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How does your period affect your weight loss?

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I haven't lost a single pound in the last two weeks and I'm attributing this to my body preparing for and going through menstruation.  I was curious how others' periods affected their weight loss...does it even affect some people at all?  Let me know your experiences and thoughts.

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pff, let me tell you that i'm in the same boat. I think you DO gain weight while having your period, I've been working out really hard and I've been losing weight, I noticed I gained 2 pounds while having my period last month, tho the day it ended I went back to my normal weight and the same happened to me yesterday but I had no idea my period was coming so I was quite disappointed but now that it is here (bah -_-) I know why. x9

I also don't lose weight when I'm on my period, or when I'm just going on or coming off.  I weigh myself once a week (trying to prevent myself from getting too obsessive with daily fluctuations!) and I have learned to just skip weighing myself the week I have my period.  I would get too frustrated when I lost nothing that week!  Instead, I just skip that week and weigh myelf the next, and find that when I finally do weigh myself the week after I'm thrilled!  Good luck!

Same here, I was losing steadily until a week before my period.  During that 12-12 days I gained 2 pounds.   Same thing seems to happen every month.

This is my third week on my diet and my period just ended 2 days ago... I still lost a little under 2 lbs last week, so it didn't really seem to change for me. Then again I also stayed on the same diet and excercise routine because I generally don't get cravings or cramps or anything when I'm menstrating.

I stay the same weight or gain a pound or two around my period.

I am in the same boat. My weight loss slowed down before the week I was due and during the week of periods.

I tend to retain a pound or two of water right before my period.  Sometimes that makes my weight go up a pound; sometimes it just stays put.  Either way, I'll lose a couple of pounds as soon as my period's over. 

I was just complaining to my husband about this!  I am on birth control but every month, I know how my weight is going to cycle -- I will be at my lightest the week after menstruation, then the weight (and appetite) creeps up gradually the weeks following.  Makes it very hard to track if I'm actually losing weight or not.  I am also very sensitive to salty foods (which I LOVE so it's something I just have to accept if I'm not willing to completely give them up) and on top of everything else my weight can fluctuate 5 lbs overnight if I eat something salty -- can't even get my rings off, my fingers will be so swollen!

When I first started on CC, I went through this. Every month I can gain up to 4 lbs. when on my period. As soon as it is over, I drop those 4 lbs. and an additional 1-2. I actually find that it  is the one time each month that I can drop the most. As annoying as it is to see an increase on the scale, I usually look forward to dropping significantly afterwards. I make sure not to weigh myself during that time too!

Last month before/during my period I was working so hard for a couple weeks+ and lost 0 pounds.  About a week after my period I lost 3-4.  I know that you retain more water, and personally I am more sluggish so working out is harder. Keep up the good work and if you're watching your cal intake at adding activities, it'll all pay off. Just stay focused and push through those tough times.

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I am dealing with that right now. I actually looked up this question and it brought me to ya. Thanks for the advise and the motivation to keep going. Because I was thinking my weight loss had stopped and was just about to give up. Thank you all. :)
Mine makes me bloated and my lady one made me put on 6 pounds!

You bloat when you are menstruating/premenstrual so holding that water causes your weight to go up. Usually I find a good drop in weight the week after my period :)

Dang, I am glad I stumbled upon this! I am going to start mine in two days. I have been doing so good this week , so I was pissed when the scale said I gained this morning. I decided to not let it make me feel down, but after reading this I feel even better. I am going to keep eating good and hopefully see a nice drop after my period is over. Wahoo. Now I am actually excited lol.

I struggle with this every month. I actually have about 2 weeks a month leading up to and after my period where i gain 2-4 lbs then finally the scale will drop. This month I was 138 and had been 136. After 2 weeks the scale finally dropped to 134. I still weigh myself during that time and know if i do the things i know work for me that i will eventually see that drop. SO rewarding when it happens! So, it sounds like this is pretty common. Just keep drinking lots of water since that will help get rid of the water you are retaining more quickly once your period ends.

I haven't gained any actual weight on my period. Some bloat and a couple pounds of water weight that slowly tapers off. Sometimes I'll even lose a pound. A week before my period I get a lot hungrier (I've heard you body can burn calories 6%-13% faster during this time) but I do try not to pig out on the couch lol, I'll add another salad with an egg or a piece of whole grain toast with almond butter to help keep me full. I never work out on my period, but I know some people who do :/ blech.

I "gain" a few pounds. I also get very thirsty and lethargic so I drink ALOT of water and organic green tea (sometimes over ice) during my cycle. It helps keep my body tempature cooler as I heat up during that time and I find my appetite supresses. I keep a bottle of organic cranberry juice around at that time and drink 1/2 servings in the morning and 1/2 servings in the evening. 

I also "feel" like I'm flushing my system with all the water if ya know what I mean Embarassed

I'm so happy that I'm not the only one experiencing this!  It's such a relief!  I couldn't tell what was going on with my body- these two pounds seemed to come from nowhere- now I know it could be water retention of 2-4 pounds- thank God!


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I also gain about 2 pds in that time every month.
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