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Perfect stats 36-24-36 obtainable?

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36-24-36 is often claimed to be the perfect stats for a woman though i guess it would depend on your height. Im wondering at 5'7 136lbs 36-26-39 how many lbs do i need to drop to lose the inchs? Anyone on here at 5'7 with the magic 36-24-36 and what do you weight?

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Hmmm they are actually pretty darn spot on my stats atm im 5ft3 at 112lbs and i hardly class myself as perfect my ribcage is waaay to big.. and im sort of wide and square.

tbh i just can't even imagine a taller girl with such a tiny waist would look good... i mean surely your stats should be proportionate with your height??

I don't think there are "perfect stats" i think there is simply looking as good as you can for your build and body shape, i mean not everyone would look good with my stats, hell im not sure i look good with my stats haha.  

I was going to mention Sir-Mix-Alot, but that's been done.

I don't think that striving to be a certain ratio is realistic, if you are not that ratio now, you're probably not going to be.  No big deal.  And 24 is a VERY small waist (like a 0) for someone of your height.  I'm 5'7" too I', 34-30-39 (so unless I go under the knife, my bust, not getting bigger) and my 100lb 5'3" sister has a 24 inch waist and has trouble finding pants that are small enough, I couldn't imagine my waist being that size.  Add a nice round 36" bum/hips and a fair sized rack and you'd be complaining that you couldn't find clothes to fit your curvy body.

I'm sure those measurements are beautiful on the women who have them, but don't feel like you aren't perfect because you don't, you can be beautiful at many different hip-waist raios, because that's all it is...math.

Original Post by thermal:

 Add a nice round 36" bum/hips and a fair sized rack and you'd be complaining that you couldn't find clothes to fit your curvy body.

Yes Finding clothes is next to impossible everything i own has to be custom made or tailored after being bought.

Hey!  Who told you?  That's the combination to my locker at work!Laughing  That's as close as I'll ever get to those numers.

Original Post by mommakitty:

Hey!  Who told you?  That's the combination to my locker at work!Laughing  That's as close as I'll ever get to those numers.

TEHEE! That is adorable.

I am 5'6", and 167. My measurements are 42-30-42. I imagine they're continue to get smaller, but I also imagine that at my goal I'll end up around 36-28-38 or so, as my bust is decreasing faster than my boo-tay.

Alas, no 'perfect' measurements for me (OH WELL! :D)


I'm 4'11 with a 24 inch waist and 36 inch hips.  My chest is only 32 inches though.  So if you are naturally a pear shape, if you lose inches from your waist and hips, you may lose inches from your chest also. 



You know what confuses me?  I'm 5'10 and about 135lbs.  I'm a size 12, and on some days, I'm a 13.  I'm kinda hippy, but not like I have any junk in my trunk.  Oh, if I only had some junk.  I have nothing at all, so if I had any kind of rear end, I'd be more than a 13...  And my friend, who has quite the bum, is a 6!  What's that about?! I don't even know what my measurements are.  All I know is since I lost weight, my teeny tiny stepdaughter wears a bigger bra than me... And I used to be a 44DD! If I could only move the stuff around on my body to get it just right...

Hmmm... reading back over, I'm guessing a mental picture of me looks quite cartoonish.  Oh, to top it all off, I've got a giant head and the world's smallest teeth.  There you go. I should be on a Spongebob episode :oD

My measurements are close to it, like 35-25-35; I am taller than 5'7 and weigh about 140 pounds.

i am 5'6 and 105ish pounds, and i am 34-25-33. huggitbear i LOVE bowie.. lol. 

Well, the perfect measurements for runway models are 34-24-34... and there's quite a few of them, so I guess it can be achieved, just not the right way. =D

Original Post by leaflove:

Sounds like a babie doll measurement and trying to be something that your body is not or cannot become isnt realistic.

Do you know your body type? 

I'm 5'6".  My genetic makeup makes is such that I'm longer thru torso and stockier thru my legs and hips.  Prior natural body builder (competitor) I learned alot more about my own body, its needs, its potential and one thing is for certain - there is no perfect cookie cut out measurement for anyone.

My best is as follows:  5'6"  142lbs with 10-12%body fat, chest 35 (full lat spread)  waist 30  hips 36, Biceps 12-13", Thighs 13-14".  This is when I looked and felt my best.  Now take for example a friend who competed as well her best (as I ask her)  5'7"  136lbs with 12-13%body fat, chest 37 (full lat spread and a much larger bust)  waist 28, hips 35, Biceps 10-11", Thighs 12".  What a huge difference - her body structure is longer legs and shorter torso.  Another friend is 3" taller than me, her chest is same as mine, her hips as large as mine and weighs only 132lbs and only has 8%body fat.  She tries to gain weight in her entire body except hips - but thats her bone structure. 

Its not so much the weight and the measurements but a combination of all.

I hope this helps you some and hasnt confused you even more.

Just dont drive yourself into the ground trying to be a cookie cut out barbie doll.  It just doesnt work.

 leaflove~ you really have 12" thighs? I didn't think it was possible! My arms are 12"!

At my lowest weight I was 115lbs and 5'4" My ratio was 34-25-35. I had a lot of women and my guy roomate tell me I was way too skinny. Some people thought I was aneroxic. I liked it because when I was bloated you couldn't tell. It was extremely hard to maintain. Now I bounce back and forth between 126-130 and  my measurments go back and forthe between 34-26-36(yes I gained fat on my hips) to 34-27-36 on really bad bloat days my waist get close to 29 inches. I still get told how skinny I am and still have the same number of guys hit on me. I am at a happy medium and the only thing that sucks is that I have some really cute vintage hippie clothes that are just a one size too small.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I dropped from 145 to 115. When I hit the 130 mark when I was losing weight my waist was around 30". On my weight gain it is the current 26 or 27. I work out 4-5 times a week. 1hr 5min of jump roping with 30 mins of stretch and about 30 mins of push up, crunches, and kick backs.

When I losing originally I was just jogging and got up to 6 to 7 miles 4 to 5 days a week. I injured my knee and weight started coming back. That is when I picked up the rope and started jumping and all the rest of it.

hey chelseagirl, it seems like you're more Beyonce than you are Jessica Alba...you should just embrace your curves, lots of flat hipped ladies would love to have round hips...every woman is different...even Alba doesn't have a 36-24-36 figure, I read somewhere she's 34-25-34...she's hot and fit for sure, but her figure is abit on the boyish side...so there you go. It's pretty impossible for you to get your hips smaller while still being at a healthy weight, unless you get a lipo done, and you really don't need that.

Funny how many people replied that these sats are to skinny, however im only talking about lossing about 2-3 inches off my waist and hips. Im not expecting to be the perfect size, and develop an eating disorder to be perfect. My point was rather than me aiming for 125lbs a weight which i cant visualise, id rather aim to lose 2-3 inches and wondered what girls of a simular age, height and stats weight, so i can know if my aim of 11lbs is realistic to achieve the inches loss i want, gives me an easy goal to aim for.

hawkychico, wow you must have some stamina.  i could barely do jumprope for 10 minutes let alone an hour.

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I am 5'7 and about 105 lbs.  I am 33-25-33.  I seriously wonder how a woman of this height could have a waist that is 24 inches, since I overshoot it by an inch, and I am considered underweight.  Maybe I've done too many sit-ups and oblique exercises, and that darn, pesky muscle won't go away.  I would suggest doing cardio + lunges.  Running on a treadmill could help or doing aerobics.  Good luck with attaining your goal.  

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are those the perfect measurements for a runway model (34-24-34) siobhansleepy?

honestly i prefer those measurements (the models) to 36-24-36!!

and for 5'7.5" that is around 118 for the 34-24-34.
of course the models are taller thats why the look so thin with those measurements.

I'm 38-27-37, so my proportions are all lined up nicely, anyway, haha! I'm 5'3" and about 126lb.

I think I'm wired like a boy, I don't really notice whether girls are bigger or smaller, I notice if they have enviable proportions, hip-waist ratios etc. (I like mine) I think this is how most boys think. Mind you, I also have some straightupanddown boyish figured mates who look awfully cute in their babybird haircuts and boy shirts.

Hi, im a natural hourglass figure, and have the exact 36-24-36 measurements. These measurements tend to stay in ratio no matter how much weight i gain or lose (Not that i can lose much). Somehow, i just cant seem to shift any weight, tried dieting and exercise, but to no avail - just end up toning up (I used to do a lot of cardio and eat really healthily so the weight should have been coming off) Now, ive just kind of given up! If i exercise, nothing much changes, if i dont, nothing much changes either!

I'm not sure losing much weight's the way to go though, just exercise - swimming helps alot to maintain the hourglass kind of figure. If swimmings not for you, maybe yoga or pilates would be well suited? Many of my friends have started doing these and have AMAZING figures!




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