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When do people notice weight loss?

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I'm 5'10 and went from 225 to 190. I still haven't gotten a lot of compliments on my weight loss. My family notices and my close friends, most of whom also have weight issues so notice it more easily. Also I talk about it a lot with them.

When did you start getting weight loss compliments?

Also, I know, it's about me and how I feel. I feel 10X more confident, but lets be honest, we all like people telling us we look good. I though people would notice by 10 or 15 lbs., but I'm at 35 and only a few people have said anything. Maybe when I get to a health weight (most likely) this summer and wear a bikini people will say something :) 

That said, I get hit on way more when I'm out and by much cuter guys, so ultimately it's working in the vanity department.

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Only one person who seems me semi-regularly has commented so far, but everyone I've gone for a couple of months without seeing have had complete "OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED, LOOK AT YOU!" reactions.

My supervisor saw me for the first time in ages the other day and was panicking because he thought I must be losing weight through stress, bless his soul. If only I didn't have to try to shed the pounds I would be so lucky. ;)

Maybe it's because of your height? Not really sure. I recently went from 260lbs to 236 and the only people who have said anything is my parents of course (I live with them and they are not strangers to my struggle). As far as coworkers nobody has noticed or said anything. Then again I work with a lot of jealous and hateful people. Including the youth I'm in charge of. In fact they make even more comments about how fat I am and they like to make comments about how much food I eat (which is hardly any compared to them 1,300 vs. 3,600). But honestly I think they do it because of the fact that I'm losing weight and they know it. They try to deter me by not saying anything about my weightloss.

Anyways, I hear that 20-30lbs can be hard to notice on someone who is significantly overweight. It's similar to 5-10lbs on someone who doesn't really need to lose much. I'm hoping to get more comments after I break 200.

Hope this helps.
Maybe it's because im one of those annoying people that talks about losing weight ALL THE TIME but people have noticed my 20lbs. At the same time though I feel so much better and ck didn't that I think people can't help but notice that something's different.

I do think jealousy plays a part especially if people around you could stand to lose a few pounds.  Also, some people may feel it's not appropriate to comment as you may feel they are criticising the way you were before!  Weight is generally a touchy subject!

Work scenerio:From a different perspective- I saw a colleague of mine lose a lot of weight. It took me awhile to say something to her bc it's work and I didn't want to offend - eg imply she was so fat before. Don't take it personally. If you want pple to know you can mention it in passing or wait. But trust me, many notice but sometimes - esp if it's the opposite sex- you don't want a compliment taken the wrong way. As for friends and family who know you've been trying to lose weight- they should say something as encouragement.

As others have mentioned, there are things that factor into the equasion. I mean if a 120lbs person lost 20lbs, that would be insane, but would you notice it on a 300lb person?

Also jealousy is a big thing. Let's face it, most people would like to lose weight, so when they see someone else being successful, there are people who will pretend not to notice. I even had people making comments that I was wasting my time as I would gain it all back. (btw..I have been down over 100lbs for almost 5 years now).

Also people who see you everyday are less likely to notice as the change is so gradual.

I have always heard that YOU start noticing it when you lose 10lbs, but others start noticing at 20lbs.

Congrats and good luck!

I originally lost 50lbs (from 220 to 170) while most close friends and family noticed not many at work paid much mind...then I bought clothes that fit me...lol that was a fun day. I walked into work and everyone's head turned, I did have one or two friends tell me my clothes didn't fit, but I had no idea how much of myself I was hiding under the oversized clothes.

So depending on what size you started at...your clothes could very well be hiding your loss. (just a thought)

This is just from the hip but often people don't make comments about your weight loss because their afraid that you'll "go off" on them because they're implying that you are/were overweight....

Society has programmed people to be so sensitive that now we can't even compliment people...

I got a few comments after 10lbs, a lot more after 20lbs. But I'm 5'1", so a few lbs lost or gained can be noticeable on my short frame.

Also more noticeable if you start wearing new clothes that fit your new size, rather than now-too-big clothes. :)

And hey, congrats on the 35lbs lost!

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