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Pictures of 5'7" at different weights and sizes

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For kicks, I uploaded 12 pictures of myself, from 128lbs to 190lbs. I labeled the corresponding sizes. I am 5'7"

My story is that I was about 128lbs at my thinnest in adult life. I was not healthy though. No muscle mass.

Then I gained a lot of weight. I went up to 195lbs. All these pictures are of me making my way UP to the 190lbs.

I am on my way back down. I'm about halfway there. I'm currently at 165lbs. My goal is to be a size 6-8. or 138lbs. AND FIT.


Have fun checking the pictures out. I tried to get full body shots. One picture of myself in underwear, but I figure it's not different than a bikini shot. So, I hope it is acceptable.

I just started lifting weights so I will be taking pictures of my body again. Hopefully in 6 months I will upload and show the progress I made in shaping my body and gaining muscle and going DOWN in weight.


I uploaded them for people who are curious about the different weights and sizes people can be and how it can effect the shape of your body.


I'd like to see other 5'7" pictures at different weights and sizes if you have them!!! Especially if it's pictures of people who are relatively fit, or workout. So, I can get an idea what I might be able to expect in the coming months as I trim down in a healthy way.


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You know, I think you looked the healthiest and happiest at a size 12 (170 pounds)... size 10 was okay too. I agree that you were FAR too thin at your lowest weight - you looked like you were just skin and bones at that size! 

I'm 5'6" and I don't have any photos of myself thin because I've never BEEN thin! but I did a 'growing/shrinking' series at Christmas time.  

This is actually pretty cool and weird- I am about 5'7 1/2, and at 190 I was a size 16/18. I don't know how you managed to stay a 14, perhaps you have more muscle tone than I do. I am jealous that you could wear an outfit like that at 190-I haven't even worn shorts in 6 years! I must say, you look great at any size.
you carried your weight very well at every size. I'm 5'6, and at my heaviest, it was all in my stomach/hips. My legs and arms were like twigs, lol.
SurprisedI am way way impressed.  Good Job.  You are a beautiful person, at all stages.  I have a picture similar to your school picture.  Its the one I hate the most.  Maybe I will post it one day.  Its from 6th grade by the way.  The worst.  How could my mom let me look like that!  Good Going and happy maintenance!

I agree with the sentiments here already said...you carry your weight great and you look good at every size...but, I think you look especially good at 170....lucky!

And...don't think of yourself as the kid that was an 'ugly duckling"...you have come a long way from an akward kid, and you need to see that. I was a VERY UGLY teenager......way worse than you were. I had a bad perm that looked like a helmet at various times, bad acne, and my face was super round. I finally had to just realise I have outgrown that time (we all do) and try to even love that little akward teen I used to be!

You are beautiful!! I bet you look awsome now since you have been living healthy! Keep up the great work!! I will try to get some pics of me up here. I am 5'6" and have ranged from 155-200ish the past 3 years. I am at my peak...but am working on it!

Original Post by pammmely:

This is actually pretty cool and weird- I am about 5'7 1/2, and at 190 I was a size 16/18. I don't know how you managed to stay a 14, perhaps you have more muscle tone than I do. I am jealous that you could wear an outfit like that at 190-I haven't even worn shorts in 6 years! I must say, you look great at any size.

 haha. it was my halloween costume!! I painted it myself. I cringe when I look at it. I can't believe I was confident enough that night to go through with being in PUBLIC in that!!!! hahaha. (I fixed the data for that picture. I meant I was a size 16! oops!)

I agree, I though that your weight distributed very well because you looked really good even in size 12. To me you looked the healthiest and most appropriate for your body type at 145.  At least from what I can tell from the pix.  You looked fit and just "right" in that picture.  Make any sense? 

Also, my pix are at about 140 size 6, but fluffy weight - out of shape.  I look my best at about 135 and a size 4.  I like to be muscular not wispy:)

Thanks for the comments guys! They made me laugh, I guess from happiness at a compliment?
I'm 5' 7.5" - 5'8" and have some pics at different weights.  You can really see the weight in my face!  Good lord what a difference 10 lbs can make!  
I’m 5’7” and have a few pictures in my gallery. High weight ~180 low today 149.  

i am 5'5" and was 175 when i graduated from high school. all my younger pics are of a chubby kid. i got down to 128 and it scared me. i was too thin and looked ill. i went up to 135 and felt better so stayed there until two babies. that is what i am trying to get back to. i am at 145 today!

i have the blond wavy hair like you though. very cute but didn't like it as a child. i straighten my hair now.

i agree you carry your weight very well! i have the "muffin top" now and i hate it. never had that before kids. my weight shifted with age!

keep up the good work! 145 is a good weight for you i think


Hey girl, great job on your weight loss so far!!  I am also 5'7 my highest in my pictures is 165 and currently im at 135.  You think 125 is too low for our height?  Good luck with the rest of your weight loss!
Wow thank you for sharing your pictures!

Here I am, 5'7" and what I consider to be probably the best shape I've been in. I'm right around 125-128 and "fit."

http://images110.fotki.com/v1111/photos/6/692 146/5776956/DSC_6906-vi.jpg

You look great at your "goal weight" picture. Good luck! :) 

Hi there:

I just joined today but can;t seem to get where I can view your pics, can you tell me how? Thanks. I am 5'7" tall and my goal is 120-125 libs. where I look my best. I am a small frame so this is my goal. Well, great idea about the photos, hope to get to viewe them soon.
Thanks, and peace


Thanks for sharing your pictures! I'm too chicken! LOL!

I'm 5'7 too, but when I'm down to 145, I can wear size 6. You apparently had to get to 132 for that. I was 132 once and people thought I was aneorexic. I'm considered medium boned, but I do have quite a bit of muscle, so maybe that's the difference?

Yeah, thanks for sharing! FYI, I have that exact same dress as you have on in your 175 pic.... yay, dress barn! Looks better on you though. =)

Thanks for these pictures! I think I carry my weight pretty similarly to you, so these are really helpful. I'm also 5'7'' and medium-large frame.
I think the series of pictures if pretty neat.  I will say though that you look very nice at 190, and my second favorite weight was 158.  So maybe you are closer to your ideal weight right now then you think.  nice work coming back down from where you did not want to be.  Good luck with your Journey.
Bravo on the pics!! You're braver than me ;-). I think you look fabulous at your goal weight, happy and healthy! Even slighty higher you still look good. Good luck getting & staying where you want to be!!

I am 5'7" and 216lbs size 16. I'll admit you look like a model on the floor at 138, pretty ,healthy and fit, really very athletic looking.  Last time I was 138 (size 8) was in college & I had been sick.  So I may be a bit bigger then you.  I also like the way you look at 145-158. Size 10-12 seems like a nice level too.

Thank you this was great to see, I thought getting to 170 would be good but maybe I will try for more.

P.S. You look fabulous at 190. . . I can't believe you were 190 and that firm and fit! 

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