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What to do? Picky eater

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Ok... last year, I started taking phentermine and lost a total of 35lbs. It stayed off for quite a while and late last month, I went back to the doctor to discover that I gained back 25 of the 35 lbs that I lost.

I asked him to put me back on the phentermine to help jump start my diet again. This time I am going to try to make corrections to last year's diet plan.

My problem is that I am an EXTREMELY picky eater. This, I'm sure helps add to my weight problem. I don't like any seafood and don't eat pork in most of its forms. I don't eat any other kind of meat except for beef, chicken, and turkey. I also don't like a ton of different things.

During my dieting, I tend to eat a lot of chicken in 101 different forms to keep it interesting. It is more readily available in restaurants and I'm constantly on the go so I eat out quite often.

I do eat turkey as well when I can. I am a beef eater though and have a huge weakness for cheeseburgers and steaks. In order to keep within my calories, I have to eat really small portions of meat. This does not keep me full though and I get hungry really soon.

I can and do eat vegetables and fruits. I have read many people say that they load up on vegetables and that keeps them full. That is not the case with me. I could eat a barrell of vegetables and still be hungry within the hour.

So what can I do? I can only eat so much chicken before I start growing feathers and clucking myself. Am I eternally screwed and destined to be a fat guy for the rest of my life???
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Okay.  I'm a fairly picky eater, too, but when you say you don't like seafood of any kind... do you really mean all of it?  Shrimp?  Crab Legs?  Flounder?  Have you tried any of these things?  Fresh?  Or, are you assuming that because you don't like Morton's Fish Sticks and tuna from a can you don't like seafood.  Again, one picky eater to another here.  I know how we think.  LOL

How about other forms of protein?  Beans?  Nuts?  Are you hip to eating those things?

Also, you don't mention carbs at all in your post, but I assume that you do ingest plenty of pasta, rice, bread, potatoes.  The bland foods that are the love of picky eaters are also chocked full of calories.

I don't believe you are destined to be the fat guy for the rest of your life.  I also don't believe that you must take drugs to lose weight, but if it helps you get motivated and move in the right direction, good. 

I'm thinking that your #1 issue may be this: "I'm constantly on the go so I eat out quite often."  It's hard to get a good, healthy meal at a restaurant.  It's even harder to get one that's reasonably sized.  I'm assuming you are in America, home of the football sized baked potato.

Are you getting any excercise?  Perhaps you could try focusing your efforts there while you form a game plan for the food.

So, I've left you with a buch of questions and no answers.  :)

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No seafood at all. I can't stand shrimp, crab legs, flounder, squid, shark, octopus,.... if it lives in the water, I don't eat it... with one exception... canned tuna with lots and lots of mayo. I can't stand the smell of seafood enough to muster up the courage to try it.

I can eat beans and nuts, but if I'm gonna spend calories on it, I'd rather go for the meat.

Yes of course... there isn't a fat guy on earth that doesn't like carbs. That'll kill me though. I REALLY have to cut back on those.

I get exercise, but not regularly. I do lots and lots of walking on the weekends for my job. I photograph car and truck shows for a magazine which is about 6 hours of walking in the hot sun for 2 days, but during the week my job consists of editing photos, graphic design, and meeting advertisers.

Just curious, but what is phentermine?

You need to include some complex carbohydrates in your diet.  If you reduce the meat (protein) element you have to bulk up your plate with something else... preferably low in calories.   High fibre carbohydrates such as new potatoes, brown rice, wholewheat pasta and wholemeal bread are quite filling in small amounts.  And vegetables should help as well.   Do make sure you're getting the right number of calories for your gender, weight, height and activity level....   You don't have to starve.

On the other side.... try to avoid foods that are labelled 'diet'.  Often they'll be low in fat but very high in sugar and sugary foods can trigger terrible hunger pangs.  And try not to eat too many convenience foods or highly processed carbohydrates for the same reason.

If you enjoy burgers you can make your own really easily and they'll be pretty healthy if you use lean minced steak or turkey.  I've got a nice recipe somewhere for lean turkey burgers made with grated apple.  Don't dismiss the beans and lentils, will you?  Stepping out of your comfort-zone could be the difference between being a thin guy and a fat one :-)  If you're a little creative you can make some really lovely meals with pulses/legumes..... Indian & Middle Eastern cuisine for example.... and they are mega-filling for quite low calories.

Best of luck  
Original Post by jayvilla:

I can't stand the smell of seafood enough to muster up the courage to try it. 

I am the same way with olives!  There is no way that stuff is getting into my mouth.  Smells like formaldehyde and earthworms.

I was going to tell you, though, that a good, fresh, marinated tuna steak can taste pretty close to a juicy beef steak.  Do you have a Barbra Jeans restaurant anywhere near you (long shot - I think they are only in the Southeast, but their tuna steak sandwich... OMG good)?

You've gotten some good suggestions.  Don't be discouraged.  Do try to branch out of your chicken comfort zone.  You can do this.

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Phentermine is a prescribed appetite suppressant.

Steak isn't so bad for you if it's lean and not made with a ton of salt. It's just what you eat with it. Do you chow down on the bread the bring you first at a restaurant? If so, tell them not to bring it. Order a smaller steak with a salad and veggies and a potato. Get extra healthy sides to help fill you up. Apparently you can even tell your waiter for the kitchen to cook it without the butter they typically use to cook it in.

Burgers are a bit more difficult, but if you ex the cheese and only go garden, and eat it as an open faced sandwhich, that's better than having it slathered in BBQ sauce, blue cheese, and oinion rings (as I've seen on many a menu.) I don't really see a huge different between turkey burgers and beef burgers, at least health wise, so I don't see the point of substituting.

Also, portobella burgers/sandwichs are delish! This mushroom has a really meaty quality about it and can be a really good substitute. I personally perfer them to real beef burgers. You can also use beef in other dishes with more veggies like homemade sloppy joes, meat loaf, burritos, stir fry, and just use a heavier load of veggies than you might normally.

Carbs are my killer so I have to avoid bread as much as possible and indulge only when it's whole wheat and light. I've eaten whole loaves of bread before!! (I know that's embarrassing.)

And chicken is pretty versitile. You don't have to just eat the whole breast. Chop it up and make stirfry, soup, shreaded sandwichs, etc... 

I don't like seafood as well and it hurts because it's so healthy, but beef can be healthy too if you buy lean cuts and don't soak it in butter and meat tenderizer. Just feel blessed you're not as picky as my boyfriend who won't touch chicken except in mexican chicken nachos. =( 

veggies don't get you full ,eh? I just ate a lb of broccoli with dinner and at 124 cals for that much, so try to eat about a pound of vegetables for each 4 oz portion of meat and you'll be full. Also try to get some whole grain bread and other complex carbs into your diet

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