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overate today.

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Ok, I am 6'3'' 180lbs. I am supposed to have 2200-2300 calories a day. But today I probably overate by 1000 calories because my brother made bbq ribs,,, enough said there.

So how worried should I be by this? My stomach looks huge right now because of the water retention and that stuff. But how bad is it if I over did it by that much today?

But I did exercise today and the 2 days before, with my normal calorie limit.

I was sore and did only did stationary biking for 25 minutes and shot hoops outside for 20 this morning. Than I ate those ribs and stuff, and I went to the gym again to play a little basketball and run a mile and a half. So how bad is it for today?

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Not bad, you did cardio and burned some of that extra 1000 cals. It's ok to have some cheat meals once a week. You don't want your body to get used to the same ol same ol. It's good to jolt your body with cheat meals to keep it on its toes.

It's like working out, if you do the same routine each and every day, eventually your body will get used to it and not grow. This is like the muscle confusion version of eating lol.



Thank you for replying. I know I shouldn't be worried about 1 day like that. But I did just come off of a 30lbs weight loss, and I guess I just needed some morale support.

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