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periods, bloating, pms and binging

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Okay so this topic would only be relating to the women on here but I find that around the time of my you know what I find myself wanting greasy fast food, and sugar! I find that I'm excessively hungry even eating a balanced diet. I get bloated and extremely irritable. I asked the doctor if this was normal and he said yes. That the reason you want to binge eat on junk food is due to the reason that your body is needing a ton of energy to go through the cycle, thus the body looking for quick energy sources. Just wondering if anyone else goes through this or other symptoms that make it hard to diet during or around that time of the month?!
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Sometimes I have cravings, sometimes not. Usually my body feels achy and my breasts are sore for a full week before it actually starts. I also tend to be moody and down for a few days before it starts.

I don't keep junk in the house so any cravings I have are easy to push out of my mind. It is harder when the temptation is right there in front of you! Indulging on occasion is totally fine though. Focus on keeping your cravings under control. It isn't necessary to completely suppress them. Just try to eat full, satisfying meals and if you really feel the need for a little something extra, then do it! Just keep it small, forgive yourself if you go over your ideal calorie limits a bit, and move on with your life. A couple slip ups a month won't kill you.

I turn into a crazy monster who is grumpy as heck and wants to eat the whole house. Its a disaster.

I just stay out of the kitchen. I make my husband go in to get me a glass of water because if I go, I will bring back food. I avoid grocery stores, well, any stores really. Its terrible.

I also keep the house empty of junk food, and try to eat fruit and cheese rather than anything else. If I can come through maintaining a deficit, I am happy.

I do try to excercise even though I don't feel like it, that seems to kill the cravings a bit too sometimes.

I never weigh myself the week before and make sure I drink lots of water.  It got so depressing to weigh in and see the scale shoot up that I would just go crazy and think "WTH" I might as well eat what I want.  Now I'm not so hard on myself and keep chugging the water.  Usually by the time it's over I've not lost any ground or packed on any extra baggage around the middle.  As much as I hate water, I force myself to drink it.

My periods have gotten worse since I started and I am so emotional and all I want to do is eat and when I don't eat I am even more moody so it is a horrible cycle my poor kids and husband

Some good, some bad and some ugly! I am currently in an ugly phase, my sugar intake is probably sickening but so far only one day where I ate over calories (it was a way surplus too : /). I haven't had it this bad in a very long while so I don't know what's the deal (well I think I might be stress eating too) I just want it to be over! 

I don't know if it's my BC after being on it for over a year, but I rarely ever get this anymore. I used to want to eat a lot and had some ridiculous cravings, but not anymore. I also am on a pill where I choose to have my period every 2 months or 3 months if I want.

I usually gain about 5 lbs a few days before hand, and my cravings for greasy, fried food are totally beyond my control.  It's just the way it is, and I let myself be crabby and indulge in what I want for a little bit.  By the time it's all done, my weight's always back to normal.

I'm lucky and my period symptoms have always been mild I sometimes get cramps but only on the first or second day and usually the day before I start I often will cry or get upset for something little. No craving usually, sometimes chocolate, but I limit myself to chocolate covered goji berries and only a handful!
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Original Post by azbethany:

My periods have gotten worse since I started and I am so emotional and all I want to do is eat and when I don't eat I am even more moody so it is a horrible cycle my poor kids and husband

EDIT: I just found this article through Google. I hope you find it helpful:

5 Foods That Cause Bloating

Unless you are suffering from some terrible stomach disease (in which case, you need the attention of a physician), your stomach bloating is probably just a result of some of your poor food habits. Often, replacing the bad foods (that cause bloating) with healthier substitutes can offer you permanent relief from bloating and flatulence. In this article, I will tell you about the foods that can make your stomach bloated and constipated! Don't be surprised if some of these foods form the core of your daily diet!

Processed Foods: Processed foods such as carbonated drinks (energy drinks, soft drinks, diet soda, diet coke, etc), potato chips, coffee, tea, alcohol (especially beer and wine), etc., can be the cause of stomach bloating. They are at best - avoided!

Meat: Meat is pretty hard to digest; no wonder that meat eaters are some of the biggest sufferers of abdominal bloating! Then again, how you consume meat is also a determining factor in whether you would be able to digest or not. Raw meat is perhaps the easiest one to digest, but hey, a human being usually cannot eat raw meat, so let us not kid ourselves! The second best option is to boil meat, which is probably the closest form of 'digestible' cooked meat you could have. If you eat heavily fried meat then it is going to cause rumblings and gas in your stomach. Meat in smoked form is generally considered to be the one that is hardest to digest, and therefore, should be avoided at all costs!

Of course, it is not just meat that is to blame for stomach troubles; in fact, just about any kind of fatty foods can trigger abdominal bloating, gas and constipation!

Milk: Milk is one of the causes behind an unhealthy stomach, and so is any dairy product (such as cheese)! The fact remains that a lot of adults are in general lactose-intolerant, a condition where one cannot digest lactose (of milk). It is therefore, little surprise indeed that people who drink milk heavily are the ones who suffer from bloating pretty frequently. Undigested milk often results in stomach bloating and gas! Personally, I stay away from milk no matter what, but if you cannot live without milk at all, then stuff such as Lactaid (which is available over-the-counter) can help you digest lactose!

Natural Foods: Of course, even if you never drink milk, it does not mean that you won't suffer from abdominal bloating at all! There are a lot of solid foods that have been scientifically proven to be the cause of bloating; examples of such foods are beans, bran, lentils, bagels, broccoli, legumes, cabbage, onions, Brussels sprouts, pulses, cauliflower, etc. It would be good if you don't eat these foods at all, unless of course you enjoy farting and belching in public!

And you thought that any kind of natural food is good for your stomach? If so, you better think again!

Especially for beans, there is a way to keep them from forming gas in your stomach. Soak the beans in water and leave them like that for one whole night. Then, discard the water and cook them for at least thirty minutes. Once done, discard the water you used in boiling these beans and then cook them again for another thirty minutes - using NEW water!

Then there are certain foods which are known to cause slight bloating; while a moderate intake of such foods should not cause a problem, their overconsumption may certainly result in irritable bowel syndrome! Such foods are apricots, bananas, raw apples, citrus fruits (rich in Vitamin C), lettuce, potatoes, wheat bread, celery, carrots, cucumbers, eggplants, pretzels, soybeans, raisins, etc.

Chocolate: If you love chocolate, I have got bad news for you. Since it cannot be easily digested by your stomach (one of the reasons being the presence of high concentration of sugar in it), it makes a mess of your digestive system. I know how you feel about reading this, but believe me, I love dark chocolates, but even I usually stay away from them; occasionally, whenever I break that rule and grab a bite of chocolate, I start suffering from irritable bowel syndrome! Bottom line, eating chocolate means inviting stomach trouble!

Other Culprits: These culprits are not foods but still, are indirectly related to foods, which is why I thought to elaborate on it on a separate paragraph. If you eat foods too fast, and don't chew them well, you are forcing your stomach to work harder to digest that 'unchewed' food, which in turn would result in stomach gas.

Bloating is also sometimes caused by parasites; believe it or not, parasites inhabit the surfaces of most of the fruits and vegetables we consume daily; you can discard these parasites by washing the foods well before cooking them! If you are not washing your food well, those parasites would certainly entire your digestive tract and wreak havoc inside by giving you a bloated stomach!

Then of course, there is constipation to consider. Foods that trigger constipation are often also the ones that can trigger stomach bloating; for this reason, such foods should be avoided, or at best, their intake moderated. If you suffer from chronic constipation, you should visit a physician urgently, as chances are that this is the root cause behind your current digestion problems!

Article Source: http://totalinfotips.com/bloating/5-foods-blo ating.php

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