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If people tell me I'm tiny all the time, why do I feel fat?

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I'm 5'4" and 115 pounds....I am always thinking "if I could only lose 10 pounds, 7 pounds, etc.."  I hate my body; I think my thighs and knees and stomach and pretty much EVERYTHING is fat.  Then I thought "maybe I just need to tone up...then I'll feel better about my body", so I started running on the treadmill every day...THEN I blew my knee out doing that, and I couldn't exercise for a week and gained back the 3 pounds I had lost.  Now I'm doing the elliptical machine (which I HATE, but it's better than nothing), and I'm trying to eat like 1200 calories per day.  I just feel like I will never be thin like I want to be....I feel like I will always feel fat and be ashamed of my body.  I eat nothing but low-calorie healthy foods, I exercise 6 days a week, but my fat thighs are always always always there, every time I look down.  What should I do?  I want to be really thin, but I don't want to starve myself because I know that I will just be "skinny fat" if I do that.   
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I'm not sure how to answer your question, but I do know that if you think 115 lbs at 5'4" is fat, I'm highly offended. For one thing that is a very unhealthy weight for anyone at that height. I'm not even going to tell you my weight (even though I'm lookin' damn good for our height).
The only thing I can tell you is to do weights to tone you up, but be prepared to gain on the scale because of the muscle.

Please take care of your body, not your look.
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It sounds like you need to lift and not worry about the scale, but have your body fat tested. It sounds like you belong to a gym so they can ususally test it there. Once you do that use that as a gage for how you feel not the scale. If you are already on the thin side doing a lift program about 3-4 days a week. Look at the fitness thread on here and you can ususally find some good workouts.

I hope this helps!
" If people tell me I'm tiny all the time, why do I feel fat?"

That is exactly how I feel!  I am glad that I am not the only one that feels like this.  I am 5'3" and bounce between 108-110 normally.  I am know up to 113 thanks to TTOM and it is killing me!  It is weird, but I am harder on myself now that I have lost a bunch of weight then I was when I was heavy.  Maybe I had unrealistic expections.  I don't know.  So, I don't know what to tell you except that you aren't alone in the way you feel.  Kinda sucks to feel that way doesn't it!?
I know how you feel.  People always tell me i am thin and ask me why i drink diet soda (which is rare for me to drink soda) because im thin i can afford to drink regular, stuff like that.  But i think i have areas i can improve on. It really doesnt matter what others think, it matters what you think and how you feel about yourself.  If you build muscle, you will burn fat.  However, you need to eat in order to fuel your body to burn that fat.  You should probably eat more than 1200 calories a day, how many you should eat i dont know.  I eat at least 1600 a day, i've lost 11 lbs in 2 months and probably am in the best shape i've ever been in my life. You are shorter than me so i dont know how many you should eat.  But muscle is sexy and attractive, yes, on females too, so try doing some weight training 2-3x/week in addition to your cardio, maybe do light cardio on the days you do the weight training so you arent overexerting yourself.

 Ohhhh, i just realized you only weigh 115, that sounds like a healthy yet semi- ow weight for your height.  You may gain a few lbs weight training but it will be muscle, not fat.  That will help raise your metabolism and all that jargon.  Weight wise you probably dont need to lose anymore.  Moral of the story, you need to feel happy in your own skin, so figure out what will make you happy but do it in a healthy manner. 
|'m 112 right now @ 5" 4', and | feel the exact same way. |'m just going to try to keep on losing until the feeling goes away.
It has nothing to do with how you truly look -- it's in your head. I don't mean that in a flippant way. Most likely you'll never be happy, no matter what size you are -- you have to work on your mind -- the way you think, not your body. The feeling will not go away ... unless you change the way you think --THEN you will be happy. Been there ...
Okay ladies and gents,

I'm going to tell you a scary story.  Scary but true.

I used to be a security guard at the hospital here in Edmonton, I would get put on what was called a patient watch.  One of the patients I watched was an anorexic girl named Trina - Trina thought she looked fat - she could see love handles where all the rest of us could only see ribs.

As one of the others here said, it was all in her head.  She wasn't happy about other things in her life and the only thing she could control was her weight so she did it.

When I started guarding her, Trina had taken to eating things like screws and nails because if she hurt her stomach she couldn't gain weight (this is what her rational was).  She hated me, because I was fat (still am, but I'm working on it in a healthy way) - but it was okay, because I have a thick skin and felt bad for her. 

Her doctors told her that if she ate another nail/screw what have you that she would die - there wasn't enough left of her stomach and intestine for them to repair any more - that was it.  She'd be done.

After a while, I got a better job doing what I was trained to do so I stopped working at the hospital but friends of mine still did.  About six months later Trina died from her belief that she was fat and the extremes she would go to combat it.

For a person who is 5'4" (which I am) the HEALTHY weight range is between 117lbs (lower range) and 146lbs (upper range).  You are already BELOW the low range of a healthy weight.  You need to figure out what is really making you unhappy and fix it, rather than just believing you're fat.  If you don't I fear you will end up like Trina eventually.
I know how you feel.  I'm 5.5 or so i think and i weigh about 115.  I know in the head that i'm at a good weight, but i look in the mirror and see everything as fat.  It's unfair for people to tell thin people they are wrong to want to lose weight.  Almost EVERYONE, fat or thin, wants to lose weight.  Almost NO ONE is content with their body, including the quote- unquote "thin" people
hey! i know EXACTLY how you feel! i'm 5'4" and between 110-111 lbs... and everyone tells me i'm skinny but i definately don't think so! actually, SOMETIMES i actually do feel skinny. which i suppose is a good thing :) i don't really know what to say, except that i know how you feel.
okay. let me get this out

im 137, i dont look 137 (i hope) and im a healthy weightrange, im NOT fat. iin fact im very fit, no health problems other than hypo thyriod which i have under control. I have a  bmi of 22 and a low body fat %. i sound healthy right? Now if i drop weight, my bmi goes down and im forcing myself into a shape i was never ment to be. I will get health problems.
Look at it this way; If i was to take this string to heart, so if your fat does that mean i am extremly obese? being your height and heavier? no im not. so your not at your weight...  you just need to accept yourself.
I think that you should all listen to StormKat's story. 

Also, let me add that it's not really possible to "feel fat".  I read this in a book somewhere.  The author said that one can "feel scared" or "fall happy", but "fat" is not an emotion.  I'm not sure if I agree with it, but it is an interesting point.  When we say we "feel fat", we may in fact be meaning to say something else.  Maybe we really "feel unhappy" or "feel unloved".  I think that in this case, alot of us with wharped body images "feel insecure or inferior" in some way.  We should, instead, "feel confident". 

At 5'4'' and 115 lbs, you are not overweight by any stretch of the imagination.
"It's unfair for people to tell thin people they are wrong to want to lose weight. "

It isn't unfair to tell the so-called thin people they shouldn't lose any more weight.  Why is that?  It is a simple fact that it's unhealthy.  The danger of diseases and malnutrition is great when you are underweight

"If your BMI is 19 or lower, you have a higher risk of developing anemia, bone loss, nutrient deficiency, heart irregularities, amenorrhoea (loss of periods in women) and osteoporosis. Your risk of depression and anxiety may also increase.

So, if you are underweight, consider taking steps to gain weight and improve nutrition. See your doctor for advice and check if your weight is a symptom of a medical condition. Also, ask for nutritional advice to help you gain weight."   Source

News Article from MSNBC of a Brazilian Model who died from anorexia related heart failure.

It is also not true that everyone wants to lose weight.  I dated a guy in high school who was Severely underweight (115lbs 5'11), Even the military won't take him.  He had a medical condition which prevented him from gaining any weight. 
It seems like the problem is not your body but your self image.  If everyone thinks you are skinny except for you, I don't think everyone else is lying.
Meggier, I am in a healthy weight range for my height 148 and 5' 8" no I am not below like you but I understand wanted to be less flabby. What some people seem to not understand is taht you can be thin and still be a little flabby not FAT. I dont think any of us should be offended by others concerns for their own body or make them think they are wrong for feeling the way they do. Just keep eating healthy and lift weights. Again use Fot fat % to determine success not the scale. My trainer told me that is the only way I will probably see real results. 

I'll chime in with my own "I can relate to how you feel." I am about 118 lbs and 5'5" right now. A couple of months ago I was 135lbs. Ten years ago I was about 100 pounds (I am 29 years old). And you know what? I look in the mirror and see the same reflection I did at all of my weights. I guess at lower weights I am rational and can see more bones protruding and it registers that my clothing fits differently. But it is SO in the head.

Granted, being thin and being thin AND toned makes a big difference. I personally have never had an extremely toned body, nor have I been what I would call skinny fat. So I believe if I were more toned, I could see a difference. That brings us to the issues of vanity and health. As I get older, the vanity issue is still very prevalent. But my health is getting a lot more consideration than it used to.

I'll keep this short..it would be very easy for me to write a huge essay on this subject. All I can say, is that I try to remember my NON physical attributes i.e. intelligence, personality, and wit, and exercise them just as much as my body. For THEY are what I am, truly. This body I'm in, it needs to be taken care of the best I can. But it's just a shell that  houses the real me.

Be healthy and safe, Amy
sad, but i have the same story

5'1 and 95-96lbs...  so short
I know exactly how you feel. I'm when I was 5'4" and 115 pounds, I couldn't look in a mirror. I felt absolutely obese. In the end, I think I made myself sick trying to lose weight. I don't really have time to go into it but the best advice I can give you is to -not- starve yourself and keep working out. You may gain a couple of pounds (or you may lose) but if you build muscle and tone it, you'll still hear people call you "tiny" but you'll look better and feel better.
stormkat -- your story made me twitch-whimper. Holy crap.


First of all, I don't think that beauty is everything, and that you don't have to have twigs for arms to look pretty. But that's probably not what you want to hear if you're that thin and think you're ugly.

You guys, and I mean all of you that are underweight but "feel fat" -- you have a good question. Why do other people think you're really skin but YOU don't feel like it? Isn't the point of being pretty is for other people who percieve you? I mean, if I were the only person on earth, I wouldn't care how much I ate and if my fat rolled past my toes (ok, maybe I would, but that's just because I enjoy being able to move properly).

Do you stand in front of the mirror looking directly at yourself with your shoulders hunched over and stomach poked out?

By the time your that small, you look just like all the other thinner-than-thin girls out there, and beauty is about being uniquely pretty. Maybe you have a nice smile? Eyes? Hair?  Try smiling when you look at your reflection instead of frowning and looking like a hermate crab. Strike a pose. Believe other people when they tell you you're tiny. Because you are.
this is something you can only overcome by focusing on something else rather than yourself or exercise/diet.  it's time to move on...

get a new non-related hobby (acting, art, music), volunteer, etc.  otherwise, you'll never feel comfortable under so much self-scrutiny.  being thin isn't everything and the feeling that you are fat proves it's not the right way to look for meaning.
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