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PCOS and weight loss

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I had been struggling for years with PCOS (+ insulin resistance) and my weight. Last summer I decided to give metformin another try at my doctors urging. After 3 months I gave up cold turkey because it made me so tired and I lost all motivation. I quickly gained 15lbs!! I have been maintaining between 185-190 ever since. The only thing constant in my effort is inconsistency!! :) so many different diets. 3 weeks steady at gym then 3 weeks intermittent then 3 weeks nothing  I can't seem to stay focused or motivated for very long. For the last few weeks I've been maintaining a calorie intake between 1000 and 1200 ZERO weight loss!  I joined CC and have since up'd the cals to 1700 as suggested. Ive started back at the gym. I am hoping I will see some results in a couple weeks 

Now to any women out there who have PCOS  have you tried met?  Had success with it?  Did I give up too soon?? Any way to counter act the constant tired feeling when on it??  Any advice on weight loss with PCOS 
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I was diagnosed with PCOS as a 14 year old. Now I'm 19.. My lowest was 143 and that was sophomore-jr year of hs. I gained back all of it and some and now I'm at 170 something. Working out 2x-3x a week, eating a plan my trainer had me on, and I have no idea... I'm sick of it too. I just wanna be normal. lol.
I want to try metformin but I'm afraid I'm too young :/
I was first diagnosed 10 years ago when I couldn't get pregnant. But after having 2 kids I just Ignored all the symptoms. Now I find myself 36, 189 lbs (5'9") and the doctor telling me I have metabolic syndrome. I just need to stay focused on getting healthy. But it's so easy to get off track when hard work yields no results.
I was diagnose with PCOS about 4 years ago.. I don't like to take pills, so I never did take the birth control or metformin.. this year I'm taking control of my weight.. I went from 203.7lbs in feb to a 159.3lbs as of yesterday. My period is becoming regular so I'm very happy.
Wow that's great! I am on BCP. Never really thought about that effecting my weight. I take them to control my period pain/ duration

 I am trying to lose weight all my teenage life basicly. I found out i have PSOC few months ago and it really motivated me to change my eating habits. cuz if u loose just 10% of ur weight things can be better ( and I am soo frustrated of my thin hair which needs ages of grooming to look normal )...and so on and on beyond estethic stuff. when i find out all that can turn around if i try i just don't cheat any more cuz i know it's so much more in the game beyond just my appeal to other ppl. I lost 20 pounds in several months justby really working out and eating stuff i thought was healthy. then it was period of tagnation even though i did all the same just less excersice cuz of my exams. then i found out about this cite and weight loss in on again. most important i eat just healthy stuff very little processed food just when i have to , just A grade carbs and mainly raw A grade food, and work out workout. 22 down, but still way to go :))))

The reading that I have done says people with PCOS and insulin resistance do much better on a very carb restricted diet.  Keeps insulin down and helps the body burn fat instead of storing everything.  No grains and limited fruits and tuber vegetables.  Most carbs come from vegetables.  You get most of your cals from protein and healthy fats.




Here are some blogs/sites to start doing some research and see if something helps.  Good luck :)

I have PCOS, and I gained a lot of weight as well.. I was nearly 300lbs! I am 140lbs, a year and a half later.. :) I do take metformin, and didn't even count calories to lose the weight. I count 'em now, just to keep track but I never gave up eating certain things etc.

Thanks for the replies. I was just reading about dairy and insulin resistance. How dairy has a big impact on insulin levels. I eat a lot of Greek yogurt. I wonder if it something I should cut out. I can go lower carb but not super low. I never feel good when I limit carbs under 50. I really dont want to get into any restrictive diets. I just don't feel like they are maintainable in the long run.

I eat greek yogurt everyday, and I do fine :) I also have a lot of carbs by the end of the day as well, mostly in fruit/sweet potato's and other veggies.

Thank kayotie ! Congrats on your weight loss!

Everyone is different.  Dairy might be an issue for you.  Try cutting it out for a few weeks and see if it makes any difference.  Also, I'm not sure you need to go super low carb.  I basically try to stick to "real food", limit my fruit to berries and get my carbs from vegetables.  I don't have PCOS but feel it has helped me lose more fat off my abd.  I hope you can find something that works for you.

Thanks Tina. I am going cut the yogurt for now. It pretty much the only dairy I consume with the exception on cream in my coffee on the weekend. I am am terrible about food planning and always end up taking the easy road with easy to pack foods for work. Yogurt , bars etc. i need to get away from that since they usually have a bunch of sugar.

I have had PCOS for well over 10 years.  I am now 50.  I was on Metformin and BC as well as other meds.  I found that the BC and metformin helped me alot, but the biggest help was losing the weight (which allowed me to come off the meds).  I eat greek yogurt every day.  It does not have a lot of carbs (8) and it has 20 grams of protein.

You might want to give the metformin another shot.  It never made me tired.  The carbs may be making you tired.  When I ate more carbs I did get tired.  Reducing your carbs or eating better carbs should help.  You might want to try eating protein and fat with your carbs and maybe just limiting how many carbs you eat at once could help. 

If you go back on the metformin, it is not a license to eat whatever you want.  You should try to watch what you eat as much as possible. You should only take it with meals.  You should not take it on an empty stomach.  (Just wanted to mention this, just in case.)

I am not on any meds right now.  My PCOS is under control, but monitored.  I go to an endocrinologist and get blood tests for testosterone levels, etc.  That is the only way to know if the meds are actually working.  Good luck, I hope this helps.

Thank you! Something to seriously consider. Guess its time to talk to the doc again :)
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