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How to get over that first three day hurdle.

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I can't get over the first three day hurdle, I have good intentions, but that is out the door within the first 48 hours.  Help.
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What kinds of foods are you eating?  Are you getting enough calories?  Maybe you're trying to cut out too much.  I think if you're having trouble starting, then set your first goal a *little* smaller, so that you can have that joy of meeting a goal.

For example, if your maintenance calories are 2200, why not try to eat 2000 for the first few days?  Then decrease it by 50 or 100 a day until you get to 1700, and keep it there for a bit.  (If you haven't explored all the tools on the site, now's a good time.  It helps to know what your maintencance cals are so you have a starting point.)

Make sure you're drinking lots and lots of water!!  And, make sure you are getting enough protein (a good number to shoot for is at least 100 grams) as that will keep you from being as hungry.  Finally, if you get the munchies, try to find something to occupy yourself.  Take a walk, call a friend and chat on the phone for a while, whatever. 

Good luck!!!  I am sure that you can do it, just don't be too hard on yourself.  If I know one thing it's that most of us on this site are our own worse enemies.  I've got faith you'll do great though.  :)
Instead of counting calories start off by eating good food only... like fruit and veggies. Log everything you eat here so you get in to the habit of doing that. Try to stay away from white flour and sugar. Start trying to make yourself eat something every 3 hours. Don't let yourself get too hungry.  Then as a next step start drinking water. Keep a water bottle by your side at all times. Try to drink at least the minimum of 64 oz a day.

I think the hardest part is breaking away from sugar, junk food and bad carbs. Once you get off of those food... I bet you will find it's easy to stay on track.

If you have a big sweet tooth make the sugar free jello and get fruit to go with it. Try the cool whip free. It might not be the best thing for you but it will seem like you are really indulging in something.

I'm sure you're going to get a lot of good advise so try out the things that make sense for you. Just keep trying until you find what works for your lifestyle. Don't give up.

Good luck!
Kiwigirl maybe you might enjoy this book.
Life is hard, food is easy

I took a look at your journal and I see you are very unhappy and that you are feel very badly when you eat. I know how painful that is.  It was miraculous that after I actually found a plan I could stick too.... all the bad feelings and guilt went away. It was as if I was free.

Anyways... after I looked in your journal I thought of this book. The author also wrote another book "100 days of weight loss" It's kind of like affirmations for the first 100 days of your new way of healthy eating. Maybe you'd like that too.
I've always had that same problem when starting a diet.  This time I'm not dieting, I'm changing.  I don't know what made it click, but I decided to change just one unhealthy thing at a time.  My first change was to eat a good, low fat, high nutrition, high fiber breakfast every day.  Now I can't imagine how I could have skipped breakfast or had a high calorie meal in the morning.  Next move - start having fat free or reduced fat dairy products.  That one took some effort because I started out hating skim milk.  I changed gradually and now full fat milk tastes too rich.

There have been many more changes, all of them for the better.  I've lost 17 pounds so far, and that's without being able to exercise.

You can do this! As ninav said - don't worry too much about the number of calories at first.
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