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over 40 looking to lose 8lbs? cleansing diets

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ever since I hit 42  and changed careers I've started packing on the pounds it's soo hard to take them off. I stick to it for 24 hours then head right for the chocolate. I'm really small 4"10 and my bet only getting shorter from here. I've noticed I just can't take the weight off it seems so tough.Any suggestions? Any thoughts on cleansing diets?
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The cleansing diets are good to help you jump start a diet but not as a complete diet. Depending on the cleanse you use will determine how long you will be on the cleanse. Make sure you drink tons of water when you are doing it. The whole point is to flush your system. After you finish the cleanse you will still have to change your eating habits and excercise. When you cleanse it tends to motivate you when you start a diet and that maybe the jump start you need.
my mom and i just did "the master cleanse" or "the lemonade diet" as it's also known. i agree that's it's a good way to jump start a diet.
i researched cleansing diets inside out!

next week i start my fasting detox. i searched and purchased various supplements to take during the detox and i have already booked myself for my colon cleanse for the 6th day of my detox.

there is no point in doing a weightloss program without firstly flushing out your system of all teh accumulated rubbish.

the first time i did a colon cleanse, i did it for seven days. it has the most amazing affects on your body and i would continue doing it
Here's a great article about crash diets

http://health.msn.com/dietfitness/articlepage .aspx?cp-documentid=100142350

I've never seen a "cleansing" diet I liked.  Our bodies do a very nice job of cleansing every single day.  There's no need to take extaordinary measures. 

The only way to lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF is to make permanent changes to the way we eat and exercise.  Don't go on a "diet"!  Instead, make changes you can live with forever, lose the weight and be healthy for life.  There is no shortcut.
i dont believe it is a crash diet at all!

its advisable to read up on colon cleansing you will be amazed at all teh health benefits.

i do it twice a year - i suffered from bad skin and it clears it up

My Personal opinion is eating healthy foods will do the same.  Those schemes are just a way to sell you their products.  Just my opinion.

sublimelmf--Please tell me your experience with the Master Cleanse, I am very interested in giving it a try. I just bought the book and have not had a chance to read it yet, but how long did you do it for and what were your results. I am only interested in giving my diet a jump start.
i planned on 5 days, but just went 3, and my mom chickened out after one lol but it was great! mentally i felt great, but i had to stop after 3 b/c it was making me sick (i'm on break from college and wanted to be able to hang w/ friend, etc w/o being sick).  it was really easy to do, no suppliments, vitamins, or anything like that.  make sure that all the products are organic. my mom bought me a juicer to make it easier since you have to make a lot of the concoction. i'd recommend it to anyone! my mom's cousins do it 1-2 days a month.

if someone out there doesnt know about it, what it is is a detox fast where you drink a mixture of 2T lemon juice, 2T grade b maple syrup, 1/10t cayenne pepper (or to taste), and about 8 ounces of purified water. (make sure ingredients are all organic) drink 6-12 glasses per day (i usually drank 6 or 7) and every morning and night drink a cup of organic laxative tea, the toxins come out through your bowels. 

the book explains the significance of all the ingredients, cant remember it all right off hand tho.

hope that helps oshellybean!
Thanks so much, I really appreciate it. As soon as I get the chance I will read that book and start the fast. I heard that is does make you sick for the first couple of days so maybe I will start over the weekend when I have nothing important to do. Thanks again for your help!
wow, in bulimia world, we used to just call that "purging."  we didn't need a fancy name for it.
there is a big difference between the master cleanse and bulimia.

first, the master cleanse is to be done once or twice a year to clean out the toxins that your body has naturally stored. it is to cleanse you body from wastes so that your digestive system and waste management system work better. all positive things from a health standpoint if used correctly.

bulimia is def not based on the same principles and is a purely negative and damaging practice. i don't doubt that someone who is bulimic would abuse something such as the mastercleanse, more often than recommended and for the sole purpose of losing weight. this is not the intent or purpose of the master cleanse.

that said, my bf and i did the master cleanse when we lived in hawaii. we both did the full 10 days. we both worked and went to school full time on top of lots of physical activity, we were both very active. the first 2 days were really easy. the 3rd or 4th day for me were the toughest, this is when my body started to detox and i felt a little tired. after that it was awesome. i had a ton of energy and we both enjoyed the taste of the drink. after the 10 days we both felt rejuvinated and ready to start moving into our normal eating habits over the course of a few days.

 i recommend the master cleanse to any responsible person who wants to benefit from it's cleansing. i do not really recommend it as a diet. much of what you will lose is water weight and it will come back on when you resume your eating habits. however, if you are looking to rid your body of  the toxins stored from an unhealthy diet in order to start a healthy diet with a clean, toxin free body, go for it.

edit: i do recommend that anyone who will try the master cleanse order or buy the book and read it full through before beginning. it's small book, i think mine was 4 dollars at the health food store. read it through and see if it's right for you.
Cleanses are just a way for the unscrupulous to take advantage of the gullible and credulous.  There is no "accumulated rubbish",  no mysterious parasites, no magical removal of toxins.   It's just a fast with a sugar water component, and sometimes herbal laxatives and fiber supplements. 

Just eat a nice bowl of veggie soup,  a bowl of Kashi, and drink a liter of water.  Same effect. More filling and nutritious, though.

*edited for spelling.  and what-not.
twiggy, I think just visiting that website you posted could make me lose weight-- from losing my appetite!  Those pictures, ugh... I'm glad that cleansing worked for you, but I am not sure that the site you posted is a reliable source of information, since it is hosted by a company that obviously wants you to buy their product.  Do you have any non-biased information on this process?  i.e. from a medical study or reliable news organization that doesn't profit from promoting colon cleansing?  It seems interesting, but I am just not sure that I would submit myself to a process that is harsh enough to make me ill without at least a study or two to back it up.
this is the first time i have participated in a heated debate on this site...however...

if you have not been putting healthy things into your body and giving it the right nutrients to cleanse itself, you will store toxins faster than you can rid yourself of them. the human body can do amazing things, and it does have an intelligent cleaning system, if you treat it intelligently. that is why doctors recommend healthy diets and lifestyles, no smoking, no drugs etc. why? because your body holds onto a certain level of damaging toxins.

to believe that there is no "accumulated rubbish" in the human body, not to be rude, is a very naive stand point. it would be an erroneous conclusion to assume that the human body, especially one holding extra weight is ridding itself thoroughly of the damaging things being taken in. and i can't speak for other cleanses, but the master cleanse makes no claims in the way of "magical removal".

while cleanses may not be for everyone and while we may have different views as to if they are worthwhile and effective, one fact remains. your body does store toxins. you can't put unhealthy things into your body without adverse effects, even if they are not seen on the outside.
Hi there! There are a lot of personal accounts of folks trying Master Cleanse here:


Here are some posts from the archives of this site regarding Master Cleanse:

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You can also do a search on this site to find more posts regarding Master Cleanse, on the top of the community page there is a search feature to search to public forums, type in "master cleanse" and change the drop down option to All Dates. =)

Google Information:
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Where to by Grade B Maple Syrup? (Grade B maple syrup seems to be very important to the success of Master Cleanse, usually the maple syrup that you would buy in the grocery store is either pure corn syrup or Grade A maple syrup, so make sure you are getting the right stuff):
"When you are healthy‚??eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly‚??your liver and kidneys will do the job they're supposed to do."

that's the key element! when you treat your body right, it can work at it's full potential.
"if you have not been putting healthy things into your body and giving it the right nutrients to cleanse itself, you will store toxins faster than you can rid yourself of them. the human body can do amazing things, and it does have an intelligent cleaning system, if you treat it intelligently. that is why doctors recommend healthy diets and lifestyles, no smoking, no drugs etc. why? because your body holds onto a certain level of damaging toxins."

Ooo!  Haven't been called naive in a long time!  Hee!  Perhaps I'll get carded at dinner tonight. ;)

I am fully aware that environmental toxins are stored in body fat, and the more fat you carry, the more environmental toxins you carry.  What is lacking here is evidence that cleanses do anything to remove those toxins.  First off, what "toxins" exactly?  Mercury?  Xenoestrogens? PBCs?  How do we measure current levels within our bodies?  How do we measure the amount released? THe burden of proof lies with those making the claims that cleanses removed "toxins" from the body. 

Secondly, the "accumlated rubbish" I was referencing was the unfortunately common and odd concept that people are carrying pounds of feces encrusted in their intestines.  I have seen the inside of many colons (STOP SNICKERING!;) when they showed up for grossing at the path-lab.  We got some pretty old and sick intestinal tracts in there.  Only one had what could be called "pounds of poop" and that poor person had been rushed to the hospital in agony due to extreme compaction.  So, short answer. No.  We do not have pounds of accumulated rubbish to be removed by drinking peppery lemonade and taking laxatives.

Doctors recommend healthy eating and avoiding smoking for many reasons, of which toxin accumulation is only a small part.  Most nutrition advice is given to ensure proper levels of nutrients and vitamins, not reduce "toxin accumulation".  Advice given to restrict tuna and other high-mercury fish is an obvious exception. 

However, I'll not stand in anyone's way if they want to drink pepper-lemonade for days and abuse laxatives.  That's up to them. I, in turn, will mostly likely poke holes in the inflated claims and outright lies associated with the promotion of cleanses.  Cause I'm many things, but naive isn't one of them.

I'd like to point out one issue with the environmental toxins theory.

So, first my credentials. Hi, I'm Howard and I'm an environmental engineer. While I haven't spent years of my life out playing in Superfund Sites, i *DO* know a few things about toxins.

Now, then, the issue... There are two types of environmental toxins: hydrophillic and hydrophobic.  The toxins you're talking about, hydrophobic, DO get stuck in the fatty tissues in your body.  This is known.

Hydrophobic means that the substance's polarity is such that it will not stay present in water. Think of small pools of oil in water. They stick together, not dilute into the water. That's hydrophobic.

Now, assuming that your cleanse somehow got access to fat (which it won't, as the cleanse will stay inside your digestive system, whereas most fat is NOT directly connected to the digestive system at all), the hydrophobic chemicals such as PCBs and Mineral will NOT bind to it. Why? Because most cleanses are Water-based, not fat based. MAYBE if you were sucking down Olive Oil AND you had access to the fat where the toxins were stored...

So, please don't get ideas that a cleanse can and remove those toxins. It can't.

As far as encrusted feces in the intestine go. Well, I'm no expert there, but I hear eating FIBER will take care of that. Lots and lots of Fiber.
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