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How many pounds does a person have to lose before its noticeable?

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I'm currently at 143 lbs, 5'5". My goal is 128 lbs. I know that's not really all that much, but I was wondering ...



will I be able to see a difference along the way? Or will it not really be noticeable until I lose all 15 lbs?


I think visual proof would give me more motivation to keep at it, but I know it doesn't work that way. :/ 


Thoughts on the matter?

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It's definitely different from person to person. You'll notice before other people will, but since you're already on the smaller side I'm sure everyone will notice some time before you reach your goal. They might not say anything, because it's never clear whether it's polite, but have no fear. Those extra motivational boosts are on the way!

Good luck,

Cordie :)

Well, that depends on the person.  I could gain or lose five pounds and it won't be noticable.  That's now and when I was heavier.  Yet my mother lost ten pounds and dropped two pant sizes.  Her 2X scrub pants look like clown pants.

I have lost about 6 pounds and my clothes are definitely loser (I am certain I lost at least 1/2 a pant size) , and that's a motivator for me. Weight is to unpredictable for me to get my motivation from.

My DH says he can see a difference, but that was only after I asked him. 

I've heard the general rule of thumb was 10% of your weight.  I'm much larger than you and it took me over 50 lbs, which was definitely over 10% before people noticed.  But, I noticed as did hubby.

And that's the important thing.  Even now, some people I would have thought would have said something either didn't notice or didn't want to say anything.

I think it depends a lot on the kind of weight that you're losing...  In the first week or so of a diet, you're mostly losing water, so while you may look and feel less puffy and you're tight pants have a little extra room, usually that first 5-10 lbs doesn't show much.  This depends a great deal on what your diet was like before the loss, your body fat % and how much water your body is retaining. 

A good guide for people in an average weight range (like you) is 8-10lbs per pants size...  I can tell you, I'm 5'7" and people generally start to notice on my frame after 12 lbs...  I'm guessing at 5'5", 8 lbs will make a big difference. 

When I want an objective opinion, I look at virtualmodel.com  It's a site where you enter your measurements and it makes a little CGI model that you can try clothes on.  It's not super-detailed, but it gives you some idea what 5, 10, and 20 lbs of weight loss looks like on your frame.  

Plus it's cute and funny to try cute clothes on new skinny you...   

You have to register and give your e-mail, etc. which is annoying...  But it's free and I think it's fun to play with and they don't try to sell you anything unless you intentionally go to store sites to "try things on"

Best of luck!!!

Ooh, I just looked at the site again...  if you click on the "weight loss simulator" link, you can play with the height/weight without giving any personal info... 

For me, about 10 pounds is fairly noticable, but all my weight is squashed into only 5'1 of height.

You are very similiar to what I was before losing my weight. I was 5'6 and 145. I'm currently down to 122. People didn't actually notice that I'd lost weight until I started buying clothes that fit.

It was a big step. You lose the weight...but think, "What if I put it back on? Then I'm stuck with too small clothes." So, after keeping the weight off for 3 months with no fluctuations I bought new clothes and people started asking me how much I'd lost.

Personally, I noticed after I'd lost about 10 lbs. It's really important to get enough vitamins and nutrients with your diet or your body hangs onto that belly fat, which is what I was doing.

I started taking a multi-vitamin and drinking three glasses of fat free milk per day and I really noticed a difference.

Good luck!

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