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Okay people, I found something to kill those hunger pains....

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Alright, I dont know if this is something that many people know about but I have discovered what I think is an amazing product...please note this is not a diet supplement but yet a form of fibre in pill form...It is called PGX Daily....I am in the first week of taking it with an awesome 1350 calories diet and 1 hour daily exercise under my belt for the last 5 weeks....to date I have lost 14 lbs....yeah me!!!!  Anyways, you take 3 pills 5-10 minutes before you have a meal with a bunch of water...as per the bottle it says it can lower up to 50% of the glycemic index of meals, contribute to healthy blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity.  On top of all those things, it technically swells in your stomach to help to create a fullness that take my word for it LASTS.  I have not experienced hunger in the last 6 days like before ...I guess it is just a form of fiber that absorbs all the unwanted guck in our foods, levels our hormones and helps to control hunger.....no stimulants or anything just natural ingredients...I have to say for myself it is wonderful and am not experiencing any strange side effects....anyone heard of this before?
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no, i haven't heard of it, but you bet your bottom dollar i'll be researching it stat!  thanks for sharing.
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What's in it? Is there a website?

I'm not trying to be negative or anything, but have you tried something like eating an apple or a bunch of celery + water before a meal? Because that can have similar effects.

the stuff I am taking is called PGX Daily and I believe it is made in Canada...it comes in shake form or capsules....I find the capsules are better and easier but that is up to you....they did a whole big report on a Canadian news show that lead me to it.....but it really does work quite well I think.....and no ill side effects....good luck
can you get it a normal drugstore?
Hey feanor, I hear ya...sure those help...but I dont know about you, it certainly doesnt last long...I eat really quite well with the occasional treat or must have item....this is a bit different though and I encourage you to have a peek at it...as I said it definately helps with the hunger but also helps with soooo many other things....I find it just carries me through very comfortably without food being constantly on my mind.....I did alot of research myself and found nothing of a disadvantage on my otherwise healthy lifestyle....
I dont know if you can find it at a regular drugstore and to be honest I believe it is made in Canada....but I am pretty sure if you went to a healthstore they would at least know about it too....I know the brand names are Natural Factors and Slimstyles.
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I hope you didn't lose 14lbs in one week! (not trying to sound negative, but that is not a healthy rate of weight loss!)
Original Post by tanyec:

I hope you didn't lose 14lbs in one week! (not trying to sound negative, but that is not a healthy rate of weight loss!)

"I am in the first week of taking it with an awesome 1350 calories diet and 1 hour daily exercise under my belt for the last 5 weeks....to date I have lost 14 lbs....yeah me!!!!"

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It looks very interesting; I'm glad you pointed it out because of course I don't read the canadian news!
seems cool, i might try it~
No not 14 lbs in a week ...but in 5 weeks...first week was a 6 lbs chunk ...my only advice is to check it out and see if it appeals to you...I wonder if they sell it in the states....who knows, I have a hard time believing that you all cant get it....for once we might have something you dont!!!  LOL....we always seem to be the ones left behind with these things...
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A proprietary brand of PGX is SlimStyles.  More info and the medical research summaries can be found at their web site.  I use it as the powder form (mixed with skim milk) and as a snack not a meal replacement.  I have recommended it to my metabolic syndrome patients as well.  As per the research it has some level of glycemic control along with the bulk effects to help you feel full.  I purchased mine at my local Whole Foods market but it is widely available on the web. I caution people on a few levels:
1) Start slow & low then move up, or you WILL have diarrhea (because after all it is a bulking product like Metamucil).  PGX holds up greater than 400 times its weight in water!  That is where the full feeling comes from. The "normal" portion is supposed to be 2 scoops.  I am currently only personally comfortable with 1/2 scoop, twice daily and I still get the filling effects mentioned. 
2)  Do indeed take all of the suggested water.  You want this stuff to . . . eh-hem, "slide through", not make a brick!   Wink  

3) If you use the powder and you let is sit too long, it will jell up.  If you want a sticky, thick consistency that is OK but just know that ahead of time. (They say it is pudding like, personally I thought it was more like kid's gak/flubber! )

As for bulking before a meal with another fiber source like an apple - sure, you can do that, and fresh fruits and vegetables are important nutritional sources.  Remember though much of the apple is carb, and burns off as a carb.  One medium granny smith = 17 grams of net carbs; one scoop PGX = 5.5 grams net carbs.  This is an important factor for diabetics or those who are insulin resistant and must follow a low carb diet.

ooh, thanks for the info.!!  i never even heard of this.  i'm excited to try it out.
Very interesting, I'm gonna read on it.

Warning: Drink at least 4 oz of water per capsule when taking this product. Taking this product without adequate fluid may cause it to swell and block your throat or esophagus and may cause choking. Do not take this product if you have difficulty in swallowing. If you experience chest pain, vomiting, or difficulty in swallowing or breathing after taking this product, seek immediate medical attention.

This is enough for me not to use it.

I would suggest someone who cannot swallow pills to reconsider as these things are pretty big....and you cannot crush them either....they are soft capsules....but you could try the shake....

I have tried PGX.  Actually tried it for quite some time last winter.  I started with a little and worked up, but even after several weeks, it gave me diarrhea.   I couldn't leave the house after using it.  It could be that I never got used to it so I am going to try it again...especially since I have been adding more fibre to my diet lately so I might be able to adjust to it easier this time.

I really like the taste of the chocolate and I am not usually a big chocolate fan.  I also tried whey gourmet and liked some of those flavours, also.

If the PGX doesn't work this time I will just forget about it because the "after effects" just aren't worth it.

I admit I am a very normal, regular person as far as digestion is concerned and I do not find many things upset my tummy...I can see that this product would not be for everyone but like most things nothing is the same for every person...just wanted to pass on what I think is a great so far...I personally always like to hear of things that help people out in the battle of the bulge and a healthy lifestyle...
Has anyone tried Colonix by Dr. Natura? It's very good and helps you go the the bathroom normally, not diarrhea. It comes with paranil pills, fiber powder and a tea at night. You can also lose weight with it cause it helps cleans your system. I highly suggest it.
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