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Overeating at DINNER!!! (any other teens with this problem?)

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I have finally stopped binging on snacks in the afternoon. Usually, by dinnertime, I have consuned about 1200-1500 cals. Then, at dinner, as much as I try to stick to a meal of about 400-500 cals, somehow I usually end up cosuming so much that it ends up adding up to about 800-900 cals (sometimes even over 1,000 in just one meal!) So my question is... HOW CAN I STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING?
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measure what you put on your plate!
Thanks nursemeow. The only problem is that I can't measure when I am eating with my family because that would just seem odd. How do you eat what the family is eating though and still keep the calorie value low and be satisfied?
I used to do this but I started eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day and make sure that they're all around the same calorie content; it's worked out really well!! I never thought I could break my 'huge dinner habit' but (with the exception of today which was super stressful and i'm giving myself a break) I have been really good!
1. Put everything away before you even sit down to eat. If it helps, plan a specific time that you will allow yourself an evening snack.
2. Eat dense foods to keep you full. Things like vegetables are great because they are low in calorie, but contain lots of water so you feel fuller. (Add to a stir fry, in pasta, in burgers, with some melted cheese, in sandwiches, in omelettes, ect!)
I have that problem too.

I overeat way too much, and I have no idea how many calories I'm eating.

So I just don't eat dinner with my family, which sucks 'cause my mom makes the best food.

I often eat round my boys mum's house so i don't get a say in the meal or size of my portion. So i eat slowly, I stop when i am full, and i NEVER eat everything on the plate, and i eat more of the veg and stuff i can see is lower cal than the higher stuff.
I generally just go to the kitchen and get a smaller plate. That way it looks like more that's going on the plate (if that makes any sense)
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I have this problem when I'm back from College in the summer. It is always annoying that my family puts huge dishes of food in the middle of the table so its very tempting to go back for seconds and thirds, and also pudding aswell, i feel a bit rude saying no if my mum has made a nice pie.

A few things that I do are, pile on the veg on my plate, not eat everything on my plate, that way if theres food left on my plate im not tempted to go back for more. Also offer to cook dinner once in a while, make a nice healthy salad, your mum will love the night off and you get too eat nice and healthily. And if your mum has made a dessert have tiny bit, if you havent eaten too much for your dinner you deserve it!

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Drink a few glasses of water before eating.  A second option is to eat on of the 0/low carb tortilla's before a meal.  They are usually about 50 calories and loaded up with fiber.  If you eat one plain it will feel very filling.
I do the same thing, not a teen though. I started only eating food that i prepare. I use the smaller dishes and utensils so i feel like i'm getting more. I drink h20 before my meal. I concentrate on eating as slowly as possible. When i'm finished i floss and brush my teeth and get ready for bed so i won't eat anymore. If i'm just really having bad cravings i distance myself from the kitchen by going to my room and reading or something.
My fiance makes small portions, just for me.  He's not really trying to cut back on calories like I am, though, so usually he'll make enough for three people, eat two servings for himself, and then give me the third serving.  Sometimes when our meals are high in calories, like last night (stuffed bell peppers and cheesy mashed potatoes, yummy!), he'll help me eat my dinner, or give me smaller portions of the meal and make a vegetable dish so I can eat more of those than everything else.

And if I'm still hungry when I'm done, I get sex and usually forget about being hungry. :D
my mom tends to cook the same meals often (chicken parmesan, tacos, etc.), so i've kind of memorized the amounts of calories that go into each of the ingredients. i'm not too anal about the calories, since my mom would probably throw me in an eating disorder clinic if i even mentioned them to her (haa), but i just eyeball the portions. using a smaller plate definitely helps too. and eat slowly! take little bites, drink water in between each of them...all of this helps a lot.
My mom hasn't cooked me a meal since I was like 5. Grow up and make your own food.
  1. like cinco suggested...find out what is going into the meals and create a custom recipe. it will analyze nutritional content for you.
  2. someone already mentioned drinking a glass of water before you eat
  3. eat slow...i was a big snarfy eater that would inhale my food. i started eating much slower and it helps TONS. i chew anywhere from 25-40 times before i swallow. and i put down my fork between bites. oh, and did i mention my heartburn and IBS went away also?
  4. fill your plate, then eat 1/2. save the other 1/2 for later or the next day. now that i have gotten used to eating less, i know that i will eat dinner around 5-6 and then need to eat again around 8-9. usually go to bed at 11.
  5. like last item, eat less but more frequently. breakfast around 8, snack at 10, lunch around 12-1, afternoon snack about 3, dinner at 5-6, late snack 8-9

i think most likely you are eating are not giving your stomach a chance to tell your brain you are already full. HTH! Laughing

uh, serve the food yourself so that you can control the portion?

Lots of great advice here.

I suggest:

Don't go into dinnertime ravenously hungry.  Hungry is good but really really hungry is a recipe for disaster.  This means probably spacing out your snacks more.  Have an apple or something that is similarly filling an hour or two before dinner time.  About 70 Cals worth of nuts 20 minutes before a meal has been shown to help control appetite, as well.

Also, eat really slowly and make sure you have a tall glass of water with your dinner.  If you stop eating when you are satisfied and just feeling full, it is very difficult to eat too much for your needs.  It can take a little practice to do this effectively/accurately.  Just  eat slowly and enjoy you meal.  

Best wishes. 

Jeez, kaufmal90, no need to be so harsh.  Everybody's family is different.  Maybe it would cause problems if shorelover started cooking her own food, instead of eating what everyone else had.  I know my mom always preferred to cook for the whole family.  No need to pass judgment on someone you don't know.
I used to have the same problem. Now I kinda look at dinner like the enemy! (yeah I'm weird) ok... unhealthy dinners as the enemy... think about what is healthy on the plate and eat that. Think about what is unhealthy on the plate and don't eat much of it.

My family practically forces me to eat everything on my plate (they're convienced I shouldn't be so...'skinny') so just think... you have the choice! you've made it past those horrible cravings! now just make it past dinner and you will be set my friend.

good luck! :)
I have very little control on what i eat for dinner b/c the parents make it and i feel obgligated to eat what they give me b/c it would be disrespectful not to; however when i do eat their food they always want me to have seconds, b/c they know i eat way less than they do.
Yet, i've been getting away with eating "Healthy Choice" and "Smart Ones" frozen dinners with low calories b/c i have swim practice and have to leave before the parents have dinner.
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