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Weight Loss
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When did people notice that you'd lost weight?

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How many pounds did you have to lose before people first started to really notice that you'd lost weight?

I've lost 27 pounds now and just in the last 2 days or so I've gotten lots of comments, and it's so nice! I love seeing the scale go down, but when others actually notice that you look slimmer and comment on it, it just makes it all worth it even more and gives me a lot more motivation to continue.

What about you guys? Does it make you feel good, too? Or does it make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed or anything?

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For me, it was in the 40 lb range, some noticed sooner, but around then.  I love it though when people noticed, IMO they don't say something often enough.  I suppose I can kind of egotistical, but it is nice to see my efforts are being noticed. 

"They" say a loss of 5 lbs is visibly noticeable to your closest family and friends. Those around you daily, etc. But I never get a compliment that quickly! I think people are cautious about mentioning weight until you've hit a number that is not just noticeable, but really obvious. You look fantastic, btw. Congrats on the loss!

About the same as you, actually. People starting noticing around 30 lbs. I'm 5' 8"

I'm 6'3", started 270, sitting around 215ish now. Funny thing is, people didn't start openly commenting on how much I lost til I was under 230. But I never really trusted people's opinions, because when I'd say I want to lose 30-40lbs at 260 people would act like I'm crazy.

It depends on how much you weighed before starting to lose weight!

To make myself clearer, if a 300 lb person loses 20 lbs, there will be a difference in shape, but maybe not one that's obvious enough for people to notice. On the other hand, if you take a lighter person... example, I myself used to weigh 85 lbs. I lost an extra 2 in a short time, and all those who saw me afterwards were commenting. That's kind of an extreme example, but point is, the lighter you already are, the less weight lost it takes for others to notice.

Original Post by eva_d:

"They" say a loss of 5 lbs is visibly noticeable to your closest family and friends.

I have actually heard differently -- and I know that, occasionally, when I eat a lot one day, I can go up 5, 8, 10 lbs, and nobody ever notices at all.

I think a lot of it depends on how much you weigh to start. When I lost weight 2 years ago, I started at a BMI of 32. When you weight 197 lbs, and lose 15 or 20 lbs, nobody really notices. Honestly, I can't remember how much I lost before people noticed, but it was a lot.

I settled at 145 (a BMI of 24ish) for a while, and more recently began losing again. Now, I'm probably 131-132 (haven't weighed in a little while) and people have *definitely* noticed that loss. It's just a higher percentage of my current weight.

And, when I started, I hated when people noticed. I did not like being at that high weight at all, and just wanted to pretend it never happened. Plus, I know *nobody* thought I looked ok. Now, I love when people notice this second round. I think it's because everyone thought I looked fine at 145. I have some friends who probably even thought that was better, though plenty of others who would agree that continuing to lose has its benefits. This is pure vanity, so now I enjoy any comments I get. When I initially lost, it felt like the comments actually meant, "you looked AWFUL before, how did you let THAT happen" which made me feel sad -- had I wasted a couple of years looking awful?? [I gained a lot of weight very quickly because of depression, etc. Not such a big deal, but it felt really hard for me.] Not that people ever said that, but that's how it felt, and I'm sure that's what at least some people meant.

I wont see my family until xmas day now,  but I'm hoping to be able to fit in my size 16 suit trousers and I hope they do notice after all the effort its taken!! 

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Don't be surprised if some people NEVER mention your loss. I have found that particularly some of the men who I work with won't "go there" and mention a woman's weight. A couple have told me they had been burned in the past by people who don't appreciate others noticing their loss. I enjoy people mentioning my loss, but I've learned in this forum that it makes some feel uncomfortable. 

I had a friend notice at 8 pounds (From 202 to 194).
I lost weight during my freshman year of college, so the people I saw from day to day didn't notice because they hadn't had the long history of me being as fat as I'd been. If they saw pictures from the beginning of last school year they'd put two and two together. As for the others, it was 30 pounds (in the 170s) before I even saw a lot of my family and friends, and at that point they'd noticed.

People never did. I went down 5 pant sizes... (5 to 0).

No one other than my family has noticed. No one at school has noticed, my scrubs could be blocking anyone from noticing.

dgua, it's probably the scrubs - they're about as shape-neutral a style as it's possible to be.  I wear them for work myself, and frankly, I think I look the same in them that I did 60 pounds ago.

But when my office-mates caught sight of me in street-clothes... :P

I've heard the rule of thumb to be about 10% of your body weight lost is when people start to notice.  So for a small person, losing 10 pounds would be noticeable.  For a large one, 25 or 30 might have to shift before you see a change.

I started at 210, and I noticed I looked different when I hit about 190.  Other people started to mention it around 180 or so.

Scrubs are just about the most unflattering clothes ever. I hate wearing them, but I guess I better get used to it.


Haha! That's so funny -- I feel like scrubs are where there's the biggest difference, almost. I remember when I would try and squeeze into large bottoms, would just look terrible. Now the smalls are kinda loose.

I do still hate them though, and they're still pretty unflattering. Especially 'cos they are not made for girls AT ALL!

And I may end up in a specialty with a lot of OR time. Blah.

I know! I had to try on so many pairs of scrub pants to find ones that looked even remotely acceptable to wear in public. And the fabric most of them are made out of feels so gross and stiff. I like NRG and Grey's Anatomy ones, are there any other ones that are made for a female instead of "unixex"? (totally made for a male's body.)

I'm still in nursing school so I haven't had to buy more than a few pairs of navy blue tops and bottoms. But even the specific top we're required to wear fit everywhere except across my chest and I always feel like I'm about to suffocate. :/

10 is when my Mom first noticed. That made me feel great. 30 was when my husband noticed! He picked me up and carried me around the house :D It made me feel so awesome!

If y'all have a Mark's Work Warehouse nearby, they have decent scrubs.  Theirs are the microfibre ones with the silver ion impregnation (antibacterial), and they're reasonably comfy.  The thing I hated most about scrubs is they only seem to come in three sizes: small, medium, and circus tent.  And believe me, I was pinning the circus tent ones up to hold them onto my body long before I was small enough to fit the medium ones.  I'll probably never be a small, since they appear to be made for five-year-olds.

Ditto to the chest-squeezing suffocation, too.  I'm not all THAT disproportionate (I don't think) but my poor boobs are smashed flat by the scrub top, while I could fit a medium-sized dog in the abdominal area with me.

My husband noticed sooner than anyone...but he sees me in all my glory every day. lol   But after about 15 pounds or so I was getting some remarks from friends and family.  But it's the ones I only see every couple months that make the "Wow.  You look great!" comments.  I just went out with a friend I haven't seen since May.  She couldn't stop complimenting me.  That is a great feeling!

As for the scrubs...ugh.  I have an hourglass figure so it makes them suck even more.  I wear mediums, but my thighs, butt, and chest are still squeezing in pretty tight.  But the large size just about fall off of me. : / Hopefully I will fit into them a bit better soon enough. I just don't know why they can't make more varied sizes.

Huh. I love my scrubs. What I don't like are lab jackets.

At around -15 lb, that is at 200 lb after starting from 214 lb, I started to get comments from people who I didn't see often.
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