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:( I overate AGAIN

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right so this starts friday; I had been eating well for 2 weeks, I was doing really well; I really thought I'd changed and become one of those people who could have just one biscuit or one piece of chocolate and be happy; my self control even impressed me and I was proud of myself

So then I weigh myself on Friday and I'm 112lbs, I look in the mirror and think I actually look GOOD I look THIN and it's a long time since I've thought that... My grandma also comes to stay on friday so that mean lots of cakes and cookies so I think hey I'll have a little treat... well that little treat soon turns into a full on binge, I end up eating everything in sight just because I don't feel guilty and I keep telling myself I have been good for so long and I'm probably not going to be able to eat this food for a while again; it was gross; I ended up so bloated it hurt but I kept eating, I was at around 4000 calories

Anyways the next day I start out full of good intentions, have a bowl of porridge and go to work; I come back from work and then the eating begins again even though I'm STILL really bloated, I even walked to the shop to buy myself a cake (yes I was now bringing it on myself) I'm at around 2000 calories by 5 O'clock and I still have to go out for a meal; by the time the meal is over I'm at 4000 calories again, I actually threw up when I got home, I don't think anyone is supposed to stuff themselves with that much food

So I wake up Sunday (yes this is very repetitve) STILL feel bloated but STILL eat, I make a cake, my mum makes a cake, my grandma brings us cookies and guess what I end up at around 3000 calories; this time I tell myself the weekend is up, I'll be good tomorrow.... well I don't think I need to explain what happened today, I'm at 2500 calories, I came home and finished the rest of the cake then had loads of dinner....

sorry this is a really long and boring post probably but I just needed to write it all down or something. I just feel so disgusting; I'm up 5lbs I know its probably temporary but I feel so guilty I keep telling myself that in the long run it doesn't matter but I feel so gross and sad :(:( I keep telling myself that tomorrow I will be good but who knows what will happen... I don't want to end up in a binge/starve cycle, I don't know what has happened to me :(

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OKay, first of all at 112 your weight should be fine - unless you're very short you're in the clear, so the real issue here is the habit. And you can crack it.

If you're feeling helpless like this maybe you should set some limits up that don't make you feel deprived but at the same time don't allow you to overeat. HEre's what I do. Monday to Friday I eat three meals, on three plates. I put all the food i'm going to eat on the plate, so I know exactly what I'm eating - sometimes I don't even bother to calorie count. I only have fruit or veggies for snacks and I never eat sweets. But every day on the weekend I eat 1 sweet treat, like a sundae or a waffle. These controls are easy to remember because this is quite traditional - desserts as special treats on special days, 3 square meals otherwise.

Some of you will recognise elements of the no s diet in that. I think this is a good way to take back control. It might take a while to get used to, I know, but the habit is what counts for you. check out www.nosdiet.com if you think it might help. It's probably good to combine this with calorie counting if you're unsure (that's what I do).

Remember, feeling bad about yesterday can't change yesterday. You have control only over what you do now. So don't feel bad. Make a change, and then feel good about how proactive you are!

It's hard for me to break my addiction to food. I have lost over 100 pounds with proper diet and exercise, but after I ate a meal, the first thing on my mind is food again. I wish I could just not think about it, and eat when I'm hungry. I've learned to control my eating very well, but the addiction is still there, I know it is. It's very tough. So I know what you mean. I don't know if I can offer advice, only, just know that there are many others like you. Also, 112 is small, why are you trying to lose?

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Octopusqueen - I'm 5'5 and I am happy with my weight at 112, which is part of the reason I am so angry with myself for binging so much; this week I should have been working on upping my calories to maintenance level and start having treats and things I had cut out again but instead it looks like I'm going to be spending another week on 1200 calories just to lose the weight I put on over the weekend; it's nice to no I'm not the only one, I too find myself always thinking about my next meal, I hate it, I really don't want to be one of those people who is constantly counting calories and thinking about what they eat but I always find myself planning what I'm going to eat next and calculating how many calories are in it

breakky the setting limits thing is a good idea, it had entered my mind when I was thinking about it tonight, I was thinking maybe I could have one day a week, say saturday, where I would allow myself to go up to 2000 calories; that would be the day that I would have a sweet treat like you say; I am also trying to get out of counting every single thing that I eat

i def. think the maintenance stage will be the hardest for me too!! not quite there yet, but i think it will be hard going from counting cals. all the time to uping cals. to maintain the weight loss!

 lalalaa, overeating happens, but the others are right!! it's a hard feeling after you binge, but just chalk it up to yesterday's news. it's over and done with, so now you just need to move on to the next day or meal and start over eating healthy! that 5 lb. gain was probably water weight and your stomach being too full!  i feel your pain about sweets!!! i def. have a sweet tooth, but i allow myself a treat once a week....this past saturday at dinner i had a cup of the fruit cobbler....and it had a scoop of ice cream!!! i felt a little guilty, but hey, a girl's gotta live!!!

Don't fret about it. Try to get rid of anything in the house that is tempting. Buy some healthy food choices and start over in the morning.

Drink plenty of water, exercise a little more and just start over. No big deal. Everyone goes crazy sometimes. I know it makes you feel bad but it is over and done and there is nothing you can do about it now.

Exact same thing happened to me last week, and it's terrifying, because same thing for me, it turns into an uncontrollable, massive binge that lasts several days. I think this really has a lot to do with personality. If I mess up a bit, I feel like I might as well eat everything. Now this is HORRIBLE, because eating a candy a day never hurt anyone, but eating it all at once is just terrible for your body. Whenever I'm bingeing, I just think, well, I'll just counter it by getting back on track tomorrow, but now I try to think of the harm I am doing to my body. I think of the fat being stored, and I think of my blood sugar levels. I think this kind of bingeing spirals into a cycle, because eating so much only raises your blood sugar levels abnormally and crashes, making you crave more and more. I also try to remind myself of how horrible and bloated I feel after I binge. I think that all these things are helpful things to keep in mind for next time, and for now, just forget about it. Don't try to starve yourself or anything, just try your best to get back on track, and you'll be surprised at how fast the weight falls off again!

Ohhh! i could be a perfect example of 'choco holic' but i jus think to myself "what is so spesh about this one minstrel? candy?" the taste is amazing and your meant to enjoy life but the enjoyment of this piece of choco is gona last, what? 2 min saisfaction? so sometims i just slap my hand. or walk away as fast as possibe.  Its ok to have the odd piece of chocolate, but in moderation i guess. dont beat urself about the 'odd' binge at the weekend. As long as you think of ways to stay healthy around that food then its ok!! Smile.

I get over stressy when i eat more than i should but i always feel better once i relax with a cup of tea, a good old fashioned chick flick and think about tomorow being a new day and that if im really bothered about it, il walk to the tube or il do something that involves more movement. it puts your mind at rest, its good for the ozone Wink and um its healthy!

i tend to try and drink alot of water, inbetween meals so that it takes away that snacking binge? or a piece of fruit..



Blah! Just thought I'd share that I too have been on the binge wagon recently! I normally am not a huge binge eater...think once every couple of weeks I go over 2000 or something like that...but twice in the last two weeks I've gone over 3000 cals! Last night I ate something like 3300 calories! that should be what I eat in 2 days! I feel blah and gross, but think I'm back on the wagon today. I went shopping when I was hungry last week...which is BAD!!! and the leftover crap in the house keeps calling my name!

Yo-yo'ing is really hard on your body.  It burns up your muscle tissue.  Don't do that.  Go here and find someone who can help you.  They can help you isolate your triggers and teach you coping mechanisms to deal with them.  You can even ones that deal on a sliding scale. 

I know exactly how you feel...I did the same with Pizza and beer this weekend. Now, I'm sick, I can't go to the gym and work out, so I feel like this weekend is actually going to stay with me.

I think next time, we should try eating something REALLY spicy, something that'll hurt our tongue, maybe that'll stop us from binge eating again...

hey there! i have the exact same problem! but im starting fresh tommrow, im a small size, but have gained pounds since being home from uni because of binginig, i excercise everday and i know i could lose weight if only i didnt binge, but i cant help it, i swear food is always on my mind, so im starting new tomorw, and i think we should write in here what we eat and also when we feel like binging, come here and write, it could really help and save us calories!!!!

the EXACT same thing happened to me sunday-today. I can't even think about it, i'm so disgusted. I'm up 5 pounds also.

it's so hard to control, so i don't really know what to say that could help. just keep learning from your mistakes. Something that really helps me is telling someone exactly what i ate (i tell me dad, becuase we're really close). Then i can listen to it outloud and realize....wow-this NEEDS to stop.

feel free to PM me whenever you're feeling like a binge is coming on-i'll talk you out of it!

omg i went on the scale today and have gained like 5lbs in probably less than 3 weeks, i dont know why im so surprised, it deff didnt come on overnight, but today is a new day as  i said so heres what i ate, im gonna post it here so i can hold myself accountable for what i eat ,hopefully putting it into writing will help

- protein shake, special k cereal, banana

- special k cereal and carrots


- havent gotten to dinner or anything yet, think im going to nap and then get up to study. i have 3 goals this week


1. go a whole week without binging

2. no eating after 8/ or at least 2 hrs before bed

3. no watching late night tv --> which causes me to seriously binge!


okay i will check in everyday with my goals, please support me guys, its been probably about 3 months since i havent binged like few times a week, i think, im in a rut and i need help getting out! okay will update before i sleep, goodluck ladies!!

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I too strugle with binge eating,food obsession, reaching my ideal weight & then blowing it, etc.  A shrink once told me that obsesional thinking means you are avoiding something.

 I also read a book about the psychology of losing weight to try to get over the obsessional thinking. It said binging=avoiding emotions you don't want to feel or deal with. So now whenever I want to binge I try to stop myself and pinpoint what it is I'm feeling. I don't always know but at least I say to myself that my impulse stems from something, and I try to figure out why I'm "off balance". 

I am, by the way, a recovered alcoholic woman. I'm 48 & have not had a drink for over 10 years. But he obessional drinking and smoking I used to indulge in has now shifted to food! And it's always at the end of the day that I binge uncontrollably on food & thats the same time I used to drink and smoke the most as a matter of fact.

hey edweena welcome to the group, i think your shrink is right, thats an excellent idea trying to find the root of things, anytime you feel a weakness for whatever, just come here and type away, we're all here to support each other! :)

You know that 5'5" and 112 is underweight, right? Maybe your body's trying to tell you something.

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