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Before and after pictures for my 60+ pound weight loss

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Because I know these types of posts were very motivating for me when I started, I've updated my gallery with pictures of me at my starting weight and a recent picture taken on the weekend I ran my first marathon.  More than 60 pounds lost, many inches, much body fat, and I'm still hoping to reach my goal weight by the end of this year.  I hope it helps someone!

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Congrats on your amazing achievement! How exciting!!!

May I request more pics please? (hope that doesn't come across as demanding :P)

Would you share what you did to get where you are now? What exercise you did, what you did to work through plateaus (if you had any) and your average weekly calorie intake? Also, I saw you started at 208 lbs, but I didn't see anywhere how tall you are?...sorry if I'm bombarding you with questions :)

I don't have a ton of pics yet, but I posted a few more afters.  I really have almost no "before" pics because I avoided pictures like the plague, but I had to take a picture for my employer's website and that one is from the photo shoot. 

As for height, I am 5' 3.5"  As for exercise, I did tons and tons of exercise.  At the beginning, I kept my daily calorie intake around 2,000 calories and probably worked out on average 1.5 hours per day, 6 days per week.  I always had one complete cheat day as well and I always took one rest day.  I also did one superlong workout day per week, where I would go to the gym (usually on Sundays) and work out for 3 hours plus.  It was usually, long, slow cardio like walking or elliptical with no resistance.  I also lifted weights 2-3 times per week, along with starting a running routine.  I trained for a marathon and my running mileage eventually has gotten up to around 40 miles per week, but that takes a long, long time to build up.  This past six months or so I have reduced my caloric intake some, because my lowered weight it harder to lose weight at 2,000.  I now aim for around 1,700 to 1,800.  One thing I did that really helped was to have my resting metabolic rate tested, and found out that it is actually fairly high for my size, much higher than the online calculators indicated.  This means that it would be really unhealthy for me to eat below 1600 calories.  I did have a fairly significant plateau, and honestly I have been plateauing for the last several months, but that is because I have been working more on maintaining weight and adding muscle and increasing my fitness level rather than losing weight.  I still want to get to my goal of 135 eventually, but it is not my main priority.  Don't worry about asking questions, I'm  happy to answer.

Well done! I'm jealous of your arms. I can't seem to lose my jiggle there!

I've just joined a gym and I'm really trying to work on those arms.

Congratulations! and thanks for sharing.

You look happier, which is what it's all about.


You look great! I must mention that you look a lot younger!! I don't know your age, but you look much older in the picture of your original weight than you new pics!!

You sound like you've changed a lot about your lifestyle! Looks like it was well worth it.

Hot Mama!!

Jeez girl, did you lose 10 years too? How did you do that?? Laughing

Such a good job, be very, very proud of yourself! And also - thanks for sharing the pics!

Thanks to all of you for the kind comments!  The funny thing about the original picture is that it was taken by a professional photographer by my old law firm, so I really was trying to look my best, but you're right, I do look so much older in it!  I am much happier, and it was hard to look at the  old pictures and choose one to show people but I'm glad I did it.  It take all different kinds of efforts to keep it up and not lose your way.  It's a battle every day, but I'm so happy that I started this journey.

Congratulations!!  What a great success!  And I see you just ran your first marathon!! That is plain awesome.  GO you!! :D 

You rock girl!  Congratulations and yes, you look FANTASTIC.

Way to go.

Deleted: Double post. don't know what happened.  Sorry !

(but you DO look fantastic...... )


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