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Pear shaped women vs Apple shaped women

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Ok, I know you might find it odd, as ME, a GUY, would care about such a topic. But for some reason, I find most girls who fall under the categorey of a pear shaped, or apple shaped WANT to lose weight. I can completely understand why an apple-shaped girl would want to lose weight. Obviously, stomach fat is unhealthier, there is not ONE health benefit and worst of all, most guys(including myself) find this shape unattractive.


However, I can NOT understand why most pear shaped women want to lose weight.

-First of all, it is not the least bit unhealthy. As a matter of fact, there have been recent studies to prove it reduces risk for heart disease and diabetes. So as far as health goes, there is no reason to lose weight.

-Second of all, most men like a woman with curves. Large hips, and a round, plump butt is found attractive to virtually every guy I've spoken to.


I've heard excuses of how it's hard to find jeans but I see plenty of large-bottomed girls wearing jeans on a daily basis. I agree, cellulite isn't too attractive but it is better looking then large rolls of stomach fat and as I already mentioned, stomach fat is unhealthy, while cellulite on the thighs has no health risks.


I've also noticed hourglass shaped girls want to lose weight as well. My question is, are you an apple, pear(or hourglass) and do you want to lose weight or maintain your figure?

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You do realize Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta Jones are Apple shaped women as well as Rosie O'Donell? And Rosie O'Donell is clinically obese.

I find this post rather ignorant, seeing how not all apple shaped women are fatties. I don't have  much of an ass, I admit and am envious of the pear shaped women for it, but I do have DDs and a flat stomach.  Some women lose weight to feel better physically, some do it to feel better spiritually, some do it for men, some do it for the clothes, some do it for attention, some do it for women, believe it or not.

We all do it for our own reasons & regardless of the shape you were born with, being overweight is never healthy. Although us apple shaped women have a greater risk of heart problems, pear shaped women have their own risks, and hourglass figured women get the "best" of both worlds.

(Very enthusiastic undergrad waiting to be accepted into med school)

I think what has happened is that you've looked at the opposite ends of two spectra and thereby are unable to compare them... you've got an 'apples and oranges' comparison going on, if you'll pardon the fruit analogy--could be confusing I know.

Your post assumes, as several people pointed out, that you're looking at extreme apples and relatively, 'normal' pears. Just for the record, my body is neither straight, nor typical apple nor typical pear (I am a mist! haha... ::shifty eyes::)

Also, overweight is overweight and regardless of if you're more or less at risk for heart disease from how that extra weight is distributed there are several other health reasons to lose weight.

Sorry for all the s*** you caught... but you MUST have realized that would happen. I would recommend that in the future you either consider your phrasing more carefully and back your medical statements in a more well rounded (ha) fashion or not be so 'surprised' when it hits the fan.


I have to second (or third, or fourth? Not sure) what some others have mentioned about very beautiful women like Angelie Jolie and Catherine Zeta-Jones being classified as apple-shaped. I think in a contest between those 2 versus Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, you're going to get a pretty fair split on which side (apple vs. pear) that men find attractive. You can be attractive and sexy with either shape when you're healthy and fit, and you can be unattractive at either shape if you're unhealthy and overweight. Simple as that.

Though I find your logic and argument rather faulty and uneven, I'll bite and answer your initial question. I'm extremely pear-shaped and in ways I hate it and in ways I appreciate it. I do not have to worry as much about my heart health even if I were to gain extra weight and that's a plus. And yes, I've found that I can look feminine and sexy whether I have extra weight or if I'm in great shape.

But now for a few of the problems I have with it:

1) When I lose weight and work on my physique, I look like a pear no matter what because I lose weight evenly from all over, so it is VERY difficult to change the general appearance of our shapes as pears. I am envious of my apple counterparts because as they work on they're bodies, they can typically effect more visible change of their overall appearance (pardon the overgeneralization) and I admire this.

2) Legs, legs, legs. Apple-shaped women frequently have healthy and slender lower bodies and the potential to sculpt beautiful legs. Legs make up so much of our bodies and let me tell you, when you don't have good legs, it makes a big difference. Also, breasts. Pear-shaped women traditionally have smaller chests, while apples (again, generally speaking) have the potential for larger chests. While you say that there is a lot of attention paid to a great bottom, believe me, even more is paid to breasts. Look around in the media. Watch any modern movie and you'd be lucky if you could escape without a conversation about women's breasts. (Usually delivered by "funny" overweight and unattractive men)

I could keep going, but I think the crux is that there pros and cons to each, and when you're on one side you take particular notice of the pros on the other side.


Those of you addressing the OP - he hasn't logged in since the day he made this post (the same day he created an account), 9 months ago.

You're arguing with a zombie.

Ah. Well now I feel silly for wasting the energy, lol. Thanks for alerting us!

Just curious...but would you find an apple shaped women with a six pack no tummy fat sexy?  I noticed you seem to think of the shapes in thier biggest form. So you are saying a guy would find a ripped girl with big tits not as atractive as a pear shape.... because of her bone structure? I personally think a ripped apple is hot. and the movie stars you compared are silly!!! use women in the same weight class. compare J.LO to a fit apple....

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