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Weight Loss
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Before/after pics :-)

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Hello CCers,

I think I'm just about ready to put myself in the 'after' crowd! The first pic was me at over 160lbs a couple years ago, and the second pic was taken a couple days ago. Normally I would delete the unflattering flabby pics right away so this before shot is the best I could find, ha. But you can get the general idea. I'm an apple shape, and people used to ask me all the time when I was due, or give up their seats on the bus/tube (cringe). Now I weigh in at 128lbs. My main differences now are that I count calories, I do strength training mixed with some cardio and I quit smoking, the majority of junk food and drinking alcohol. Now my goal is just to maintain and to perhaps get a little stronger. I am so very happy with my results! Good luck to everyone on your weight loss journeys! :-)




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Grats you look great! :D

I have a question if you don't mind answering. I am apple too and I am on my last 10-15lbs but I am a little worried if I will really lose the inches I need to lose in my waist (3min-5max more for my goal) in a 10-15lbs range. I am more than on track for all my other measurements/goals in my weight loss journey. Been dying to see how other apple shapes fared in their last stretch. 

Thanks hollow :D About the waist/tummy, that was the hardest/last bit to go. I didn't measure but just went by flat/flabby. I'd restrict for a couple weeks, get a flat tummy, then go nuts, and it would bulge again. Yeah, I was doing it wrong :D. What helped get me to where I feel happy recently was strength training (got some leg muscles goin on!) and intermittent fasting (I fast 10pm - 12pm and only eat starchy carbs on workout days post workout), on rest days a little cardio and low carb. Good luck with the last few lbs!

K ty :)

grats again :D

Congratulations! You look amazing!  Where do you live that you can lay out on a beach :)  Too cold here yet - but soon!!!!

Thank you xizzi! I am lucky enough to live in Rio de Janeiro. Love that picture of your 'lil dog. I have a chihuahua, she's my best friend and my boss, haha.

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Getting all hot and bothered

Smokin' hot chicka, grats to you!


Wow that's awesome - congrats!

I'm apple shaped too and currently weigh 71kg (156 pounds) and want to weigh 58kg in 7 months time (128 pounds) so we have such similar stats!  And I'm also curious to know what I'll look like once I lose the weight - but wow you look AMAZING I hope I look that good!

Can you please tell me your height so I can see if we have that similar too?  I'm 163cm (5 foot 4 inches).  Then I know what I have to look forward to!  Because that's actually something I wonder all the time!!!

Thanks! :)


You look absolutely great! How wonderful it must feel to finally be an 'after'!

Congratulations on all of your hard work, it is truly motivating :)

God bless you!

Great job. You look awesome. How do you add pics on here?

CONGRATS!  You are beautiful.

Thanks everyone for your kind words and sharing in my happiness with me :) Nessi, you put your photos on an external photo sharing site (I use photobucket) then use the 'link' button above to link the address of the photo.

Lovehealth, I'm 5 foot 5 inches, so we're not far off at all :-) Thanks for your lovely words and good luck, you can do it! 


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very inspiring and motivating! and yeah, you're hot! :)

You look stunning - truly motivational for healthy dieters!

Umm, I couldn't help but notice that your bust and thighs have gotten noticeably smaller and totally fit, and that is something I'm aiming for (yes, I want a smaller chest! lol). May I ask if it was the result of cardio or strength training? I do a mixture of both, but am wondering if I should focus on one more than the other.

No matter how many lunges, squats, and wall sits I do, I can't seem to get any inches off my thighs! :(

Jealous!!!! Congratulations!

You look awesome! Congrats!!

Aw, thanks so much guys.... :) :) You all made my day!

Joanna, I do both as well - cardio and strength training, although I focused more on cardio and a calorie deficit first to lose the weight, then focused on strength training more recently to try to get more muscle definition, eating at more of a maintenance level (well, less on days I don't work out and a bit more on days I do). They say on here that strength training is better than cardio for weight loss, but either way - the main thing for me was diet, for sure. But now I do weight training and for cardio I mix running class, zumba or dance class and occasionally 'jump' class, the one with the little trampolines. I'm pretty sure all of the above helped my thighs -regarding the chest, I had a reduction done last year. The rest was just diet and exercise but I was a size 34G before so no chance I was getting rid of all that extra skin without surgery! I don't know your stats or if that's something you would ever consider, but if you have any questions about it you can PM me. Good luck on your journey!

Congratulations! You look AMAZING. Laughing

Congrats! You look awesome :)

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