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A pee question

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I'm dying to know... why is it that when I drink a bunch of water, I immediately have to pee?? The water I just drank can't *possibly* have been processed that fast!! I feel like it goes in one end, and right out the other...

Does anyone have a scientific explanation for this???
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im sure its because when you drink water the water thats already in your bladder is able to be pushed out... im sure its a signal sent to your brain that your not dehydrating and its ok to expend some liquid
i dont have an explanation- but i suffer the same thing!! I drink water and gor every 5 mins
Hmmm, I just finished this chapter in Anatomy ... essentially Ruberta is right ... the bladder is a "holding tank" and the body is continually processing and working 24/7, so it's a combo of what's already in the "tank" and what just got there ... And yes, the body does process it rather quickly.
Does that mean I'm well-hydrated then??

I hate it because I'm constantly, constantly thirsty... I've always been this way. But when I drink, I have to pee ALL THE FRIGGIN' TIME!!
jen, have you ever been checked for diabetes? One of my co-workers daughters was always thirsty and had to pee a lot, and then she went to the doctor for a check up and they realized she had type 1 diabetes. Always good to get checked out by a doctor!
diabetes is the first thing that came to my mind too.
Man, I am SO aware of having to pee now. The second I feel the urge I go, because I do not want to get caught in an area without a  bathroom...it gets brutal.

It also gets embarassing...I go twice during my 10:20-11:40 class, I think everyone thinks I'm crazy.

But I understand jenmcc, and I guess that holding tank sounds like a good explanation.
I am not diabetic myself, but now that I'm drinking more, I feel like I have to pee all the time!  I think more frequent trips to the bathroom are simply a part of being better hydrated.
I know just what you all mean, but I have great news, it gets better! I used to drink very little, but now I am making sure I drink my 8 glasses a day. To start with it was a struggle and yes I had to pee all the time... but now my body and my bladder must be used to it because drinking water is now enjoyable and easy and I don't have to pee so often. So keep drinking!
count me in to the "Pee-ers Club".....I go every 1.5-2 hrs round the clock...I never get a decent night's sleep cause I'm up 3-4 times going to the bathroom...and it's even worse during the week when i go to the gym every night and drink even more water!  lol would love a nighttime catheter!
My body does the exact same thing, but it's with the other bodily function.  The minute I finish eating breakfast in the morning, I'm ready to go to the bathroom.  It's like clockwork.  (Not that I mind, regularity is a great friend.)
This happens to me sometimes, and I think it's a lack of sodium. Without sodium, your body doesn't store water, so if it's early and you had a low sodium breakfast, your body won't be storing the water.

That's just a guess though.
Water is good for you.  It hydrates you and flushes all the toxins out of ur body.  The more water you drink the more you are going to go to the bathroom. 
Maybe instead of drinking water all the time you could space it out a bit.

When I am constantly drinking I find I frequent the bathroom a lot more (though not more than once an hour).   When I drink more normally (say 1 20+ oz of water between breakfast and lunch, one after or with lunch and one late in the day before going home... I don' t go to the bathroom abnormally at all.

Maybe it's just women who have this problem?
I'm really interested in what people have got to say on this thread (and I'm also going to post this on the other thread about peeing) because I have started to get worried about my frequent use of the loo.  I have been dieting (properly and healthily) for 2 weeks, I used to pee about 3 - 4 times a day, I am now going every hour (for the record I drink about half a pint of water an hour).

Sometimes I have no urge to go to the toilet then all of a sudden its instant, overwhelming and I have to go right then!!

Anyone have an opinion? Should I be concerned?
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Drinking more water does this to you. You visit the ol' bathroom ore often. I hate it when it happens in public places like school or malls or movie halls 'cause I go for a longer time than others (sice I drink more water) and it's pretty embarrassing in public toilets with your friends outside waited for you when you're tinkling for a long time.

But I guess it also makes you healthier and that's what really matters.

When I found out I was supposed to be drinking more than 8 glasses of water a day because of my size, I joked about how they should just run a drinking water line to me at the toilet because I never left the little room.  It took about a month before I realized I was back to going on a similar schedule as before I increased my intake.  The body is a wonderful thing, it adjusts.  I have always heard that when you go clear you are hydrated properly, this however, changes based on over abundance of vitamins in your body and other variables.  If in doubt about why you are so thirsty though always have it checked out for a problem.  But if there is no problem found just drink and be cleansed ;-)
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