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why are some people so nasty

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okay i may sound like a little 7 year old, but some people are just so nasty. They are mean and rude and disrespectful. Like this person that keeps popping on this site out of nowhere and makes rude comments. (and i really wanna know who it is) anywayz do they get some sick pleasure out of making nasty comments about ppl.  whatever, sorry i just needed to vent. (some diets make people just so crabby)
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oh and may i add, that we are to help each other, not put each other down or make nasty remarks.

Where is the love people
someone's making rude comments? wow, i havent seen that. wait, what kind of comments?
I dunno Honey, but "this person" is a stranger on the internet.  Just ignore.  It's easy.
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well someabody makes a very good job at deleting those nasty comments but yea there are just SOME people here that put others down for fun, but everyyone else here is very nice and i personally applaud them
well there is one certain fellow who likes to pop in every now and then on a new username and bring ppl down, but the moderators are very quick to delete all his comments. Is best just to ignore him. But yes, some ppl are simply nasty.
  Obviously it's someone who feels badly about themselves, so the only way they can feel good is to come on here and anonymously insult people.
who issssssssssss it?
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thanks, everyone will keep that in mind
Having a wide range of interests, I participate on quite a few forums. The problem is the same on all forums: some tosser will flame everybody else. Just don't feed the trolls, they will disappear all on their own when they cannot bait anybody.
you come here for sincere support and help. Others may be in school, drunk or god knows what when they go on line. Those that send mesages of Hate and discontent are not to be taken seriously. Sensitive people put their feelings in other peoples hands, so be careful.  Think of the nasty emailer as a wino or practising drug addict. Whould their insults matter then? I hope not. Keep on losing those inches. Cheers
It's like any other kind of mischief.  Why do people spray paint on walls, or throw eggs at cars?  It's a juvenile mentality and, as others have said, best ignored.  It's called trolling - like dragging bait through the water and waiting for the fish to bite.  Don't be a fish!

If you see it here, just use the "report a violation" link - it's quick and easy, and someone will check and remove the offensive post.
Yep, yep!  The report violation link is definitely your friend, and should be used if you see someone in violation of the posting guidelines, which pop up at the bottom of the screen every time you post a message to the board.  :)
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