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Weight Loss
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How have you overcome weekends?

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Hi all,

I'm just about to begin week 4 in my weight loss journey but I'm having difficulty with weekends.

Weeks 1 and 2, I basically undid my entire progress for the week by eating badly in the weekends.

Last week was better (trying to learn from my mistakes), so I ended up eating maintenance on fri and sat, but went over on sunday.  So it's better, but still, at this rate I'm not going to reach my goal :(

So could you please tell me what tips/tricks you've learnt to stay focused on weekends too?

Thank you!

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I try to be More active on the weekends. It helps offset any extra food/drinks that come my way. It also helps t plan your meals n advance.

Thanks smashley!  I did the same - I made sure to do a long jog on sat and a walk on sunday (sun is my rest day)

But you're right - I should plan my meals in advance as I generally tend to count AFTER I've eaten - good idea i'll try it this weekend!

Thanks! :)

To be honest for me weekends are better than week days, I work beer sales and im in and out of stores, bars and restaurants all week so when the weekend comes there's not so much exposure to the things I'd love to eat!


Also weekends give me alot more time to prepare my meals making them alot healthier usually.

I journal. When I get an urge to undo my entire week, I go up the steps into my bedroom, far from the kitchen, and journal about emotions, food, life, etc, or I write.

I had the same problem - until I decided to make MONDAY MORNINGS my weight - in day! Works like a charm since I want to see results from my healthy meal plan of the rest of the week. 

I use the get up and move theory.  If I find my self wanting to snack, or heading for a big meal, I get up and do something.  From cleaning a room to walking the dogs, or going to the gym.  The exercise has teh obvious effects, but the time I think is the biggest thing, it give me that moment or hour of pause to clear my head and think about what I am about to eat. 

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Plan, Plan, Plan!  That is how I have gotten through it.  Always was my big issue also.  If I plan the meals in advance and then log my foods before I eat I do much better.  I also use Monday as my "Official" weigh in day! 

I really like the idea of being way more active on the weekend, since that's the only time I usually have to leisurely do something, you know? No rushing to the gym right after work and school.

The planning is hard to do in the face of all the good food that might be around, plus the fact that leisure time would allow us to bake something unhealthy pretty easy. I recommend looking up good recipes for both munching on when you get a craving, and to occupy your time. Like, you could cook a healthy new dinner and make some 40 cal chocolate chip cookies and freeze half the dough. Then just take a few and put them in a bag to eat that day. I usually make sure to eat dessert before dinner, so that I don't have the taste (and cravings) for it in my mouth afterwards. That's the only time I permit myself to have anything sugary. 

Working out over the weekends would get rid of the extra calories from eating dessert, so you get the most out of your diet without feeling restricted. 

I'm starting out this week with these things in mind, lol

Good Luck!


I just exercise more on the weekends. If I know I'm going out to dinner and I want to order something that's not the healthiest option, I'll go 65 minutes of cardio, do my normal weight lifting and stretching, and try going for a 30-45 minute walk, also. I usually go grocery shopping on the weekends, too, which burns extra calories.

What is it about weekends that makes you go over your calories? Is it drinking or going out to eat a lot? I usually go out at least once on the weekends and I try to set limits for myself ahead of time (I can have one beer/glass of wine, one piece of bread out of the bread basket, try to pick one of the healthier menu options, no dessert, etc.) Some restaurants list menus with calories online, so if eating out is your downfall, trying to see if the places you go to post nutritional info is a good idea. And you can always try to find nutrition facts from a similar restaurant (like if you're going to a nice restaurant that serves mostly steak, you could look up the healthiest dishes at a steak house chain restaurant and assume that if the portions are similar sizes the calories will probably be similar, too.) I usually write down a few menu items and how many calories they have prior to going out so I have a few things to choose from when I get there.

Also, if you're going out to dinner or something, try eating really healthy prior to going out and avoiding snacking on processed foods or sweets.

Thanks a lot guys!  So sounds like the key ideas are:

  • Exercise
  • Keep busy (don't eat out of boredom/relaxation)
  • Plan meals ahead of time

I like it!  I'm going to try this, this weekend, and I'll post an update next Monday :)

rachelwert: I mainly go over because I meet friends for dinner on Friday nights (and they order all the yum stuff and we usually all share) and then sat night is family dinner at my place, and sun night is family dinner at my partner's place!  And both our families have an interesting (or shall I say incorrect?) concept about nutrition lol!  I mean, yes OK it's great you're using polyunsaturated oil, but calories are calories!  I cant seem to get this point across!!!  But I know the dinners are large on these days, I'll make sure to have a light lunch to compensate for it!

Thanks - I'm excited about trying it out now haha :)

I find im fine during the week as hubby is at work and i can think about me without a problem but when he is off i struggle as i take my eye of the ball :(

Hubby hates exercise so have to go alone which is not much fun :( will try to be more focused from now on :)

Original Post by wwwilliam:

I had the same problem - until I decided to make MONDAY MORNINGS my weight - in day! Works like a charm since I want to see results from my healthy meal plan of the rest of the wee


This is exactly what I did, and it has worked.  I usually find myself trying to eat better on Sunday than any day of the week, because I know I have to step on the scale the next day.



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I'm about to start week 8 and have the same problem at weekends, after 8 weeks i've decided to stay under my cal target by 100 or so the other 5 nights, have a very light breakfast and lunch on Sats and Sundays and for the last two weekends have barely gone over my cals at the weekend. If I exercise its a bonus too. My weight loss is slow, only a lb a week but I'm heading in the right direction.

I think it's not that unusual. As others have said, I usually plan my meals at the beginning of the day...Saturday and Sunday tend to be days that eating hours are completely out of whack and foods are pretty simple (big salad with chicken breast sausages), so calorie intake leaves a little more room for healthier "snacking" (air-popped popcorn, etc.). On days I exercise, I tend to be much more careful about calorie intake as well, so I try to hit the gym at least one of the two days. All and all, I think trial and error is your best bet!

I struggled with the same thing for MONTHS! My solution? I accepted it. Having weekends be less regimented, for me, has psychological/social/emotional benefits that I've come to value. So I continue to tweak my lifestyle. It has slowed my weight loss somewhat, I'm sure. (I'm 164 today, down from 178 in Nov. 2011.) But my hope is to eat and live like this forever, this time. Here are the tweaks that have worked for me: 1) No wine/alcohol during the week. Turns out, this saved me a TON of calories, and freed up some wiggle room for the weekend. 2) Like others have said, exercise on the weekend helps a lot. A lot. 3) This may be controversial... But I rarely calorie count on weekends. For sanity. 4) Conversely, I track every single calorie I even *look at* on weekdays. 5) This one has surprised me with its effectiveness: I guzzle water like an elephant on weekends. I try to do this during the week, but on weekends, I pay special attention, since I'm probably eating foods/drink that require more help for my body to "flush". I've seen a noticeable change in the amount of "weight" I gain over the weekend and the amount of time my body takes to get back to my previous Friday morning weight.

Everyone is different, so I hope this helps! Good luck all!

Being more active is a definate - but in addition I do my grocery shopping over the weekend and spend the better part of one of the days preparing meals for the week - this really helps me to stay on point.  I also have to have something on the kitchen counter to nibble on when I am there - some popcorn, veggies and hummus, grapes, etc - plan as stated above. 

Also, I simply don't have the junk in my house - since I am only finishing up week one (but have been a yo yo dieter all my life) I will not buy the chips, the frozen yogurt etc this weekend.  I allow myself one treat at the end of the day - 1 weight watchers giant latte bar with 2 tbs of fat free whipped topping works for me...............

Good luck - you need to find out what works for you - it is a process and these are but a few suggestions.

Why don't you try subsituting the takeaways/restaurants on a Friday for a healthier home made option? You and your friends could all pitch in to create a meal you can all enjoy, split the cost, and not have to feel guilty about the cost or the calories after! Me and my friends do a 'come dine with me' every other week or so where we take it in turns to cook dinner for everyone and it gives you a chance to improve your cooking skills and feel good about eating something healthy (or healthier) that you made yourself.

I'm also a weekend planner.  I try to plan out my meals for the entire day... including the time that I will eat them.  It seems to keep me on track if I know exactly what and when i will be eating. The weekends are usually a maintenance/rest day for me, which means I eat a little over my sedentary burn, I don't actually exercise (since I exercise M-F) but I do have extra activity, like cleaning the house, laundry, chasing the dogs and what not. 

Great idea!

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