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Hey! Does anyone else here follow a paleo diet? I am, and I have also cut nightshade plants. I notice a difference within the day. Would love to know how others are getting on!

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Don't forget to hunt-and-gather! That's a lot more important than food avoidance IMO, and cutting nightshades is further than most paleos go. Enjoy the meat!
Well the nightshade aspect is specific to another health problem, so not really relevant.

But I took this paleo route in response to I.B.S and a natural progression to other lifestyle changes, and finding it quite easy and positive.

I am doing paleo, as well as calorie counting to make sure I'm not pushing past where I need to be. Because I just started with this I am easing into it. One Paleo meal a day this week, two next week, and then I am going to do the 30 day straight up paleo. I had great success with it in the past and it really made me feel good, but stress had me back to bad habits and that had me having to restart. 

Let me know if you need some recipe sites and things :D

Thats great! I'm finding myself way below my previous calories actually, and counting to make sure I eat enough!

Its almost like a wholefood Atkins.

What would you do for breakfast? I'm finding that akward..
Original Post by anniecae:

What would you do for breakfast? I'm finding that akward..

Eggs, vegetables, fruits, avocado, sausages, bacon, smoked salmon, black coffee, tea, almond or coconut milk, leftovers from last night's Paleo dinner, etc..

One paleo girl I know includes a baked sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon with her breakfast to get herself going in the morning. She loves it because she takes it to work with her and just does it in the microwave there.

I grew up with a milk allergy so a lot of breakfast foods just don't appeal to me. Do love me some eggs though. I like eggs scrambled with mushrooms and artichoke hearts and a little garlic :D

Nom le sweet potato! Sounds great :) I'll try that for sure. I wonder about a cold omlette too ? I think my worst thing is time, I made a big batch of pumpkin soup there so gonna try that in the morning with some seeds and see how that goes.

Thanks for advice!

Hey there! Did you start Paleo? Hope you did! :)
I've been on Paleo for about 3 months now and I have to say I love it. At first I thought it was difficult having to cook so much more but the meals I've made are nothing short of delicious and satiating! 
I had the "carb-flu" starting Paleo--for about 2 weeks I was so lethargic, had headaches for days in a row, and I could not concentrate on anything. I went from eating upwards of 300 g of carbs a day to less than 100.
I think Paleo is naturally low-carb which really helps with weight loss. Cutting out refined grains and sugar is the most important thing to burning fat. Fat won't make you fat! That was one of the first lessons I learned after reading Gary Taubes.
To learn more about Paleo, check out (run by Mark Sisson; also read his book: The Primal Blueprint) and for other Paleo specific questions, head over to where hundreds of others on Paleo are ready to help answer any questions.
Basically, after gaining so much weight after recovering from anorexia, Paleo has helped me to feel better. I think I'm slowly gaining a better composition (through lots of walking and weight lifting 2 times a week).
The most important thing I can say is: don't be afraid of fat, eat lots of meat, and enjoy life (which will definitely happen if you're on Paleo!). 

I am doing Paleo and have done it once before in the past about 10 years ago.  Last time I did it, I went from 148 to 125 in 8 weeks, and lost 5 lbs the first week and 5 lbs the second.  I ate Paleo for 9 months.  I was very strict with it in the first three weeks and I, like other's who've replied, got the no-carbs headaches.  It helped a lot to incorporate a few of the fattier items, such as coconut milk, avocados, olive oil and nuts and stick with the lean, unprocessed meats.  I think part of the headache is a result of the rapid weight loss.  Obviously, if you're on this site, you're tracking your calories.  Make sure you don't slip too low with caloric intake; it can easily happen when you feel full from protein.


Almost forgot - breakfast suggestion.  I love smoothies, with or without coconut milk.  Throw bananas, cantaloupe, whatever fruit you have in the blender with some ice.  If I don't have coconut milk to add, and my smoothie is just fruit and ice, I heat a Jones' sausage patty in the microwave. for some fat and protein.

"enjoy life (which will definitely happen if you're on Paleo!). "

Then why do most people quit?  I eat Paleo, but do it plant-based(we're primates).  And stress doesn't throw me off the wagon.  Depletion of carbs causes stress.

I live with a paleo eater.  He was really stressed today(PC problems).  I had those too.  But I didn't stress out.

In short, the best way to normalize your weight is to eat normal - primate: fruit, veg, fruit(or most similar food: grain).  Everyone who eats this way is thin.  On this diet, I try to eat as much as I can.  Eating this way, more calories = more life.

Jan 09 2014 12:02
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When I ate that way Gary - all I wanted of high glycemic fruits and grains - I got fat and diabetic. I had to consciously restrict those foods to control the high blood sugar and start to lose weight. The paleo part for me was getting more active, trying every day to get my calorie deficit from exercise. That took off another 25 pounds, and has kept the weight off for 7 years. It allows me to eat anything I can digest, just like our paleo ancestors did, but not in unlimited quantities. I would regain just as easily on fruit and starch gorging as I would on Atkins-style meat gorging.

To repeat:  Everyone who eats this way(low-fat high carb) is thin.  ..... and can not get diabetes or heart disease.    This diet cures diabetes (see: Dr Barnard & Dr Graham)

Another suspicious thing you said is '"high glycemic fruits and grains"  Most are Low GI.   And high GI doesn't cause diabetes.   Sugar is supposed to enter the blood; doesn't matter how fast.

Jan 10 2014 11:54
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What you're talking about is highly restrictive Gary. If you eat a moderate amount of fat with unlimited carbs you will not stay thin. Extreme low fat/high carb accomplishes the same thing as Atkins extreme low carb/high fat as a weight loss strategy. Both are avoidance strategies, and I'd argue that neither mimics paleo/ancestral diet.

High GI for me was bowls of white rice and bowls of frosted mini wheats and raisin bran. Restriction of just those high GI foods brought my 200 fasting blood glucose down to 100 within two weeks. Granted, most fruits eaten whole are not as high GI as these. But I was also eating a mixed diet with lots of fat too. Everything from donuts to tacos.

I note that you have avoided my comment about the importance of activity. Are you suspicious of that effect too? For that matter what's your opinion of calorie counting. I controlled diabetes by carb counting (the old ADA method) per my doctor's instruction. I lost weight by calorie counting, which indicated higher activity as the healthiest way to create calorie deficits. By using activity to control my weight I don't have to resort to shunning fats OR carbs.
I followed a Paleo diet just short term this past summer and I noticed a huge change in my body! I had more willpower every day to avoid sweets, more energy, a better mood, more positive. I don't know how this could affect all that but It did, sort of like a cleanse. I also lost about 14 pounds without really trying. Unfortunately I gained back about 5 pounds so I'm trying it again. However, I'm finding it really hard to resist foods like muffins and crackers and picking at cereals. I made a really great Paleo Pancake recipe for breakfast with just a banana and 2 eggs. Super healthy once you add more fruits. Good luck to everyone following the Paleo Diet
Original Post by gary_winfinity:

To repeat:  Everyone who eats this way(low-fat high carb) is thin.  ..... and can not get diabetes or heart disease.    This diet cures diabetes (see: Dr Barnard & Dr Graham)

Anyone who makes such broad statements is to be taken with a infinitesimally small grain of salt.

" what's your opinion of calorie counting."

If you mean restriction, I believe it causes a rebound effect, because it doesn't remove the cause of fat storage.  It actually causes more need for fat storage.  I have a video on that too:  "Calories don't make you fat"

I'm focusing on my message that carbs aren't the problem; not hiding from your question(I'm all about full disclosure).  I think activity is the 1st or 2nd best thing we can do.  Although, people can even lose weight with no exercise.

Original Post by coolgirl1212:

I followed a Paleo diet....Unfortunately I gained back about 5 pounds so I'm trying it again.

This is why I'm writing a book(and making videos)

People don't see....  this is the rebound.  The paleo diet is not what the body wants.  Your appetite turns off - you eat less - you snap, binge, and the body stores fat for the next crisis/famine.


" hard to resist foods like muffins and crackers and picking at cereals."

...because we're meant for carbs.  Stick with whole grain, and fruit, fruit,fruit.

Jut to tag along on what is being said, the main goal here is to be healthy. You can both lose and gain weight on Paleo. A lot of people who choose this way of eating do lose weight, but just because it works for one person does not mean everyone else is the same. I went to one of my favorite paleo recipe sites recently and found a recipe for paleo apple pie parfait. It was made with organic apples.....AND lots of Ghee, Raw Honey, Full fat Coconut Milk, and Almond Flour. may be thinking to yourself, hmmm this is a totally healthy alternative. And yes, it is a lot healthier...BUT not for the person who is trying to lose weight. Eating something like this is just asking to have the pounds packed on. There are several kinds of paleo lifestyles. There are people who are strict with their diet, and those who are semi-strict...there are people who moderately eat paleo, and some who are very loose with their restrictions. If you are trying to loose weight, you need to combine your paleo lilfestyle with traditional common sense ways to lose weight. You will need to exercise more, drink more water, watch your calorie intake, watch your fat intake, and be mindful with your glucose. I would focus more on veggies. Organic vegetables for every meal, with 4 oz of protein, and I would limit fruit to 2-3 servings a day (preferably apples, or berries...something that is a little less sugary). Yes, do use oive oil, ghee, whatever you want...just do it in moderation. Portion control is key. Just because you are paleo, does not mean that you can go balls to the wall and scarf down an entire plate of bacon wrapped chicken followed by a heaping glass of almond milk. Make your meals count nutritionally and eat the right portions and exercise. Choose water over any other beverage. I hope this helps. 

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Here is a golden rule when it comes to nutrition and fitness: If a nutritional plan has a name slapped onto it, its not something worth doing. A true, healthy, sustainable nutrition plan is one that you tailor from the ground up based on your goals, your needs, your body, and your preferences. If the end product just happens to look something like a paleo diet, mediterranean diet, or any other kind of "named" diet, then thats fine. But the starting point should never be the "named" diet, as if it were a target that you were shooting to hit.

Create your nutritional plan as it best suits you, with the balance that you prefer, and never with silly, arbitrary, and overly exteme gimmicks that are nothing more than the product of slick marketing and pseudo-science. Balance, sustainability, and personalization are key.

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