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Weight Loss
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Why are you overweight/obese?

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Hello beautiful people!

I must admit I have never (under BMI standards) been classified as obese. My highest weight was placed at "slightly overweight".

However I truly felt for many years that I was obese. I think some people may relate to this.

Anyway, one of the many potential careers I have toyed with is nutrition therapy. Although I feel like I can relate to all people who struggle to lose/maintain weight sometimes I wonder if I truly can...

I would not want to enter a field where you are trying to help people lose and maintain a weight if I can not comprehend what they are going through...

So this is where my question comes in: Why are you overweight/obese?

Really, I am just curious about whether there are a few key reasonings to why people struggle to lose weight or not...

Opinions are appreciated! : )
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because i picked up and put into my mouth the wrong foods.

food was my 'anti drug'.. my hug from the inside, my comfort.

food = happiness!  everything associated with happy has food involved.  I mean christmas we have a feast, easter, birthdays, get to gathers.  food is associated with being close with eachother, bonding.  and that's something hard to break away from.
I was overweight because I didn't eat right (fast food, junk, ate out, pretty much all meals) and didn't exercise.

now that im about 9-10lbs away from goal i could kick myself for letting myself do that. Because I am working out 1-3hours a day and eating a healthy calorie deficit (net 1300) every day but not seeing results. but i just try to remember i was young and didnt know better =( (started gaining at about age 12-16)
Binge Eating.....nothing in moderation
There's almost always more than one reason for obesity.

Mine is a combination of poor eating habits as an adolescent (relatively small contribution) and PolyCystic Ovarian Disorder. If someone had only told me ten years ago to talk with my doctor about my rapid weight gain and resistance to weight loss...
I was overweight because I quit smoking and replaced cigarettes with glazed doughnuts, hamburgers, french fries, and milkshakes.
Yes everone has diffrent reasons

I have almost always been at a healthy weight due to living an acti ve lifestyle not eating fast food and never drinking soda. I became ill in 2004 and put on weight due to inactivity and thyroid issues than i put on more wieght because of medication(steroids) I went from 130 to 172. I am now off steroids and my thyroid is funtioning properly and I am calorie counting so that i dont go too low and mess with my thyroid.(I;m at 150 now and still dropping)

Since i have ben at a healthy weight my entire life sometimes i find it hard to relate to people who have been overweight there entire lives however for the most part none of us has truly been in anothers shoes. I think its great you want to understand but i also think that people will understand your empathy and compassion and that you are supportive. so you may not be able to "truly" relate but you can still help.

Not many people can undrstand the illness i went through and it is nice to have people to relate to but anyone who is supportive is still an asset.

good luck
Okay, picture this story. I had my son prematurely and he was a perfectly healthy and growing boy until he was a couple months old. It was at first just a few minor things like getting him to hold his head up while on his tummy that he started delaying in, but then turned into severe delays, such as being one years old and not being able to sit up on his own without support. I had lost all of my baby weight (went from 200lbs+ to 135ishlbs!) in less than six months and was doing great. I started putting a few pounds on after he had his developmental evaluation at age one and I knew it would be a long path ahead. I ate because I didnt know what going on, because I wanted him to be perfectly healthy, because my husband had to work two jobs since I had to constantly be home for home visits, or appts, and I felt bad for not being able to help him provide for us so that he could rest, because of waiting for tests coming back, because I had to see my son be put to sleep for tests to be run on him, because I feared one day I might lose him and not know what to do with myself, because everytime my son took a bite out of something he choked like he was going to die, because my mother in law passed away when he was one month old and will never see him again, because of several second opinions, four switches to different pediatricians, three different physical therapists later, and several tests, evals, x-rays, an MRI, bloodwork, etc. to find out what is going on with him, and because it was all too stressful to handle, and food "filled" me somehow, but in the end just made me feel even more worse. I also was blaming myself for my son being premature because it was like my body failed to carry him long enough/correctly and that I agreed to be induced. I felt like it was all of my fault, especially recently when they put him on ankle braces. Okay, so you wanted to know and I hope that gives you a clear picture. It was and still is all just too much for me.

I was overweight because my intake was higher then what I used.

I'm not a bad cook or brewer and I had my fill of everthing I made.  I don't do that anymore.
I am overweight bcause I am a good cook, and we love to eat great food!  During the winters (midwest) we eat stews, heavy soups, LOTS and LOTS o thick delicious Italian food with garlic bread and all!  Now we are learning to cook without all the real butter, cream and other wonderful fillers and fatteners.  We're having a ball doing it too!  You would be amazed at what the right spices will do to a chicken breast or a half cup of pasta!
I am fat because i lost concept of portion control, particularly when my boyfriend moved in with a faster metabolism than me.

I thought it was OK to eat exactly what he ate, and although we both put weight on in our loved-up bliss - he went up 7lb's I went up by at least 28lbs in a year!

Another reason is alcohol, I love wine and got into the habit of drinking every night (not much, maybe 2 glasses max but still unneccesary).

Finally age is catching up on me, my metabolism is definitely slowing down, and I just have to accept that big pizza's are no longer an option for me (the odd slice is OK though!)
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because i ate huge amounts of unhealthy foods = i failed to see that every single action i take equals a decision and that these decisions, one by one, add up to either impacting my life in a positive or negative way - that aside, i acknowledge there is a certain immediate pleasure in food - taste and or psychological comfort
weight is such a subjective thing. There are atleast 400 genes that control weight. If you add to that emotional and environmental factors, well you have a nearly endless combination of reaons for weightgain. I think that you should get a comprehensive weight history for each person you treat when you become a nutritionist.

And never be judgemental, cause most people who are fat know they are fat. They need guidance. But you know that. That is why you posted this thread, right?

As for me, I have been overweight since puberty. I have a combination of bad eating habits, hormonal imbalance, and depression (which slows down activity levels and for me, increases hunger). I am combating all three of these, and I am losing weight. But nothing anyone said or did made me want to lose weight. It came down to an attitude shift from me. I had to really and truely want this. And I do, so I am sticking to it.
I believe I was overweight because I ate more than my activity level demanded I needed.

That is to say.. I ate too much.
Three things for me.

1) My mom divorced my stepdad who was like a dad to me.  The reason this has anything to do with it is because he use to always tell me if i was gettin a little pudgy or eating too much, and made me more aware of what i was doing so i could stop if needed.

2) Never getting properly educated about nutrition/portion control, or anything of the like.  My parents never eat vegetables, so I grew up liking only a few.  It makes it harder now because I am trying to get use to all these new vegetables that I have never eaten before.

3) COLLEGE!!!!  Freshman 50 for me.. seriously.  I started having much more freedom in my day.  Highschool.. you have 8 hours where you can only eat one meal, and its not like you are gonna pig out in front of all your friends.  With college, I had time in the morning to stop for breakfast since I drove myself to college.  I had a pretty good break between classes, so I could go to lunch with friends.  And I had to work right after school was over, so I "had" to grab fast food.  I am so mad now looking back at what I have done. 

Its sad.. I birthed twins just 8 months ago but that isnt even a reason for my gain :-(  If it was, it would be more understandable, but no.. children is only the reason that my fat is a little more flabby that it was lol
awmsbailey-- thats so sad, it gave me chills.  Mine were preemies too and I begged to be induced, because I thought they were big enough *according to the books*.  I regretted it later when I was crying everyday because I couldnt get them to eat more than about 1/4 of an ounce from a bottle at a time.  May I ask what happened with your son?? What they found out?  
I think I'm overweight for various reasons, including developing unhealthy habits and attitudes toward food when I was young, and at certain times in my life being very inactive.  For me, losing weight has been about breaking bad habits, developing good habits and realizing that I need to love my body by treating it right, not by giving it what it thinks it wants.
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I am considered "mobidly obese" I hate this term.   I  am 5'8" and 330lbs, and I dont have high blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension or any other medical issues and I'm doing this because I wouldnt like any of those conditions.  I'm 25 and have a 1 year old daughter.  I am overweight because I've always, and I say ALWAYS,  overeaten.   I know when to stop, but its just sooo good.  1 more piece of pizza, 1 more bite of that pasta with heavy cream sauce. I can remember so many times where I've eaten, then gone to bed because I was so full and so tired.  I can honestly say I DONT MISS THAT!!  :0)   I struggle with will power.   I dont believe in food addictions (just my opinion), I believe its mind over matter.  Its all in your head.   So, my head is finally telling the rest of me that "you dont really need that to survive" .   I live my life different now, and every day I eat to live, I dont live to eat.
I was overweight for a lot of reasons...

I had a bad back injury that left me unable to walk more than a half block, and I was off work for a few months.  Everything I ate during this time (and it was mostly junk) went right to fat.

I didnt know about proper nutrition, and didnt read labels or nutrtional values.   I didnt want to know how bad the foods I was eating actually were for me.  Ignorace is not bliss

I didnt exercise or make an effort to get up off of the couch.

I ate for emtional reasons or bordom - not for hunger.

I am in a healthy weigh range now (BMI of 22 down from 31.2!) and I credit this to eating well, learning about food and what it will do for me (or to me depending on what it is), for exercising every day in some way, and for taking care of myself.  I still eat emotionally but am trying to get away from that.  Its a journey, but I hope its just a one way one - I dont want to go back to how I was!!
Hi Normajeanbaker

Just a thought whilst reading through these testiomonies, that we as a group are really your converted fat people - we're the ones who've analysed why we are overweight and are taking steps to reverse the trend.

You'll need to talk to those that havn't thought it through or even considered that there's anything wrong - they're the ones that you might struggle to identify with (not sure where you'd find them though).

Mine is also a combination of reasons...

First Unheathy eating habits from a young age,I did get a grip on this and lost most of what I wanted to 10 years ago.I went from 180 down to 143.Then I met my son's father and well withen 18 months,I got pregnant with my son.One night when my son was 5 months old,we were arguing looking back now it was sillness,not even a real issue.He said to me"If you would just lose the rest of that baby weight you would be beautiful."NOT something that you ever say to a woman who has recently given birth and starting to feel good about herself finally!!!!We only lasted a few more months and me and Bud moved out.I don't know yet why his words effected me so very much but they did,It hurt.I was not going to put myself into a position to be hurt like that again by a man,so I reverted back to my old food habits,while pushing amazing ones onto my son.We literally ate different foods at nearly every meal!!This went on for 3 years,and I decided to try to lose weight,yup that started a 4 year roller coaster of fad diets where I would lose and gain the same 20 lbs over and over and then some.On his birthday in March,I was dressing for his party,I didn't fit into my fattest fat pants! It was then that I feel I hit the Hard rocky bottom of my world 191 lbs the most I had ever weighed and hey from there the only way to go is up!!!This happened on March 7th this year.I am happy to say that I am down to 172 lbs and slowly tappering off to a 1.5-2.5 loss weekly.
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