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i have to pee all the time....

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anyone else have this problem?? i have to pee pretty bad at least once an hour....sometimes i have to get up 2 times a night and pee.  I'm only 23!!!!!!  I try to drink at least 10 servings of water, or 80oz, per day but i do sweat a lot at the gym so some of it is just replenishing the lost water so im not drinking much more than my body needs. I'm wondering if maybe i have a bladder problem (not UTI) or if this is a sign of early diabetes....whatever it is, it's really getting on my nerves and has been this way for a long time now.
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Well, check with your dr just to rule anything out and that will make you feel better on that front.  But very likely it is just your fluid intake.  If you drink that much water plus any other drinks and water in some foods, you'll go more.  When I up my water intake and/or drink lots of tea, I go every hour and yes, I get up in the night too.
I think it's good to pee a lot, as long as you are replenishing the fluids.  For me, I lose the most weight when I pee a lot!!  Not sure why.
Signs of diabetes are increased appetite, increased thirst, and increased urination (early), and progress to stomach ache (flu-like), headaches, nausea, deep and fast breathing (later--if your body is acidotic) and multiple other things.  If the only thing you have is the urination, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
For sure check with your dr...I go at least every 2 hrs, round the clock...Had it all checked out, nothing wrong with kidneys or bladder....If you drink alot it's got to go somewhere.  But do get it checked expecially if you have diabetes in the family.
When I drink a lot I go every hour too.  Try to stop drinking water around 8:00 p.m. and you won't get up as much during the night.
I had a HUGE problem with this a couple years ago. I was faithfully drinking about 72 oz. of water every day during my 8 hour work day. One day driving home I immediately had to go....and started to panic because there was nowhere to go. I had to stop on the side of the road. Good thing I live in the country! After that I think I developed some sort of panic/anxiety about the whole thing. I dropped my water intake down to about 40 oz. a day and that's helped a lot but it can still be very frustrating to me sometimes....oh and I did go to the doc and had all bad stuff ruled out.
erin, I had the same problem -- but I as getting up 3-4 times during the night.  It was really disturbing my sleep.

I thought it would work itself out after a couple of weeks, but it didn't.  I decided I needed the sleep just as much as I needed the water, so I cut back.  My frequency has decreased.

And guess what?  My hydration level has gone UP!  Yes, that's right.  I expected it to drop a little, but it went up.  I still get up once a night, but that is tolerable. 

Remember that you get a lot of water from your food.  The total consumed from food and drinking may just be too much for Your body. 
Yeah, I pee before bed, sometime in the middle of the night (I get up of course!!) and when i get up. I'm going to try and cut out liquids after dinner.

Could be an infection of some sort. See the doc.
lol me too, I drink so much water that I pee alot. I also work graveyard and so I sleep during the day, I wake up 5 or more times to pee and I do not have an infection, have been tested. It could be a weak bladder in which case exercising your pelvic floor muscles should help :)
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Yeah I have the same problem, waking up at night to go pee.

Sometimes it's just once, sometimes 5-6 times!!!

It gets to be really irritating because I'm having sleeping problems on top of that already!

I'm going to take the advice of ravenlark and try and stop drinking water around 8 pm, but I think that might be hard to do...I will try a suck a sugarless candy or something...

And try exercising pelvic muscles? Will that really help? I guess it's worth a try....

I will try though. It will be worth a good night's sleep!
I pee ALL THE TIME too!  I think it's important, especially when your working on weight loss, to flush your system regularly.  (or you can get kidney stones.)  I must admit, though, that I have often wondered whether something's wrong with me.  I've been tested for diabetes and other things and nothing is wrong.  I heard, though, that sometimes frequent need to urinate could be a result of protein deposits in your urinary tract.  You might want to go to the doctor just to get checked out.
Same problem here when I drink a lot of water.  For me, I have to stop drinking by 6 or I will be up more than two times through the night.  If I stop at 4 I can make it through the night.  

For awhile I cut down on my water intake and it made sticking to a good eating plan difficult.  Now I have set a goal of drinking 8 ounces of water every hour throughout the day. That way I can stop early enough to get a good night's sleep and still get drink plenty of water.
When I first upped my water intake I had to pee all the time!  Eventually my body got used to it though, and I don't go as much.  However, I still notice that when I drink a lot more than usual, or if I go a couple days drinking less and then start drinking more again, I pee a lot.  I don't think it's a bad thing- you are flushing your body- but make sure there is nothing else going on.  I agree with amycarlson though- there are MANY symptoms of diabetes, and having only one means nothing.  If you are really worried, see a doctor, but if the peeing is the only thing, give your body time to adjust, or cut back your water intake.  You don't want to have "Medical Student Syndrome" =)  (this is a type of hypochondria that is pervasive among medical students- as one learns symptoms of different disorders they realize they have some and decide they have every disease diagnosable!)
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I also have this problem when I up my water intake suddenly. You could have an overactive bladder. There is medication for that. More than likely you are just used to emptying your bladder before it gets full. Your bladder will desensitize if you practice waiting to go until it is really full. (Just dont laugh or sneeze!) Also coffee, tea, cola (anything caffeine) can irritate the bladder and urethra and make you feel like you have to go worse than what you do.
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I pee pretty much the whole time. If I drink water 5 minutes later I need the toilet. I've had urine/kidney exams but apparently i'm healthy. Sometimes doctors associate it to anxiety....but the fact that I pee literally 5minutes later I believe it musnt be related to anxiety:( ...I haven't done a bladder test though...

I'm almost 16, and I pee a ridiculous amount--on average (a LOT) every 45 minutes or so.  I've been tested for diabetes, and it was negative.  I do drink a lot of water, but I pee sooooo much.  I've counted and on average I pee about 23-25 times per day.  I think my record was like 33 times.  It's weird though, I can make it through the night without getting up (i guess I'm lucky!).  

Haha, sometimes I'll play a game where I drink a ton of water and see how long I can hold it.  I get like a pot belly though.  Is it normal for your (lower) stomach to stick out a lot when you have to pee?  Because mine does, and I think that's where my motivation to pee comes from--not wanting to look fat...

i'm rambling...I talk about my bladder a lot I guess.  

It sounds to me like a lot of you might be drinking too much water. Try using the hydration calculator: culator.htm

I drink about 1.5 litres a day and that works great for me. Don't forget that you will also absorb water from food, as well as anything you drink (even if it is not water. ie: tea)

Constant bathroom trips are the reason why I'm not a fan of the "drink loads of water to lose weight"club.

I cut back from 1.5 to 2 qts  to two 8 oz glasses and problem solved.  (More on super hot days or strenuous exercising, though.)

My friend, you sound like your dehydrating.  I was suffering dehydration last summer and everytime I drank water, I went straight to the bathroom.  Maybe you should just go to the doctors to get your blood tested, and check your potassium levels.  It may be so.

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this may be weird, but i really wanted to post this.

while i wouldn't suggest against going to see a doctor, i don't think any of you guys need to worry about your bladders if you urinate so often.  i am 26, and i pee ALL the time.  i use the toilet about once an hour unless i am being very active and purposefully not consuming fluids.  i get up in the middle of the night a few times almost every night.  no problems here...  actually, it varies though.  sometimes i have to pee a lot, and sometimes i have to pee less.

this is not a problem of my bladder though, as i don't even have one!  my urine collects externally...  also as a result of this, i am very concious of my health and presence of urinary tract infections.  i am as clean and healthy as a whistle.  i just pee a lot.

people have blamed this on caffeine pills, coffee, whey protein supplements, creatine, lack of salt intake...  none of these things are the cause.

i haven't tried upping my potassium intake, but i doubt that will affect me much.

i suggest just drinking less water if you are going out or going someplace where people are going to throw a fit if you need to pee.  either that, or try n go for a run beforehand, or lift some weights, and expel as much as possible before you go out.

and all those people that get pissed about people that gotta-go.  RELAX!!!  some of us have higher metabolisms than you do!  just let us go to the bathroom!

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