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Weight Loss
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People who used to be 200-230 lbs

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When did people start noticing your weight change? especially around your face?

I know it's all general, but i'd like a best guess.. I started at 216, and am now 193.5 ... and Some people, very few and far between have noticed that my waist is shrinking... but other than that other people just have seemed to notice.

I notice small things myself (hey look my back fat is shrinking!!).. and i tried one of those sites where you put in your weight and goal weight and it makes a little computer generated you... and the little computer dudette only lost "face weight" around 35 lbs...

So i just wanna know what happened to you personally? where did people, or yourself really notice a change?

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Congrats on your weight loss so far!! Keep up the good work! I started out at 236 and at around 170 people really started to notice....its sad it takes 60lbs or so for people to notice a weight loss! At around 50 lbs or so my face really started to thin out, between 50-80lbs lost, its gotten even smaller.

I started at 225, I think people started to notice right around 190.

Original Post by ambereva:

I started at 225, I think people started to notice right around 190.

:O ... you started around 225?? you were my hero before... what's higher than a hero?? you'd be that.

thanks to both of you for your replies!!! hopefully between 170-190 i'll get the same results.

Congrats on both your major losses!!

I started at 240, people started noticing at 220, and then really started noticing at around 190. Now I'm in the 140's and I've still got about 10lbs to lose, but people keep telling me I don't need to lose any more weight lol. I think it's because they've been so used to seeing me so big.

Congrats on getting below the 200's it's a big milestone and it feels so great to get there. Smile

I started at about 207-8 and went to 175, where I stayed for a few years without anyone noticing. In highschool I went down to about 138 and people thought I was anorexic. I'm now about 155-160. The moral is that weight loss is more noticeable when you have less to lose. Also, I'm 5'11'', so if you're shorter than that it will be noticeable more quickly.



I started at 200lbs and my face looks thin now at 160, i still have a double chin if you look at me from below though just not straight on, which is awesome since im short almost nobody looks at me from that angle unless they are sitting and im standing hehe

I agree...I started at 208...and it wasn't till around 170 when people that did't know I was trying to lose weight noticed. It was a frusterating wait!! But, I started noticing around 185ish

Pinkpink - We're almost CC twins!  I started at 214 on January 11 and I'm now down to 193.  People who I haven't seen in awhile will tell me I look good but mention nothing about the weight loss.  My family tells me they notice but I'm not sure if they're just trying to be supportive or genuinely can see it. 

Personally, I can't really see it yet.  My face does seem slightly smaller to me and my clothes fit a bit better but nothing is too loose yet.  I'm pretty excited for my clothes not to fit anymore as I am just dying to buy new clothes! 

I started at 228lbs in August. I am now 180lbs.

Everyone commented on my weight loss within the first 10lbs. Even the barista at my local Starbucks.

It took me a lot longer to really *feel* and see the difference.

My photo is a progression shot for the past few months at the start of every month. Looking back now, I can see there was a big difference within the first month, but I didn't see it at the time.

I started 2 1/2 years ago at 279.  I got down to about 250. Nobody really noticed, but I sure felt better.  I moved to another place and got back up to about 260.  After losing 10 more pounds, I started CC on December 1st of last year at 250.  Right now I am at 220 going for 200.  Many people have noticed.  So, in my case it started at about 230 (after about 50 pounds).

I sure noticed. 

185 or so. I started at 217, and now i'm around 173.

I started at 280, people started to notice the difference at  230 or so, that is when my face started to thin out noticably. I am at 210 now and they say I look like a different person esepcially my face.  I can notice a sizable difference between when I was  230 and now at 210. I chew gum alot, it has helped to tone my face. I chew it when I am on the treadmill exercising or at night to curve sweet cravings.( extra sugar free).

My start weight was 204 lbs, size 16 clothes.  I'm now 162 lbs, size 8/10.  I started to get compliments about my weight loss when I was about 175 lbs.  I had lost about 30 lbs.  But comments about my face didn't start until recently because my initial weight loss was mostly to my hips, thighs and torso. 

Each person is different, because it depends on which part of your body lets go of the fat first.  For some the fat leaves their face first, for me it was my lower body.

I started at 289 and I was around 230 before people started taking notice. Sarah

well congrats everyone!!!

i guess i can look forward to the next 8-28 pounds lol. hope people will notice then :) (since it seems most people noticed 30-50 pounds later lol)


Big congrats on the loss so far! 

Its hard for the people who see you day to day notice, since when done right, weight loss is slow and steady. You'll more likely get the enthusiastic reactions from the people who haven't seen you since the loss, as it will be more dramatic to them.

I'm 5'4 and started off at 220. People (meaning the ones who had no idea that I was in the process of losing in the first place) didn't start to notice until around 35-40. And even those who 'knew'  that I lost x x amount of weight at any given time didn't seem to have that genuine 'wow' - -while they were genuinely happy and encouraging, I think it was just that - being supportive as opposed to being able to tell on their own. 

I would say that I started to get the absolute genuine responses around the 50-ish mark.  And once I got closer to a healthy BMI (say around 26-27), it was crazy in the opposite extreme. From there on, everyone seemed to notice every 5 pounds and make a big fuss. It was a bit disconcerting, especially considering how long and hard much larger amounts took in the first place:)  Now, 90+ lighter, I've had people that have only known me heavy not even recognize me. 

So hang in, the fun part is just around the corner! And we're all here to celebrate every pound lost with you in case the general public hasn't caught on yet:) Best of luck!

PS - I have a more round face, and I would say that patterns above also applied to my face...particularly since reaching the start of a healthy BMI and subsequent loss. My facial features have really really popped out in the last 15-20 pounds, as I'm now approaching the midpoint for the healthy BMI range.

I know I don't qualify here but I had things to say anyway!

I was almost 300 pounds and it took 80 pounds for anyone to mention my weight loss. 80 freakn pounds! You think people are going to tell you right off the bat, but people don't.

We as people are afraid to mention weight to each other to give compliments. I know it sounds retarded, but I bet people discuss it amongst themselves; but not to your face. People notice, it's just a sensitive subject and most don't like to approach it.

I was just having a conversation with my friend today actually. She told me "I've seen this heavier set girl around the gym for months and she's at least lost 30 pounds." I told her "you should totally tell her!" and she's like "I know but... Ya I should."

Shoulda woulda coulda.

I started at 200.   People noticed at about 180 for me.   I have not recently ran into anyone that has not seen me in a long time.   That will be very interesting to see if they even reconize me after to this point a 62 pound loss.   I am 14 pounds to my vitural goal.   I am really not sure how far down I should go but that is a day to day decision.  Been on my diet since Oct 1, 2009. 

The same as most people here, it was about 30 lbs or so.  I started at 235, but nobody said anything except my wife until I'd gotten down to around 200.  Then I started getting "hey, have you lost weight?" comments.  That changed over to "wow, you've really lost weight!" somewhere around 180.

I couldn't say when it started showing up around my face, I tend to avoid cameras (and still do, I may no longer be fat but I'm still ugly Wink). 

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