the cake. It is not rude, they get thier few bites and everyone is happy. Just take a small small small piece. Maybe start up a good conversation while everyone is eating cake so no one will notice that you aren't chowing down on yours as much as others.

I say don't eat the cake if you don't want it. Don't let other peoples traditions get you down. I've also been in a situation where I didn't want the cake, and so I denied my slice. Yes, I did get a few comments thrown at me, but in the end I was much happier that I didn't fall into this. So for your own benefit and self rights, DENY the cake :)  It's not worth it.

According to your profile you've lost 30lbs! Don't you think your family would understand that the reason you lost all that weight was because you didn't eat cake? LOL!

They should be proud of you for saying no but if it's easier for you to take a piece and ditch it, then go for it.
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Original Post by carie87:

dm...why eat the cake!? She doesnt even like it? How is this doing something for her, or her sister?

 Because she said her parents would get annoyed. Totally not worth making a scene.

Also depending on how old her sister is, it could have a long term influence on her if she sees her sister not eat the cake. My mom's supposedly "healthy" eating habits (ie refusing cake on people's birthdays, making special food for herself, etc.) totally screwed up my relationship with food as a kid.

1 piece of cake is not going to make her gain 30 lbs. 

What if you brought a cake that you like to the party and had a small piece of that?  Or skip it entirely, it's not worth eating something that you don't like unless you need to gain weight.
Say you do not like cake, ask if you could just have some ice cream. Next year bring an ice cream YOU like. Then they will never expect you to have cake.
unhealthy foods such as sweets and potato chips tear up my stomach too. i spend the next day in the bathroom. sorry if tmi, but it needs to be understood that after time spent eating so much healthy foods, your body can reject junk food. its over processed and chemically inhanced at times. i love snacks and food but my sweets include things like frozen berries or baked apple mixed together with apple sauce, granola and cinnamon. do what feels natural to your body. its not about food. it should be about making your sister feel loved on her birthday. :) have a good time and don't stress the little things.
Actually, an average size piece of cake with frosting is around 400 cals...so try and think if you can "afford" it.

I am with some of the other posters on here..........

I think we spend too much time trying to 'please' other people. I would say no to the cake if I really don't want it and it makes me sick.

I would explain that I use to be able to eat it but now since i've been eating healthy foods the cake is not appealing to me and just makes me sick.

You don't have to do things to 'please' other people or make them feel good in this type of situation. Thats how some of us got overweight in the first place by making sure we 'clean our plate' and doing things we were 'told' when it was not healthy for us.

Thanks everyone! I ended up saying no thank you to the cake. I said I was full from dinner and I ate a sugar free fudge pop instead (only like 50 calories)! I'm so glad that I didn't eat the cake and it ended up not being that big of a deal. A couple of other people didn't want any either. Ahh I'm really glad no one made it a big deal.
*applaud...........yeah for you! I bet that sugar free fudge bar tasted much better too. I know I would like it better.
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