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If people tell me I'm tiny all the time, why do I feel fat?

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I'm 5'4" and 115 pounds....I am always thinking "if I could only lose 10 pounds, 7 pounds, etc.."  I hate my body; I think my thighs and knees and stomach and pretty much EVERYTHING is fat.  Then I thought "maybe I just need to tone up...then I'll feel better about my body", so I started running on the treadmill every day...THEN I blew my knee out doing that, and I couldn't exercise for a week and gained back the 3 pounds I had lost.  Now I'm doing the elliptical machine (which I HATE, but it's better than nothing), and I'm trying to eat like 1200 calories per day.  I just feel like I will never be thin like I want to be....I feel like I will always feel fat and be ashamed of my body.  I eat nothing but low-calorie healthy foods, I exercise 6 days a week, but my fat thighs are always always always there, every time I look down.  What should I do?  I want to be really thin, but I don't want to starve myself because I know that I will just be "skinny fat" if I do that.   
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So many people, specifically the younger naive ones, fall victim to the media these days...touting skinny over healthy. I really don't know what it's going to take to make some people understand that health is more imporant..skin and muscles exists...you can't be just bones and be healthy. Being underweight is not attractive...dull hair, bags and dark circles under starving eyes.

Don't be fooled by the media, the diet commercials, the models.....they do not project what real women and real health is! They want your money.  If there wasn't a product behind it...models wouldn't be needed. Don't be a fool and fall for it!

Do you know that there's actually a diet commercial out there that has some woman touting that she's now a "trophy wife"??? (NutriSystem) now how disgusting is THAT in this day and age?

Any teen who feels they need to lose weight needs to speak to their parents and then their doctor...and no one else for advice.

I really feel sorry for you meggier. I am 5'4 and 128lbs and I feel more and more fab every day because I eat healthy and I work at toning my body. Since joining here I have realized that it's not what you weigh that's important but how you feel when you treat your body like you should. I too had a poor sef image of myself but then I took it upon myself to change that. Needing to have self assurance from others is a horrible thing to have to live with. If you feel so fat do what others here are doing and really make the attempt to become healthy, eat the right amount of calories and exercise to get the tone body you so desire.
overexercise can give you that "skinny fat" thing too. you should talk to a personal trainer. you already have damage on your knee from overdoing it. dont do it again. talk to a trainer that can set you up on an effective and safe plan. you will get the result you want without anymore injury.

i felt fat when i was at a really low borderline wt. like you in my past. i gained 10...i looked better and thinner. which i thought was so weird. i have a small frame so i always go with the lower weights..but i think if you are too thin it throws off the balance and makes your "problem areas" stick out or look just off and that can make you feel fat.

and then i actually got fat...

feeling and being..two totally different things for sure.

through all my dieting..i found that yoru body looks and feels best (as well as your mind) when you eat nutrient dense calories.

also if you just lost...it makes you look fatter too because you skin hasnt shrunken up yet. also when you eat higher cals. closer to your maintence cals it makes you body look better. its just something i notice because i stop my loses to shrink up my skin.
It is one thing to be fat and it is another thing to feel fat.

I weigh 231 lbs and I'm 5 foot 4.  Technically, Im fat everday.  However some days I let it get to me and other days I look it the mirror and say "Dang, I look good!!" lol

If you are truly, medically, scientifically at a healthy weight then you should stop working on improving your body and start working on improving your self image. 
Kudos to Bunny and Xrszgrl for LIKING yourselves and being happy at NORMAL weights!!! :)
i'm exactly the same.. don't know what I weigh, because household scales aren't common in this country, but I've defeinatly gained (alcohol) weight as of late.

the problem with being tiny is that we can't hide anything.
the strange thing is, when I saw your post, the first thing i thought was, oh my god - if she thinks she is fat, i must be even fatter. now that voice in my head just got an imaginary padlock on it. I have to start being positive about myself, and you know what? so do you. So you MAY need to tone up - thats it. instead of running and using the elliptical  - why not get a few girls together and join a fun class instead? try to focus on the positive. its so hard - i suffer from bouts of depression, but I work hard to stay positive. My weight is just one more excuse to keep me in this circle of unhappiness. I dont want to assume you are the same, but the things you are saying are the same things I have been telling myself for a long time. I think your issue is not your weight as such, but your feelings about yourself.
Angel, don't let it get to you.  There are TONS of women (no pun intended) that don't feel good about their bodies and 'think' they are fat - they're wrong.  She's well underweight and unhealthy : (.  Even if her body ends up looking good, her (and the other 'I'm so fat girls) attitude is very negative. 

Good luck, be healthy, be happy and stick to your plan.  I never let those skinny girls get to me in highschool, why should I let them now?
Ok, so at first I was thinking "OH Man I totally agree with these guys! I SO feel like that too!"

I'm 5'4 1/2. I just gained about 5lbs to around 120 (it fluctuates every day).  For the past two weeks Ive been sad becuase I felt 'fat'. I was going out for dinner with some ladies here at work because we were taking a night course together. I was catching myself saying things like "ooh, no cant get that dip, its so bad for you" and ect, and the ladies were all like "Oh Jen, your so thin! Your so tiney!" And I would be sittting there thinking "Sure, when I have clothes on I look great.

Then I had an epiphany. Why just sit here and hate it, when I can do something about it?

I heard somewhere that fake tanner made you look more tonned and hid stretch marks really well, so I went out and bought some of that Daily Mousturizer skin bronzer for my face and one for my body. I'm on day two of it, and its slowly building! I look healthy! Also I decided to start to excersize. Yes I think I'm a Skinny-Fat (jiggly arms, bum, and thighs), but what is stpooing me from changing it? Luckly we have a gym here at work so after I eat lunch I go down there for 30 min and went on the bike. I was SO tired! But today, I think I wanna try out the free weights... work on my arm flab...

Wait, where was I going with this?

OH YEAH The insentive to persivere even harder. Its something I never had before. Its great...

Oh and your not 'fat'. Maybe feeling a bit bloated?

:) Haha, Long drawn out e-mail... sorry~
I only wish I had this problem.  You might need to talk to a professional because if your self esteem is depends so much on your lack of weight, you have major problems that are not weight related.   This board sucks because of this type of thing...oh my I am 5'4" and 115 and look so fat.  Not only is it offensive to those who have real weight problems, but it is so juvenile.  Geesh, get a real problem.

Hi i just wanted to say that enjpy being 108, 115 etc b/c i am 5,3 weighing 125-130lbs. However, i am 30 with a toddler.

I wish i could be a stick like you girls but unless i resort to an ed i will never get there.

so, suck it up and enjoy life...b/c you are not fat!!
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your being so hard on yourself. 

  one thing, is too many people compare themselves with someone whom they think has the perfect body.  but you have to realize that everyone has different body types.  So even if you weight the exact same weight as someone you think has the perfect body, you both could look very different. 

  for instance, I am 5'4" and I weight 139lbs.  And guess what?  I am very thin.  But the reason I weight  139lbs is because my whole body is toned from working out and I have a lot of muscle mass.  I am just toned also, not muscular like the women who compete in fitness competitions or muscle competitions.  If I lost any more weight I would start looking unhealthy. 

 yet another person who is 5'4" and 139lbs may actually be overweight.  It all depends on the type of body we have. 

  stop trying to compare yourself to someone else and try to take a serious look at your body type, and only aim for the best that your body type can look... not seek to have the same body as someone else who very well may have a totally different body type.

  So you think your thighs, knees, stomach are fat.  whose body are you comparing yours with?  your thighs may NEVER be stick thin if you have a body type that doesn't have stick thin thighs.  But what you can do is to workout with a goal to tone your body up so that it is at the best shape you can get them to be.

  also, if you are working out a lot your 1200 calories a day is not enough.  If your body is not getting enough food it actually slows down your metabolism.  When your body does this, you actually start to lose muscle becuase your body is doing all it can to hang on to any fat because it is in "survival mode".  And then you will keep wondering why you are "skinny fat".  You aren't eating enough. 

  I cannot tell you what your optimum daily caloric intake should be but I do know 1200 isn't enough.  Go and speak to a personal trainer if you can and discuss with them how much you are working out and what your lifestyle is like so you can get a better picture of how much you should be feeding your body in order to get it in the best shape.

   I don't know if anything I say will get you to change your thinking, as I really think this is a HUGE sickness in society these days... the obsession with weight/body image, and all of the messages of what is the perfect body the media is pouring out to the youth. 

 it is really sad at how much obsessing over weight has become.

 for exercises that will help tone you up, I highly recommend Pilates.   Pilates strengthens and tones your abs, hips, and thighs and at the same time you start to become more flexible and feel longer. 

 Stott Pilates has so many you can choose from.  Just look up the website and browse around their home workout DVDs. 

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I agree that it is really sad that people obsess over weight.  To me there is a clear difference between the people who need to lose weight and the people who want to lose weight.  The people who need to lose weight usually have or are at risk of some health problem and focus on the fact that they want to get healthy to prolong their lives and make it happier.  The smaller people who just want to lose weight for cosmetic reasons always seem to have something that is blocking them from realizing and being proud of the fact that they are healthy and are going to live long enough to have children, watch them grow up, and grow old with their loved ones.  In some ways I envy those people for their weight, but when I think about it I actually pity those people because it seems so matter how small they get they will never be happy.  Right now, I weigh 231 lbs and when I get down to even 210 or 200 lbs or have any proof that I am getting HEALTHIER, I'm going to throw a freakin' party!!  Weight means nothing if you are endlessly pessimistic.
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I'm in a similar situation to the original poster.

People tell me I look great, I agree I look great, but I have 'fat deposits' on my stomach, thighs, that just won't go away unless I drop weight dramatically (I did that once and the results were frightening - sure, I finally had thin legs but the rest of me looked like I was about to die from starvation).

So... maybe it's one of those things you're just stuck with.  :(

And to comment on another topic, people always ask me, "Why drink diet soda?  Why eat salad for lunch?  You're SO thin, you don't have to be careful!"  I don't think they understand just HOW MUCH HARD WORK it is for me to stay this shape.  I exercise every day, rarely have junk food, and it is such hard work to stay at a healthy weight (my family is prone to obesity). 

Doesn't seem fair sometimes... when I see stick thin girls eating chocolate every day!
Ok, so I haven't read all the posts but this is my advice;

As I was watching TV one day, this weird skin program came on. It said that if you are dieting and trying to lose weight, the last places that will lose the weight will be your thighs, stomach and hips. So even if you don't see a difference yet, in a few weeks time you'll look great.

And you are actually at a healthy weight at the moment.
Can we stop insulting the skinny people who feel fat? It's not like we can help it. (I'm about...5'2ish..I hope! And around 100 pounds, give or take. And no, I don't starve myself at all. On the contrary, all I ever say is "What's for breakfast? What's for lunch? What's for supper? What's for supper #2? Just, kidding, mom, gosh.") It's hard to know that you're at a healthy weight or even underweight and still feel fat. Because you know you should gain weight, but you're scared to because you already feel fat as it is.  Being happy with your body and weight is not as easy as everyone makes it out to be. Self-esteem isn't something you can just pick up off of the floor. But meggier, you're at a fine weight right now, so there's no need to lose any. You might want to be thinner and be the same weight, I know I do, but I'm not quite sure how to get skinnier and not lose weight, because I don't want to lose weight and blow away this hurricane season. I don't know much about exercise and whoodydeedoo. (Me, exercise? Hah!) My fat thighs bum me out too, but I do usually look at them when I'm sitting down and they're all spread out. :D Get one of those nice full-length mirrors that make you look really thin. And try to feel better about yourself. Call yourself fat in front of your friends and listen to their strong protests. It's funny and makes you feel better.

There's something called Body Dysmorphic Disorder.  It's a psychological condition that makes you see your body much differently than it actually is.  It's NOT YOUR FAULT, and it's also a condition that leads many to deadly eating disorders.

If you're at all worried (which you are, since you posted about it) you should make an appointment with your doctor.  He or she can judge your situation much better than any of us can and will be able to give you the peace of mind of a professional analysis.  And if it IS BDM, it's treatable.  With counseling, you can determine your healthiest body and learn to accept it as beautiful for you.

Hope this helps,

I am a recovering anorexic...I am a healthy 115 at 5'4''...I relize that there are small kids dying of cancer, people with AIDS and other horrible things in life then feeling fat...sorry get a counselor like I did and get over the self image thing...maintain  your weight eat right and focus on LIFE!!!!
i agree, it's not something we can control. and it drives me nuts every, single day. it is a shame that more and more teenage girls are feeling this way.
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