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Weight Loss
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For people 5 foot 3 inches

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How much do you weight?
How old are you?
What is your sort and long tearm goal?
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i weigh 103 but i look fat. im 15, and my goal is to look good.  for me that means maybe lose a little but mostly toning.

short people are cool!! :D (thats my mantra) and we have better circulation.
Well, let's say I am more than twice as old as littlefroggie (I'm 31) and weigh 153. My goal is to reach ~130lbs, which is how I was 3 years ago and I looked good. I did not know it then, though :-)

Littlefroggie, I doubt you *look* fat. You might think so  but I am sure you don't. At your age I was probably around the same weigh, probably closer to 95 actually, and looking back at pictures I just see a (too) skinny girl.
I'm 5'1", 39, weigh 130 and desperately want to get to 117.....

I wish that I loved my body back at 31, 21, and 15!  Seems like I always wanted to change something.

I wish us all a goal-oriented '07.  We can do it.
I'm 5'2, 19, and trying to maintain my 110 or lose a few pounds. I'm also recovering from ed-nos. My short/longterm goals are both to maintain my weight and have a healthier attitude towards food.
I am five foot, and three and a half inches. Is that close enough? LOL. I weigh 115 pounds, and my goal is to pretty much stay where I am at. I don't want to get below 110. I won't sweat it though if I gain or lose. I am just wanting to maintain. oh yeah, I am 19 years old.
not to jack this thread, but just a note to plume - you're right. i didn't say this but im fighting (sorta) an ed. when i say sorta i mean that i still think im fat but i desperatly want to recover. so im here counting to stay healthy and not binge.  mostly for the analysis grade feature i guess.

teener - are you looking for a goal or just curious? cuz cc has some cool features to help find one. or check out (someone correct me if that's wrong!) for a "virtual model".
i'm glad you're trying to recover and that you are aware of it :-)
You know you can find great support for that too here, the fighting part of it that is.
true that. there is plenty of support here for that, I know.
I'm 5'3" and weigh 161....goal is 125 or lower. I was that about 3 years ago and I was really happy with the way I looked then. I'm 29...almost 30 but decided I was going into my next decade fit and healthy!
I am 5'3" and fabulously 40!  I weigh 155 lbs...down 20 from September.  Goal is to lose another 10.
I'm 5'3.5'' : P

I weigh about 108-113 pounds; I'm 15 years old, and my goal is merely to maintain my weight and gain some muscle and tone. Possibly gain back the few pounds I unintentionally lost by eating healthy- I like my metabolism. ^^;;
Just started on this site, it's pretty cool - i like free :-)

I'm 16, 5"3 and 140... i think. I just want to lose all my flab, I dont really know how many lbs it will take to do such a thing. x
How much do you weigh?
Currently 150lbs (insert theme music)

How old are you?
35.75 (hey, it's my birthday in four months!)

What is your short and long term goal?

To look better than my ex or a toned 127lbs... whatever comes first is my short-term goal

Weight now: 138.5 before xmas, now 141lbs

1st goal: 137

2nd goal: 135

3rd goal: 133

4th goal: 130

Ultimate goal: 126ish.

But, more importantly, toning and being fit (I love to run/very active)
5-2, 105-110, 34, st: leaner & toner, lower BF%, lt: maintain.

Post#1 Littlefroggie. 103.... I was 103! And yeah I "look" fat, because my body is soft all over. So, girl, pick up those dumbells and start pumpin! :D
Looking good at your stat, means you want shape and definition. At 15 your body most likely still developing & shaping. But it's not too early to start right. Exercise regularly will keep you in shape and look good (later on I would say 'sexy' ~.^)
One note though, as you do workout, scrap the scale, hide it, throw it away. Because you most likely will gain a few lbs from the muscle. I guarantee you though, you will look better and actually skinnier (wouldn't we all love that, huh :p )
I'm 19 & have been fluctuating between 107-113 the past few weeks. I'm trying to just stay at a solid weight but just can't seem to. My goal weight is 100 because I have a pretty small frame & look akward weighing any more...
Hi Everyone,

Im 5 foot 3 like everyone else in here, but I think im the heavest 5 foot 3 here.

my weight is 147!!! :0

This past year I have lost 67lbs, my goal is to weigh 130lbs.

The holidays were very hard, but im back on track now.

Just 17 more pounds to go.

Im new to this site, and I think its really going to help me!

Thanks everyone!
I'm 5"3 144 pounds. 18 years old. I just lost my first pound, and I'm trying to get down to 128.
I am 41 and weigh 105 lbs.....need to work on toning and just being consistant with my calorie intake.......i am really bad about going over on the weekends for  tend to over indulge to much time on my hands and i am not sure if this is a good thing that is being consistent during the week and staying at about 1600 and then the weekend comes and at least on one of the days sometimes two  i am pretty darn close to 2000 calories.....

I am 34 and bouncing between 108-111.
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