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Weight Loss
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50%, 30% carb, 20% fat PLAN

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I have been here almost 2 months and I want to share my story with everyone :)


I know its unhealthy but for about a month I was cutting my calorie intake down to 700-1100 calories a day with a workout plan that consisted of cycling (30 min) weight training( 20 minutes) 4-5 x a day. I lost 12 lbs which is great but I now know that its more about eating healthy.  I know I am saying the exact same thing everyone else is saying but its true!!! You need to eat and change your lifestyle for it to work long term!!!!!!!  I didn't follow a consistent diet and I ate without using the food tracker.  Than I discovered the food tracker and I realized the analysis tool was a life saver!!!!!    I realized all the JUNK i was putting in my system, and how it was probably wreaking havoc on my body and causing more harm than good.   Well, I ended up not eating the correct amount of calories a day and after about 1 1/2 months I was constantly HUNGRY!!!!!!!! :(

I'm now following a high protein, very low carb diet and I feel so much better.  I am definately an emotional eater! I know my weaknesses and I'm still losing weight!!!! MUCH HEALTHIER!!! So if just ONE person reads this and deciedes its time to start following a meal plan thats healthy, I will have succeeded :)




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good 4u! I struggle with protein bc I'm a part time vegetarian, but I keep trying!

MJSOPHIA: a HIGH protein diet isn't NECESSARY to lose weight. so long as you're getting roughly 1/2g per pound of body weight you'll be a-ok. 

hiheeledbrunette: remember...something you can follow LONG TERM is essential. is this "high protein, very low carb diet" sustainable? there's nothing wrong with whole grains, fruits, veggies (all carbs) combined with fats and protein. 

Original Post by chrissy1988:

MJSOPHIA: a HIGH protein diet isn't NECESSARY to lose weight. so long as you're getting roughly 1/2g per pound of body weight you'll be a-ok. 

I just wanted to interject that MJ is following a heavy-lifting program so a higher-than-normal protein intake is beneficial for her. I'm eating about 125g of protein per day while following NROLFW which has forced me to limit my carb intake to about 40% (that's low for me!) since I'm not willing to sacrifice my fat intake.

(sorry, MJ, didn't mean to speak for you!)

my apologies... 1/2g per pound is sufficient for MOST people. if you lift heavy then .8-1g per pound is sufficient.

Before I started lifting, I was eating about 60% carbs, 15% protein and 25% fat. I really like my carbs and fat! Laughing

Like Chrissy said, it's really about what works for you long-term and helps you successfully manage your weight. I personally find it tough to limit the carbs I get from grains (I never limit the amount of carbs from veggies). It makes me want to mindlessly eat in the afternoon.

Thanks chrissy and bier!

I feel so special :)

ETA: Actually I'm going to start going by CC's Mediterranean analysis setting to keep my carbs lower (not eliminating) and the protein is set at about 100, so that should be okay for me).

I too am following a very low carb diet. Something clicked in my head for the first time. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY don't want this extra weight on me anymore. I know the diet I've chosen is possibly not a healthy long-term diet, but I can't think of anything less healthy than being overweight and on my way to the obese category. My mom and sisters all gained weight and wound up with diabetes and heart problems. I don't want to go there. I say 'possibly not healthy' because interestingly enough, my blood pressure and cholesterol have fallen back into the healthy zone. I'm eating TONS of eggs, shrimp, cheese, steak and according to my bloodwork, I'm the healthiest I've been since I was a teenager.

Eating this way is easy and comfortable. I've lost 20 pounds in 2 months and that keeps me going. With the lost weight, I can exercise more easily. My back pain is gone. I started with the Stillman diet and have progressed to Atkins. I'm still losing about a pound a week. I highly recomend reading Stillman's book. He gave me the kick in the pants I needed. Also, I tried weight watchers and followed it, felt deprived, and lost 2 pounds in a month. I fell off, tried it again a couple of months later and the same thing happened.

I'm researching an eating plan that is "healthier" for when I reach my goal weight and the way my motivation is right now, it really feels like I will stay with it since it will be much easier than what I am currently doing, which isn't very hard at all. I've lost my cravings for sweets. I enjoy my coffee/tea/gum instead of rich desserts. I still get to eat burgers, steaks, seafood, bacon, cheese...lots of things that were very limited on weight watchers. If my blood pressure and cholesterol revert to unhealthy levels, I will go back to eating very limited carbs.

I think low carb is great if it works for you.


I'm really happy for you!

I have been going through and battleing the same thing for 3 months now....... I have been at 1200 Cal a day I have only lost 3lbs,   I work out 3-4 X a week and Drinking 80-100 water a day that includes green tea x2, it's very upseting/disappointing for some (Me) of us we almost have to starv to get healthy or were we want to be, (Healthy)But we got ther some how and i'm the only one whom put me there!!!    Now, I think im going to tri High Pro and low carb.... can you tell me how much intake of protein and carbs Ect your doing... im a med build and 159lbs... Any Input would be Greatly Appreciated!!

I hope you lose what you need!  Great Job keep up you ingouragement!


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