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Pounds = pant size

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i was just curious does anyone know around how many pounds you would have to gain or lose to change in pant size...whether it be up or down???
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depends on how high up you are. I've noticed it took 25-30 when i was higher, but when you get lower it takes like 10.  Weird huh? Guess squishy tummies can handle the same size for a while. Haha :)
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I'm going to guess it depends on your build. The location you gain/lose weight.
i have no idea, but i seem to loose fat everywhere else but my belly first. so i'm still at the same pant size, just everything else is looser and the butt of my pants looks silly from behind. I think its different for every person. 
i always heard it was 10 lbs but I really think inches are much easier to gauge.  You can go to your favorite stores website and look at where you are now and how many inches untill you get to the next size, which is usually only 1" per size in waist and hips!
okay because ive been noticing i still weigh the same but my pants seem to fit better....
There won't be any hard and fast rule, because sizing for women's clothing is absolutely insane (I've read enough sizing charts to be able to state this authoritatively).

Even for men, clothes that ostensibly use a sane basis for size (e.g., waist/inseam) can differ markedly from brand to brand. You really need the sizing charts to attempt to figure out what will fit, and that is never going to be a substitute for the fitting room.
It took me 20 pounds to drop a pant size. I went from 229.5 - 208.8
really?? okay just wanted to see the different lbs lost for everyone who went down a size:)
If I remember correctly you also lift weights and muscle weighs more than fat... so I can see how you'd weigh the same and fit into your pants better... you go girl!
I'm just under 5'10, I've been a size 6/7 since I can remember. I put on almost 20 lbs this year and I'm still wearing a size 7 comfortably, but wearing an 8 or a 9 probably wouldn't require much of a belt! Now, if we were talking bra size...
im aiming to lose a stone/ 14lbs , in the hope of dropping from a tight UK10 (US6?) to a comfortable UK8 (US4). im 138lbs at 5'6. i realy think how much you need to loose per dress size will matter a lot depending on your size and where you store fat. I have big hips and bum, when i loose weight it goes stright from my chest and waist first, so takes a good 5lbs for my trousers size to be affected.

It would probably be more realistic to measure the drop in BMI. im 21.7 now and would like 20, which i would be at 126lbs/ 9 stone.  would think dropping 2bmi roughly equate to a dress size
i don't know, but in the last year i've gone down 1-2 pants sizes, and have only lost 2 pounds. once you hit a certain weight it all depends on how much muscle you put on.
I'd say it's different for everyone... I went from 306 Lbs. size 28 down to 249 size 20, so that was more than one pants size per 10 lbs..... but everyone is different.
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It took me 12 pounds to lose a pants size.
You're right that a pound weighs a pound, but the amount of space that pound takes up varies! A pound of muscle is much more dense than a pound of fat, therefore it actually does weigh more per square inch than fat does.  That is why someone can lose a dress size and remain about the same weight or even gain weight (more common in men...)
I've been bad this month and done alot of late night eating and gained 12lbs and I JUST (and I mean JUST) can get into my jeans. So if I was to hit 13lbs I wouldn't be able to! hahaha
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I started at 186# and a tight size 14.  I have lost 26# and I got my butt into an 8 yesterday.  I also fit into a 32 waist jean.  I heard about 20# when you're obese (based on BMI), then 10# when you're overweight, then 5# when you're in a healthy weight range.

I hope to lose another 30 and be in a size 4.
the rule of thumb used to be 10 lbs per dress size, and I would assume that includes pant size.  But as said earlier, that applies only to the smaller sizes.  Once you get to the 1x sizes, especially if you get the oversize designs, it takes more like 30-40 to change a size.

I started at 255, and I had outgrown most of my 1x's, except for the oversize stuff.  I am now down to the low 180s, but I am still wearing 1x shirts--they are just the fitted styles, and they are comfortably loose.  I am a square shape, I gain weight proportionately over my entire body (I think I lost 1/2 lb in each toe and finger <grin>), but I do carry a little extra weight in my midrif section. 
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I started at an American size 18 (and they were tight) on January 1 of this year.  I weighed 224 lbs at the time (I'm 5'10").  I now weigh 169 lbs and fit comfortably into a size 10.  So for me, I dropped a pant size about every 14 lbs.  Now that's pant sizes going from 18 to 16 to 14 to 12 to 10.  I gain and lose weight pretty evenly across my body, but I will say that I didn't drop pant sizes in perfect 14 lb incriments.  I was traveling, so the next time I weighed myself after January first, I'd lost about 22 pounds and only dropped enough to go down one size (but they weren't tight on me).  I was comfortable in a 14 by the time I hit 192 lbs, and by 185 I was in 12s (they were tight, though).  I'm now at 169 lbs, and my 10s fit great.  Though I could probably squeeze into an 8 if I had to.  Hope this helps.

I'm planning on losing another 26 pounds, so I'll keep you posted on how many pounds each size takes.

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