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Weight Loss
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Has anyone tried a perscription appittite control pill? I'm going to ask my doctor about this but I don't know of the best ones that are out there. One that isn't addictive, that I could take around 5pm when I get off work. I do well all day long but after work its like someone else takes over. I thought I could use a little help for awhile but I don't know what to ask for.

Thanks, Kim

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1/4th or even 1/8th cup of oatmeal first thing after work would be cheaper and as effective.
I don't think you would be "learning" any good habits and when you go off the little helper, you will face the same issue.

Evenings are hard for most of us, from what I read included.

drink lots of water, have fruit on handy,  go for a walk, these are all hints I read about here.
i havn't tried prescription pills, but probably every shelf pill. and honestly nothing really works. i suggest changing your routine after work, or picking up a new hobby. those are probably your best bets.

I took Phentermine recently. It's one of the diet pill they prescribe now.  Back in the day, we called them robins eggs and bought them  $10 for 100 from a back door doctor.  LOL  I was thin then, Oh and I used them to  them to study..... It's speed so if you take it at night, no sleep.    Now they call it 'bariatric medicine" and charge you $15 for 7. I did lose 11 pounds in a month but gained it all back +some.     And it will mess up your metabolism.  

I did learn a couple of things while  going to the bariatric guy though.  Dill Pickles are a great appetite suppressant.  Also I would suggest protein after work and if you can a work out.  maybe yoga or a walk?  I like to do weights.   Not even a real long one, just 10-15 minutes of sweating will help.



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