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oxyelite pro diet pills

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Any takes on it?
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My take: BS

There is no magic pill..

Diet pills are really scary and most often are scams.  If this product actually worked it would be approved by the FDA and doctors would recommend it.  These diet pill companies just want to make money.  From a quick google search it looks like the main ingredient is caffiene so you might as well just drink a cup of coffee.

= a con. All diet pills are, trust me all u need is to eat healthy n excerise
I have trued many gimmick and even the not so much of gimmicks but i have always fall back into old habits. Honestly a pill will work depending on the will power you have for it work. Same goes anything else you try to loose wight. Iys all up to you. Right now i decided to get help from my doc and he prescribed me a appetite suppressant. Today is my fist day on the pill and i am giving it my all.
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Any takes on it?

It's making the manufactureres very rich, but that's about it.

If there was any pill out there that worked -- even a little bit -- Oprah would be thin. She's said so herself. She has access to the best doctors, price is no object, her endorsement of products she loves is well-known -- seriously, if ANY pill worked, she'd use it and you'd know about it.

And Web sites like this wouldn't exist.

And nobody would have any questions or confusion.

If weight loss was easy, everyone would be doing it.  If quitting smoking was easy, nobody would be smoking.  If getting rich was easy, we'd all be rich (of course, by that perspective and economic logic, if everyone was rich, then ultimately, nobody is).

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I got to agree with most of the post here, indeed, nothing beats the good old exercising and dieting when it comes to weight loss. However, some of us would need a boost and that's where diet supplement comes in. In my case, Prescopodene has helped me a lot to shift my weight.

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