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Weight Loss
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Perseverance paid off

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Do you know, I was looking forward to the world ending yesterday evening and thus put off washing the lunch dishes and cutlery, pots and pans. Stood there washing it all after 6 p.m. and "rapture" wasn't exactly my mood. Went out yesterday morning, end of the world or no you still need groceries.

But first I stopped at the charity shop in my 40" waist jeans, slipped into a 31" waist pair, paid the $4.99 and dropped the old ones in the donation bin on my way out. It was my way of celebrating this week having lost exactly 50 pounds in ten months! That was almost a quarter of me... and apparently the quarter of me I didn't really need. Now there's rapture.

Thank you, Caloriecount, for all the information and recommendations.  Thank you, fellow dieters, for your postings that constantly reminded me that I wasn't alone in pursuing this goal and having many pratfalls on the way to getting from 191 to 141.  With you and the website behind me I'm now off to the ultimate goal... weighing 135.  Meanwhile I'm having fun stepping in and out of these jeans without having to unbutton them.  What the hell, I'm 75 and I'm feeling like a kid.


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That's so awesome! You did a great thing for you AND a great thing for someone else! 50 lbs in less than a year is fantastic, great job!

Well done!! :-)

it's a super awesome feeling, isn't it?

I too today celebrate having lost 50lbs in just a little under 10 months. And I too couldn't have done it without CC and the fabulous resource & support system it is.


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Wow ! Thats just awesome. Congrats.

I'd be interested in knowing what worked for you. No need for a lengthy dissertation, just some "take home points" on how you restructured your lifestyle to make this happen. 

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A bit over a year ago I fell on ice and herniated two discs which pressed on my sciatic nerve and made it impossible to stand for more than a moment or two.  Was in constant pain and on Vicodin nonstop.  I thought the rest of my life would be like this and whatever years left too precious to waste.  When yet another medication made me too ill to look at food I thought great, let's make something good at this and start a diet right now while I can't stand food.  Also thought losing 50 pounds was the best gift I could make to myself.  The medication ultimately was no help but the physiotherapy reversed the situation and the loss of weight did wonders, completely removing almost nightly acid reflux, almost never running out of breath, and also but very important feeling good about myself.

Using common sense and a lot of info from the website and seeing how other people were coping -- or failing to -- I started paying attention to what foods I was eating and how much.  I started by getting smaller dishes and bowls.  Then I set out the foods I was preparing for a meal and put a third away or finished the preparation and then put a third away for another meal or the next day.  Ate slowly, trying to put my knife and fork down between bites.  Savored what I was eating instead of trying to stuff it in trying to get over being hungry.  No snacks if possible, no desserts, weigh myself daily and take heart in the results or bear down harder if there were reversals. 

Set goals:  Had an appt with my GP and was determined to walk in and say "by the way, I've taken your advice to lose weight and taken 50 pounds off!"  Failed by four pounds and had to add "almost" to the statement.  Then had a goal of tucking in my shirt at 50 pounds for the first time in decades.  My goal for 135 is to ask my wife where she's hidden the Hope Springs Eternal file of all my wonderful clothes from the '90s that I could no longer fit into but couldn't part with.  They're hidden somewhere around here.

Will power and moral support.  And no leaps but little steps one after the other as one correspondent in these forums so wisely suggested.  And I'm proud of me, which is priceless because I don't get to tell me that very often.

Sorry to be so long-winded.  But hey, I can be long-winded now since I'm breathing normally.  Wahoo!

That's so fantastic, Marc!  Good for you, that's so inspirational!

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What ! No magic low fat or low carb or high something or other diet ? Surely you went on an intensive fitness regime for a couple hours a day. And a special supplement that was critical. There has to be a secret here that you are not disclosing !

All said tongue-in-cheek of course. Sounds like, in your own words, "using common sense" was the silver bullet. Thanks for reminding me that it actually IS that simple. 



Brilliant!! You sure don't look 75! You look healthy and spry! probably could run circles around my 45yr old body!! congratulations! Fantastic accomplishment!

Congratulations for loosing 50 lbs! I like your idea of shopping - we don't have that sort of thing here.

So far I have lost 21 kg (about 46 lbs) and I am looking forward to join the

"50 lbs weight loss club" - if there is something like that.  

Wow!  Congratulations on your weight loss!  It's great to see stories like yours...especially when you did it the RIGHT way.  No magic pills, drops, diet of the stars, or any of that nonsense.  Thanks for giving me new inspiration. Smile

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Congratulations on your fantastic progress!  What a great success story.  My journey will be 10 months at the end of May, just a few days from now.  As of this morning I was down 89 pounds.  Doesn't it feel fantastic!  Good job and well done! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. 


congratulations, what fantastic success!  Yours was the first post I read on joining today and with 100+ to lose and in my mid forties it really inspired me (as did the rest of the replies).

Looking forward to the day Ican post of my 50lb loss

Thank you all for the kind comments and voices of approval.  And those of you who described even larger and quicker weight-losses than mine have cheered me as well because what you've accomplished bolsters my feeling that when we set our minds to something we'll ultimately succeed.  Looks like I hang out with a nice crowd, you guys.


Congrats on new size and your total condition right now!!!


I love your story and great attitude! Congratulations on the 50 pound loss, I know you will get to your goal of 135!!

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