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paczkis calories

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Anybody know how many calories I should put down for an oreo paczkis?
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here's an answer from one of our local hospitals:

400-700 cals is what i've heard, depending on what kind of filling.

For those Americans still sticking to their New Year's resolution to diet, the first real test of the year is on its way. Over the next few days, people will be swarming bakeries around the country for their favorite Fat Tuesday treat-- the paczki (pronounced POONCH-key).

Dr. Peter McCullough says that people have to be disciplined on Fat Tuesday.

"They certainly can wreck a person's commitment to a diet," says Peter McCullough, M.D., Medical Director of the Beaumont Weight Control Center. "A typical five ounce paczki contains about 420 calories, 25 or more grams of fat, and is loaded with refined carbohydrates which are directly converted into fat."

could you describe this treat? what kind of fillings...? (is this anything like King Cake?)
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it's like a giant filled donut, but with no hole, so more like a "bismarck." the fillings are usually some kind of fruit, not the fresh good-for-you kind, but the pie filling kind, you know, like canned cherry pie filling, or even custard. and the donut dough has eggs and butter added, so just imagine the gooiest donut ever, and you get the picture! very, very baaaaad.
I was at the gym working out when they started showing them on the news this morning. I am avoiding all bakeries today -- They looked so good but then I think I just burned 300 calories do I really want to do another enitire workout just to burn off one of those?
Here is where my boss got our paczkis today. They have a picture on some of them.

::drools:: an OREO paczkis? mmmmm I love anything oreo. It's a good thing I never liked any type of filled donut and refused to try these things.
oh my god, i'm drooling on my keyboard in front of that website. Chocolate Raspberry Mousse....
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