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Paranoid loose skin loose belly hanging

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Does or have any of ur stomachs hang down, like over ur pants? 41.6lbs lost & mine still does & i'm afraid it's gonna give me extra skin or look bad when i'm finally able to make it leave. Any1 had this prob & it turned out fine in the end? I'm really worried about this. 
Picture of stomach and the hang over I'm worried about: http://i786.photobucket.com/albums/yy149/shor ty35565/Resized%20photos/crop1432.png It's gross. I know :(
I also 4got to say that I've never had a baby.

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that doesn't look like extra skin to me, it looks like just sagging skin along with extra weight still.   I think you will be fine as you lose more weight.  I would make sure and put lotion on everday and it will look better as you lose more weight.

I had a baby, and I have extra skin, as well as extra weight still.  The skin looks different, it looks only like skin, there isn't fat really behind it.  It just hangs, doesn't sag. 


And regardless, better to have extra skin then to be overweight.  You can always manage the skin.

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