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Weight Loss
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how have people treated you differently since your weight loss?

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im curious to see how many people out there have been treated either more negative or positive by your significant others, family, friends or even strangers because of your weight loss?

my girlfriends are starting to snicker at me while making me feel guilty with comments like "omg, do you eat!?" and then they try to either force food on me or they judge everything that goes into my mouth.

for the record, i am 5'9". 160lb female. aka FAR from annorexic
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It sounds like your girlfriends arnt so much friends!

Sounds to me like they are jealous and scared that you are going to get more attention then they are! Maybe you already do!

Keep up the great work! Dont worry about what others say, you know that you are much healthier and next time they ask if you eat, say "yes, I you want me to help you eat healthier?" lol
With me... it's so much more how I am different than how people treat me...

My friends and family have been very supportive the WHOLE time... I was ENORMOUS, and I think they felt bad for me... (I felt bad for me.)

But now I'm not afraid to take a gym class, to speak my mind in a group, to stand up for myself... I haven't turned into some sort of horrid witch... I'm just so much more empowered.

I was brave enough to date, meet a man, get married...

My life is TOTALLY different... and since I"m so much happier it seems like the people who surround me are more the positive types as well.  I've let some of my old "misery loves company" kind of friends drift away... (I'm not talking about FAT friends... *lol*.. I'm STILL fat after all...  I'm talking about friends who are always DOWN)
The first time I lost weight rather quickly, I was still 5'3 and 150 pounds BUT I didn't eat at all for like 3 months, and the only time I ate something "real" was once a week. My mom and sisters thought I was starving myself. Truthfully that wasn't even my intentions, just my mom didn't have any food I could eat. I didn't realize until afterwards that I was starving myself, and even though I was at an okay weight for my height, or even a little bit chubby, (well 150 looks really good on me) I did have an eating problem.

Sometimes that is all family is concerned about. I mean, whenever I would go to my boyfriends house they would tell him behind my back to make sure I eat because I was anorexic. I wasn't really, but that is just how family is.

As for friends. I do think friends get jealous because we are each used to our role. One friend is the chubby friend, one friend is the hot friend, one friend is the smart friend, and whenever these roles are challenged it makes us feel uncomfortable.
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Yeah, people can be weird after you lose weight and while you are losing weight.  There is alot of reasons behind it I'm sure.  Jealousy at you success and dedication, anxiety about their own weight, concern over the dynamic between you and them changing, etc.  Eating is very social so when one person changes the way they eat it disrupts the social scene some.

I'm still losing but people touch me more.  No...not that way.  Get your minds out of the gutter! 

They'll touch my arm or my back when they're talking to me.  It doesn't bother me really, just something I noticed. 

edit: double post.
This is probably just me, but I feel more 'normal,' like I don't stand out in a crowd.  I feel that people are friendlier.  Who knows.
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It's been mixed for me.

My dad was really impressed, especially since he went through a similar experience when he was my age.

My mother was impressed, but I could sense she wasn't really that happy about it. My grandmother thought I wasn't eating and tried to lecture me on proper nutrition, which almost anyone on this site knows more of than she ever will.

Some of my classmates have made anorexic jokes, while some are kind of impressed that I was able to lose weight while still in school. 

My friends from back home are impressed but make what they feel are obligatory skinny jokes.

My family has been very supportive and haven't made any comments about the inconvenience I may be at times when having to be "pickier" with food choices.  .  The only thing I wish they would do a bit more is encourage me more...tell me the things I'm giving up are worth it...I'm looking better...etc.  I'm not dieting becuase anyone said I should or because I want people to say I look nice, but it's nice to have some motivation from people around me because right now it all comes from CC!

As for my friends, the ones I'm around most, including my best friend, are all naturally skinny (read: Scarlett Johannson body), don't exercise, and eat what they want.  They just don't really understand because they've never had a problem with it...and don't understand why I wont' just share a pizza and make brownies, and have coke, etc etc.  Once and a while I'll do these things and relax a bit...but the rest of the time I end up feeling a bit guilty (we all know how much sharing food is a social thing too)...and it's so much harder to say no to something I want already when I have my friend saying " comon, share this with me!"  I don't think they're jealous that I'm making better choices, I think they just think I'm being ridiculous because I'm watching every calorie and it's a nuisance.

Without CC, I don't know where I'd be!
All of my family and friends have been really positive and encouraging, but I have noticed that since losing weight strangers are friendlier. 
There's more male attention, but more than that, people are more engaging...  It's equal parts flattering and repulsive.

My stepfather is nicer.  That really upsets me because I know he thought less of me when I was morbidly obese and losing the weight has earned his approval.  Prat.

I find that people, who didn't include me in conversations before, include me now.

Guys flirt a little more.

I don't get looks when I eat. 

But I think that all has come from within honestly.  My attitude about myself has changed.

But a lot of people are fat-ists. 

I have one friend that has started to pull away though.  We've always been able to talk about food, the gym, and clothing but now she doesn't talk to me as much.  I guess I feel that I've learned more than her.  She kind of starves herself to lose.  She eats like 1,000 calories a day and goes the gym 4 to 5 days a week.  We do disagree and I don't want to be preachy with her, so i've stopped talking to her about my weightloss.
hahaha i think the guys flirting part is why my girlfriends are being lame!
Just want to say to tamarascholz, I love your new pic!  You look so beautiful and healthy.  Way to go!
Personally, I don't care what other people think. I've gotten a lot of anorexic jokes thrown at me, and a lot of "you're such a girly man" remarks. Frankly I don't care, I'm healthier than 99% of my friends, who get no exercise, and eat crap all day long.
I lost weight for my health, and to prolong my life and stay clear from obesity and related diseases. When my friend's metabolisms slow down, they will probably regret treating me the way they do now!
I'm not one for revenge though, muahaha!

But yeah, lots of skinny remarks and "ooo's" and "ahhh's"

While I'm not quite done with my weight loss/health journey - I've lost 26lbs since April and when I went to pay the rent, my landlady said "OMG have you lost weight, you look awesome!!!"  It felt great because that was not a complement that I went fishing for...  She blurted that out as soon as she opened the door.  And I had not mentioned to her that I was trying to lose weight.
complements from aquaintences are so credible. they are completely unbiased and a reaction like yours KNOW it was the truth! thats such good go!!!
*lol*... thanks ratinhat... thought I should put one on that shows I do usually wear makeup in public... *lol*... It's just that I take all of my weight loss pictures myself... USUALLY on the way to the gym...

makeup does wonders!
The comments usually start as, "Wow, you've really lost a lot of weight." Then, that is quickly followed by, " You really shouldn't lose anymore weight." I tell friends I am 7 pounds away from my goal and they say that is too much. Oh well! Cant make everyone happy, just as long as I'm happy...

I've always been a guys-girl (meaning I get along with guys better) and going to an Engineering school and living in a dorm that was over 85% guys kinda forced me into having all guy friends (not complaining).

Most of my friends just looked at me as "one of the guys." Well, after I lost some of the pudge; my boyfriend is jealous when I hang out with our friends without him. He says he trusts me, not them. Haha!

Honestly though, after losing just ten pounds guys started to look at me more as a woman than "one of the guys." It's nice to go to the bars and get offered free drinks all the time, and they are fancy cocktails not a cold beer like I would have been offered before.

I don't exactly get it, because after losing some of my "curves" (aka my pudge:who am I kidding?) guys look at me as more feminine.

Any guys out there who would care to explain?

Also, being an engineer, the girl friends that I do have are all guys-girls too and they have been nothing but supportive. No jealousy at all, just "Damn look at your ass!"

when im around people eating a meal consisiting of pizza, chipc, cookies, etc. I have to decline b/c i dont eat junk food anymore. so they begin asking questions like "how can you not like/eat pizza?" "every one loves chips!" (shoving them in my face)..."do you even have a favorite food?" "do you even eat?" "if you do, what do you eat for lunch?"

It just kinda bugs me that they dont think i eat but when in reality i do eat. Just, I eat healthy unlike the rest fo the girls asking me these questions. I have realized that i dont want to make eating unhealthily a habit when i become an adult and i have started to try and become healthier at my age (almost 16) so i will lead a more sccuessful life later on.
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