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Physically fit, yet overweight?

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So I do not usually weigh myself because I care more about what is in the mirror rather than what the scale says; however, this morning I thought I would check it out.

I weigh 10lb over what I weighed about 3 mo. ago. The thing is, over the past 3 months I have been running and participating in a sport every day. My calorie intake has been roughly the same...somewhere between 1200-1500 per day...and I was probably burning more than that each day. The only thing that is different now is that the season is over...so now I run 5 miles instead of only 2-3. (and I am also drinking 64oz of water each day)

My abs are actually more toned than they were 3 mo. ago...as well as my legs. I don't understand....

I am 5'4" and 160lb.

My doctor (as well as the rest of the world...) considers that overweight...but I lack the body fat. I know that muscle weighs more than fat, but am I still unhealthy? How do I lose weight without gaining muscle?

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You probably don't.  That's plain and simple.   Find a way to measure your body fat and keep track of that rather than weight.  It's going to be a better indicator of your fitness and health than weight anyway since "water weight" can cause big fluctuations.  If that's in a healthy range then forget what the scale says.  Are you eating correctly?  The right percentages of fat and protein and carbs for your activity level?  Not eating enough can cause weight gain, and muscle loss.  Consult your coaches or trainers for advice on what's right for you to eat as an athlete.

I personally think you can be fit but overweight still. I remember a wihle back some show on TV about a personal trainder who taught step aerobics but was over weight. You have to be fit to teach that. The gym pressured her to lose some weight too as being an instructor.

I've been bad eating lately and gained 10 pounds in the last 3 months too. But I've dropped my resting Heart rate from 70 to 60. I can run over 5mph without my heart rate being at 180 now lol. And even with HIIT training I've taken it from 6.4mph to 7.4mph. I've increased my strength in every muscle group.  I consider myself more fit even though i might weigh more now. I hate the 10 pounds, but I'm so proud of my cardio endurance and strength  now that I don't know if i'd give it up to lose the 10 pounds.

Um, if your abs are tone, then what are you worrying about?

Arnold Schwarzenegger had to be overweight...do you think he was unhealthy? Impossible. He was Mr. Olympia.

Well the jean test is the best way to know if you are gaining fat. According to those calculaters a body builder is over weight or even obese. You are probably just muscular. I am the same weigh i was 2 years ago and i am a size smaller.

I dunno, I don't think you are eating enough calories to have built muscle (and quite frankly it's REALLY hard to build a pound of muscle, so I highly doubt you've build 10lbs of it in three months).  To lose weight you reduce calories; to build muscle you need to increase calories; unless you are very new to working out it's pretty difficult to both lose fat and build muscle at the same time..

I dunno why the scale went up, is it possible it's broken?  Or that you are retaining water?  Are you sure that's what you are eating, calorie wise?

No my scale is somewhat new...so I tried weighing myself on the old one (the one I used a few months ago) and it was exactly the same! I honestly don't understand...I am positive that my calorie intake has been roughly the same...although now I have been taking in a little less and have recently lost 4 pounds as well as 2 inches off of my hips/chest and 1 inch off of my waist. I am continuing my exercise at LEAST every other day....


ha who knows? Maybe my body is just weird...

Really? That makes me feel a lot better! haha I was just really worried about my health...

My concern was more about later health problems...

I am somewhat okay with the way my body looks (still trying to lose a little bit of weight around my thighs, but I am okay with my core) however, I know that being overweight can cause trouble later on in life...

I don't know if that is something that I should be concerned about considering that I'm very muscular...or is it?

I am pretty new to this, so all I really have been doing is counting calories. I suppose that paying attention to my protein, carb, etc. intake would help! Do you happen to know the recomended amount for someone near my age? (18)

I feel the same way...

I saw that number on the scale and was very upset for a while. However, after doing some research and finding out my body fat percentage I feel much better. I am only concerned about later problems that my...'muscle mass' (lol) will cause...

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I'm a dude so our bodies probably work differently. 


However, this is what i think. 

While your weight is a benchmark of your general fitness, it does not define your level of fitness. It's also pretty depressing I get that.

I had a friend tell me that if you gain weight on your upper body, it's more noticeable, however if you gain it on your lower body, it's not as noticeable. This is probably due to the fact that your lower body is a lot stronger than your upper body. 

So, my guess is that you've either gotten taller or you've added muscle or both. 

Do you do weights? If I were you, i'd add in a weight routine or do pushups at random times of the day. When i first started working out, I lost 10 pounds on cardio, but ended up losing more weight using weights (longer time period as well...etc). Anyway, you might burn more calories doing cardio, but when you lift, you burn calories after the fact trying to repair muscle. So i'd do that. 

i have the same problem. before college i was around 152 lbs at 5'7, which is about the ideal weight for my height. i was already a basketball player at our high school and i play point guard which is considered the sneakiest position in basketball. i considered myself really fit because i really am working hard as a player and as a student. then i reached college, got taller as i am now around 5'9-5'10 and still plays the same position. we then weighed ourselves for statistical purposes and found out that i am around 187 lbs! that is too much for a 5'10 guy. despite of this i was faster, better and i felt lighter than ever. i even have my sixpack now and i can even dunk! it turns out that my muscles got heavier, my limbs got longer and developed more muscles. my doctor said that it is normal because my limbs are really long limbs for my height (my armspan is 6'3!) and the muscles i developed around them really makes up most of the weight. another thing was water content. my body carries more water than the usual person mainly because of the active lifestyle i have.


try not to drink too much water before you weigh yourself. it would be best if you weight after sweating to cancel out as much water content as possible.

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