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Weight Loss
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For people 5 foot 3 inches

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How much do you weight?
How old are you?
What is your sort and long tearm goal?
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I am 5"4
I weigh 120
My goal is to weigh 115
I am 21, 5'2.5"

Current Weight: 158-156

Goal Weight: 125-130

After reading this thread that may seem a little high, but it's around the middle of the healthy BMI range for our height and I think it's important to build muscle while you're losing fat- therefore weighing 100 pounds isn't an option.

Hopefully I can get there by my college graduation in August. It would be great to be able to look back at the pictures and see a skinny me and not a fat me.
whitney, you and I have almost the same stats except for age.

Im 55, barely 5-3

Current wgt 159 (down from 177.5)

CC goal is 127 but I'm thinking more like 135-140, the higher end of the BMI range.  For a short woman, actually for any woman, I tend to carry a large proportion of muscle and therefore a bit more wgt.  But even when I'm at the 125-140 range, I wear a size 2 jeans...At my current 159, size 10 is getting a bit loose.

I'm like that too. Even now I'm only a size 10.

Actually a year and a half ago I was 175- got down to 140- then I kind of fell off the bandwagon when I wasn't allowed to excercise for health reasons and I ballooned back up. I was staying under 150, then my scale broke and I went on sodium pills (I have low blood pressure and the doctors prescribed them to me) and eventually I started to notice that all of my clothes were wayyyy too tight.

Now I'm allowed to excercise again, and I'm trying to get back into the habit. I know at some point you really feel the motivation every day.

I carry a ton of musle though too... no one ever believes me when I tell them what I weigh- but I was a gymnast and a dancer for my entire life, and the muscle mass never really dissappeared.

What do you do for excercise?

How many calories are you taking in a day?
I'm actually 5'2" but I'll post anyway cuz other people are lol

I'm 17

I weigh 132lbs.

Short term goal: 125 (I haven't been at that weight in a couple years)

And when I get down to 117 I'll do a little dance because that's the weight I got down to when I went on Weight Watchers, and I was much happier with myself and feeling better than I am now!

Long term goal: 108-110
im pretty sure im about 5'3"
15 yrs old nearly 16 (wooo lol)
atm im at about 99 pounds and my goal was to be under 100 but now im wondering if this is too small???
my original weight was about 117 a couple of months ago maybe
I am 5'3, 22 years old and 134 pounds. My goal is to be able to fit back into my freshman jeans! I weighed about 115 back then but not very muscular, now im working out and doing weight training so I expect the scale to go up a bit.

Yay for a healthier lifestyle!
I'm 5'3," 22 years old and 136 lbs. I'd love to get down to 125-130, hopefully mid-June when I'll be busily looking for a job! I'm one of those muscly people, and at that size I feel happy and move agilely, so I feel it's best for me. I end up in jeans that are size 4 when in that range, and I just happen to like that number.
I am 25, 5'3", 135 and a size 4-6 (depending on the brand).  I guess I really just have small bones so, even with more muscle and more fat, I'm small.  My goal is 125 (for now).
I weigh 110 (just hit my goal weight last week!) and am 27 years old, and I'm 5'3".  I actually thought for the longest time I was 5"2" until my doctor recently proved me wong.  =)  Since I hit my weight goal, my only long term goal is to get more toned!  Currently doing Slim in 6, step aerobics, pilates and yoga to try to get there.
I am 32 years old and I am 5' nothin'.  I currently weigh 124# and I want to weight 110 by my wedding date (in Sept/07).  I don't know if it's going to happen.  The least I have weighed is 117 and it wasn't healthy- via the divorce diet (eat nothing and do lots).
dani, yeah, that's too small! for 5'3" and being 16, the least you should weigh is 105. the absolute least! at 99 pounds and 5'3" you're almost definitely at risk of stopping your period which can lead to problems when you want to have kids, etc. also your body is still developing. being so underweight puts you at an increased risk for osteoporosis which yes, you CAN get as a young person. and i dont think you want that! if you have any doubts, really go see a doctor or nutritionist.
Jem-finally someone over 25 on this board!  I am 5'1", 51 3/4 female.  My weight is 130 and would be very happy with 122.  I am very muscular for a female.  Sounds like we have the same body size as I too wear a 0-2 when at goal weight.  At our height, a few lbs is a clothes size.  Don't know about you but I find the older I get the harder this weight is to handle.  It has always been a struggle and effort for me. Good luck-sounds like you are doing very well. Keep me posted with your progress and what seems to work as far as work outs, etc.
I think I've managed to find a couple twins on this board

I'm 19 years old
I'm 5'3''
And I weigh 116

It's ok for now, but I'd like to be around 109-111, so not much to go. For karate, I have to be under 116, so I just want to work up more muscle =)
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How much do you weight?  currently about 383 (fluctuates) ...started diet at 412
How old are you? 42
What is your short and long term goal?  short: to continue losing weight in a healthy manner   ....   long: to get to 135ish lbs and to be healthier, thinner, more productive and more energetic
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I'm 13 and im 5'3 and i weigh about 98-100
Only about 93 lbs. DX

I have a really fast metabolism, I don't do any hard workouts everyday. Just a bit of jogging and a few minutes on the aerobics machine. I eat three meals a day and two snacks.
yeah so for a while, i thought i was 5'4".. but the doc says im like 5'3.5" so .. five three and a half. lol
i do hope i grow some, but its alright if i stay this height.. obviously its the weight i'm worried about, lol.
i'm like 118-120. my goal weight is 108-110, soo to lose approximately 10 pounds. by august 13th. yes i'm not giving myself very much time. but i desperately need to be thinner, or at least fitter, by the time soccer practices start august 13th. if all else fails, i need to look my absoloute fittest and smallest by september 5, when school starts..
yeah anyways. OH! and i'm 16.
and um. yay for short people! lol

How much do you weigh? 170

How old are you? 31

What is your short and long term goal? 

to get leaner. i have a lot of muscle. most people guess my weight at 135 and my trainer says i certainly have more muscle than most girls my age/frame/weight.

twins? i have never met one, but it sure would be cool to chat about diet and weight.
I'm 17, 5'3'', and weigh 136. My short term goal is to lose 6 lbs by the end of August, which is when school starts. My long term goal is to lose 20 lbs, lose several inches off my waist, lose my belly, and become a healthier person.
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