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Before and After Pictures

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Thought I'd start a thread for before and after are mine...not quite done yet, but pretty darn close to my goal :) The current photo was from yesterday.

Share yours!

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Threads like this (before/after photos) arn't allowed in the Health and Support and Weight Gain forums.. so I'm not sure if they will allow them here. \

Your thread may be blocked or deleted. 

Before and after photos are better left in your profile or journals.

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Nice work! 

Do you mind telling us before/after weight and date comparisons?


Holy moly you look FANTASTIC!! That is really amazing :D

Thank you!

Hmm...wonder why before/after posts aren't allowed? I would think showing off your success would be welcomed on a site like this! 

In any event, since I can still post, the "before" photo was taken last fall, in September - I was 168 lbs. I knew I was too heavy, so I started cleaning up my diet but didn't really get serious about it until around Christmas. On January 1st I was about 158...and joined 24 hour fitness and committed to eating clean. 

I have been going strong since Jan 1 and getting close to my goal.

September, 2011 - 168 lbs

January 1, 2012 - 158 lbs

April 7, 2012 - 140 lbs

I have gone from a size 12 at my heaviest to between a 4 & 6 now, with the bulk of my results/hard work occurring January 1- present. I've lost over 17 inches.

I am 5'6 and 32 years old.

Believe me - if I can do it - anyone can do it! :)

You really do look fantastic!  You look like you have lost way more than 27 lbs!  And in just a few months!  Amazing!  Congratulations!

Original Post by whoablackbetty:

Hmm...wonder why before/after posts aren't allowed? I would think showing off your success would be welcomed on a site like this!

As far as I've seen, the issue has only been on the H&S and WG boards, because they become competitive and triggering. I've seen plenty of before/afters on WL and Motivation, and the mods don't seem to mind.

Congrats on your success, blackbetty - you look amazing!

Thanks guys...I'm pretty excited! Laughing



Your equitation is darling :) Congrats!

Congrats, just don't lose that focus!

wow, Congratulations! You are looking gorgeous and so much healthier..bravo!

well done


Thanks CC police!

You look great! Congrats! Any tips? How many cals have you been eating? What have your workouts been like?

But P.s you do look amazing !!! Congratulation

talk about inspiring pictures!  And I know the horse is grateful.

Thanks everyone!

I have been eating about 1400 calories a day...some days more, some days less.

I DO NOT eat bread of any kind, white rice, white pasta, etc. No refined carbs.

I DO eat a small amount of steel cut oatmeal (never instant) every other day, and if I eat rice or pasta, it's the brown rice version. That's it for "grain" derived carbs...all other carbs come from fruits veggies.

I eat 4+ eggs a day, no yolks or only 1-2 yolks. I usually do hard boiled with hot sauce. :)

I drink V8

I eat at a minimum 1 salad a day

I eat lean, grilled meat every day

I eat fresh, steamed veggies every day

I eat a bowl of strawberries every day (no sugar, I use Splenda)

I eat 1 whole avocado every day

I drink coconut milk (cut out all dairy)

I limit my wine to 2 glasses a week

No sweets, other than dark chocolate in moderation - usually daily

For exercise, I lift heavy weights 3x a week and I do 60 minutes of HIIT cardio 3x a week.


Thanks! I just love this horse! :)

You should be awesomely proud of yourself! You look great and you've been working really hard and you're definitely deserving of those results. Keep up the great work!

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