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Weight Loss
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Why do people look at me like I'm lying when I tell them how I lost weight

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I've lost 42 lbs since Jan 07.  I currently weight 142 and I'm 5'5" 1/2.  I'm at a healthy weight and I'd like to get down to 135, but if I don't, I'm fine with the size I am now. 

Everytime somebody asks me how I've lost weight, I tell them counting calories and working out, but especially counting calories.  They always look at me like I've got some secret pill that I'm not telling them about and I'm just lying about counting calories.  I mean sometimes I get actual hostility.  A co-worker asked me the other day how much weight I'd lost; I told her, and she looked at me like I was an ugly bug or something and said, well, you look like you've lost a lot more than that.

I just don't get it.  I realize this is probably jealous cattiness, but I find it quite annoying.  Another lady, just yesterday said, there's miss skinny.....I hate you.  Talk about an off handed compliment.

Anybody else get this reaction? 
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It is unfortunate that you do not have a strong support system at your place of work.  Sometimes it is hard for people to see us go through losing weight.


This is my third kick at the cat.  I lost 90 pounds before and put it back on when I went to a job that was too stressful and demanded too much of my time. I had no time to work out, eat properly or be concerned about me.


Someone said to me recently that I would probably put it all back on. I have lost 53 pounds to date and this time around, I am not just doing the counting calories and exercising, I am working on me.  Placing ourselves first is very hard.  Being a wife and mother as well as working full time, is not easy.  We are hard wired to put others first.  Well, the time is now to find out the triggers that cause me to eat and skip work outs and to not take what other people say to heart.  I tell people not to track what I eat or when I work out and that I have a site to do that and no one else has to worry about what I am doing but me.  If I want a treat, I make myself accountable to myself, no one else.  In the end, people want you to fail, what do you want for yourself!


I know what you are talking about- I can only say continue what you are doing anyway! People need to grow up!!

I lost around 30 lbs and need to lose around 10 more to reach my goal weight of 120. Nowadays when I am eating out - I catch others watching to see how much I eat/ordered and then commenting on whether I am really full and are you sure that much is enough and why didn't you finish your meal and so on. These comments don't necessarily come from a heavier person, they sometimes come from lighter women too.. I have no idea what to make of these comments : whether it is concern or jealousy. What I do know is that it is none of their business - so I try to nicely fend off such enquiries without getting offended or being defensive.

It has affected my relationships with old friends and acquaintances- all of whom had written me off as life-long chubby are now having to accept me as a slim and attractive person sometimes against their wishes.

Is it still worth it to aim to be healthy and yes - more visually appealing ? Of course it is!!

Go for it Connie!!

On the other hand- having been definitely overweight myself- I can relate to the heavier people not understanding what is going on. Most of them, in my opinion, have accepted that they are fat and that they cannot do anything about it. Or that nothing short of a miracle (starving for long periods or working out all day) could cause the scales to budge. I can understand that confusion because I too was there and felt like that at a point. If I feel that the person passing comments is really confused- I do try to help them out by pointing them to this site and the features it offers. I warn them that it can take 6 months to a year for changes to show- but that this plan will work.

Passing on the goodness!! :)

I tell every person that asks about calorie count and a lot of times I send them a link to the site. 
Or having them tell you that you are on a different diet.

Trying to help out a coworker by showing him my food log for a few days so he could see that I was getting plenty to eat, this is his understanding of my diet:

Oh, thats not counting calories, that is that old 40 grams per day fat diet, that is not healthy, they did a study......

Well, it may be close to the old 40 grams of fat a day diet (my diet varies from 35 to 55 grams of fat per day, because my heart surgeon told me to keep the fat percent below 30%, but not too far below), but the diet I am on is 1500 to 1800 calories per day, and that makes my fat intake calculate out to lessee, .3x1800 is 540, divided by 9 is lessee 60 grams of fat MAX I am supposed to eat, so to keep fat between say .2 and .3 of calories, I need between 60 maximum of fat to lessee, 1500 x .2 is 300, divide by 9 is 33. So my fat intake can vary from 33 to 60 grams and be healthy, depending on total calories consumed and percent of fat for the day.

As I tried to explain to my (heavyset) friend, that is a different story from eating as many calories as you want as long as fat remains at 35 grams per day.

I am going to start telling people that I stumbled upon a cabal who discovered that the secret to weight loss is whole raw cucumbers eaten at 2AM daily, but they are keeping the formula a secret because of its simplicity. The UN was going to publish it, but was prevented by Bush, because he wants the US to be fat dumb and happy...............I suspect they will believe that.
I get that reply also. I'm 38 years old and I have lost about 40 lbs. When people ask me how it's just cutting out all junk food, and limiting pasta, etc. eating more fresh fruits, and veggies and I take martial arts 5 days a week for one hour. It seems people find it hard to believe at my age I take a martial art. And that I am also not taking some magical pills.
Good for you. Who cares what other people think. As long as you're happy and healthy that's all that matters. It's hard for some people to see past their own failures. If they can't stick to a diet or exercise they can't believe other people can. And possibly a little bit on jealousy at your new look.  
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