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Perfect stats 36-24-36 obtainable?

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36-24-36 is often claimed to be the perfect stats for a woman though i guess it would depend on your height. Im wondering at 5'7 136lbs 36-26-39 how many lbs do i need to drop to lose the inchs? Anyone on here at 5'7 with the magic 36-24-36 and what do you weight?

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Sounds like a babie doll measurement and trying to be something that your body is not or cannot become isnt realistic.

Do you know your body type? 

I'm 5'6".  My genetic makeup makes is such that I'm longer thru torso and stockier thru my legs and hips.  Prior natural body builder (competitor) I learned alot more about my own body, its needs, its potential and one thing is for certain - there is no perfect cookie cut out measurement for anyone.

My best is as follows:  5'6"  142lbs with 10-12%body fat, chest 35 (full lat spread)  waist 30  hips 36, Biceps 12-13", Thighs 13-14".  This is when I looked and felt my best.  Now take for example a friend who competed as well her best (as I ask her)  5'7"  136lbs with 12-13%body fat, chest 37 (full lat spread and a much larger bust)  waist 28, hips 35, Biceps 10-11", Thighs 12".  What a huge difference - her body structure is longer legs and shorter torso.  Another friend is 3" taller than me, her chest is same as mine, her hips as large as mine and weighs only 132lbs and only has 8%body fat.  She tries to gain weight in her entire body except hips - but thats her bone structure. 

Its not so much the weight and the measurements but a combination of all.

I hope this helps you some and hasnt confused you even more.

Just dont drive yourself into the ground trying to be a cookie cut out barbie doll.  It just doesnt work.

leaflove = thanks but as a competative body builder you have quite unique stats, that vary from most normal women.

Im naturally pear shaped but im intrigued to find out how much girls with simular stats weigh. Ive always aimed to reach 125lbs but seems stats are a better goal than a weight, i want to drop from a large UK 10 to small UK 8 (US 6 to US 4)

36-24-36 is the name of a new documentary about eating disorders.  does that answer your question?

i'm 5'8", 140 pounds, and a size 8.  to attain those measurements i'd have to lose about 40 pounds and get breast implants.  but of course if i lost 40 pounds, i'd be so sick i'd never be approved for surgery by any ethical doctor.  so for me, i'm going to go with "no".

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your good :)  its always good to have a goal but dont forget you have to feed the muscles versus the fat, it takes alot of cardio for those last few lbs as well.

i find that lifting weights, and doing toning exercises brings the body into the shape i desire.

my first and formost is health (if i dont feel good it does no one any good, lol).  2nd is how the package looks.  i could care less what my weight is nor what size clothing i wear. 

hope you find your answersLaughing

I don't see how there could possibly be one set of perfect stats since, if nothing else, women have a wide range of heights.  Someone who's 5'0 is going to look very different from someone who's 5'10 but has the same measurements.  And that's without even getting into different size frames and the fact that most women will never ever have the same bust and hip measurements.

Yes, when I was in college. 5'8", upper 130's/ low 140's- large frame- played tennis alot. Don't even think about asking me what my stats are today! The best I can say now is that I am usually optimistic and have had a good life.

Your stats sound good and you are probably a knock-out! Celebrate your life and don't let the pounds pile up as the years go by. You will be fine.

I'm not sure why you'd want to gain 7 inches on your hips.


I would say it would be impossible on these factors...bone frame, if your small framed you may get away with it, but if your medium, or big framed it would probably not look good on your body at all. The other factor is body shape some are pear, some are apple, some are boyish, some are muscular, hourglass..etc...on these factors you would have trouble obtaining these numbers in certain areas. All of our bodies are different and even if those measurements were often said to be the *perfect* ones they are damn right impossible. I agree there is no perfect cookie cutter mold we all have different genes passed on by our families.

I'm hoping you meant 36-24-39 as your measurements because 29" hips would be creepy.

I'm 5'7" and when I was 113 lbs., I was 35-23-34 and a size I'm assuming maybe around 118-120 for your 'ideal' measurements.

thanks dattaplot, thats what i wanted to know. Your stats at 113lbs are so tiny, i really dont want to go that low, but its nice to know that my goal of losing 3inchs on my waist and hips should be achievable at around 15lbs as long as i exercise and tone.

Yeah definitely don't go that was a bit too small for me.  I'm about 125 now :)

i think 36-24-36 is beautiful, i wouldn't say perfect, because a lot of definitions go with what it perfect from a lot of people.  i also don't know why some of them are saying it's an eating disordered measurments, it's not.  i think it can be achievable for you even though i think you're measurements are really good, and at your height.  if you want a smaller waist i believe you can do it, and the rest of the areas will fall into places, since when a person loses weight, the other parts will shrink too. 

i remember that for every 5 lbs i gained, it was an inch around my waist, but i don't know if that applies to everyone.

from your photos, you look stunning, really.

I'm nearly 5 ft 9 and my stats are 36-26-36 so i don't have the same waist measurement but i guess i am pretty close to it. I am an hourglass figure (obviously) and i weigh about 139lbs. I have a BMI of 21 so i am not underweight. My body fat % is about 15 or 16 % so i am not extremley skinny.

I just wanted to say that i do not do anything extreme or unrealistic to have these measurements, its just the way i am. I go for the occasional jog and walk daily but i don't go to the gym in an attempt to have this body.

I believe it all comes down to your body shape and genes which you inherited from your family. Maybe 36-24-36 is the ideal hourglass measurement but i am pretty sure you have some great measurements for your body shape :) You have a nice waist and hips.

Sorry but since you are already at your "ideal" bust measurement I'm guessing if you lost more you'd lose there too. And there's no way to predict exactly where you'll be once you're done losing weight, or spot reduce. I could never have those measurements unless I got breast implants and butt implants and liposuction in my waist. I'm just more straight up and down with a smaller chest.

I personally think unless you were born with an extreme hourglass shape, you could not easily obtain a waist that was exactly 12" smaller than your bust/hips. That is very unusual.

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I'm a 33-24-33,  I think if my bust got that much bigger I'd topple over.

There's no way I could ever be that size. My waist never got below 25" (at 5'7" and 115lb) and at that weight my hips were 34 and I was about a 32 or 34 up top. Not everyone is built like that as has been said a million times. I can't keep enough up top while having that small of a waist. Not gonna happen.

Original Post by helpless:

i think 36-24-36 is beautiful, i wouldn't say perfect, because a lot of definitions go with what it perfect from a lot of people.  i also don't know why some of them are saying it's an eating disordered measurments, it's not. 

They're not saying that having those measurements would mean you had an eating disorder.  They're saying that many girls get eating disorders by attempting to match a theoretically "perfect" set of measurements which, for most, are completely impossible.  Any pear shaped woman, for example, will see her bust get much smaller than 36" before her hips get anywhere close to that.  If you're an apple, the likelihood that you're going to see a 24" waist is slim-to-none (unless you're *very* petite, but then your hips will be smaller than 36").  It only works if you're an hourglass of appropriate height and frame.  But that's a very small fraction of the population, and we'd rather encourage people to find a set of measurements that's healthy for them rather than pushing an "ideal" set of measurements (which, incidentally, I don't feel the OP was trying to do; it sounded like a relatively innocent question).

woah, spirochete we have really similar measurements. I'm 5'7.5" and naturally thin, but when my weight dropped down too low (112) I was basically flat on top (32?) with about 25" waist and 33" hips. And I looked disgusting. There's no way I could ever ever get those stats...

i will agree that having a 24 in waist and a 36 in. bust will be unlikely because when you get that small of a waist, the bust area will for sure decrease. 

Sir Mix-a-lot said  "36-24-36, only if she's 5 foot 3"  Funny how size only matters to men when it isn't applied to them personally!  SOB  ;)

Oh and BTW.. Fonda does have a motor in the back of her honda, she just doesn't feel the need to show it off in public.

Sorry for the silliness, "Baby got back" is on my workout playlist!

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