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went OVER my calories today (double) what can I do to get on track?

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I went OVER my calories today (allowed 1,400 and ate 2,900):(

What do I do to not gain and to get back on track tomorrow?


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If anything, you gained maybe 1/6th of a pound. If you eat your normal 1400 tommorow then it will all even out. going any lower than what you normally eat isnt reccomended!

are you sure?? I am kinda freaked out.. I feel like I am heavy, like my belly is fatter and like its all just bad:(

Ahh, what an awful way to feel- I need to remember this next time I feel so out of control- its not worth it.

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I find when I eat that much more than my normal calorie intake I'm not as hungry for the next couple days- it carries over. I had about that on Halloween, and the next day I didn't even eat 600 calories--I just wasn't hungry at all. The next day some appetite returned and I went up to about 900, and the next day all of my appetite was back and I was back at normal calorie intake. I'd say just eat healthy, and eat when you're hungry. Don't starve yourself! Just listen to your body. It'll balance out in the end, just don't make a habit of it (though I'm sure you know that already).
yessss im sure! if you ate 2900 calories that can only be at maximum 1000 calories over your burn (depending on your stats and activity level today) and thats not even 1/3 of a pound. But im sure it wasnt even that bad. I know how you feel though, yesterday I had pumpkin pie for breakfast, tri-tip salad+bread+caesar dressing+croutons for lunch, pumpkin pie and  cookies for dinner. oh and ice crream. i felt like i was huuuuuge and i felt like my pants didnt even fit me any more but it was really all in my head because i didnt go that far above my burn meter. 
lol it's no big deal -- just eat normally tomorrow. I take a free day every 2 weeks and eat wayyyy over my range. It's all about balancing things out over several days/weeks.

Ok, so I couldnt fall asleep after all that I ate tonight, so... I just finished jumping rope for 2.5hrs while watching the movie "Hook". I hope that that burned off some of those calories, right??

With any luck it did and it won't put me at that much of a disadvantage come tomorrow. Its looking rough.

Thanks for your words of encouragement and support- I need it more than I think some days.

just forget it and act as if it didnt happen, you didnt even eat enough to gain a full pound

just eat your usual amount (1400cal) today, the next day, and next, and next and so on...

inncorporate a little bit more excersise into your daily routine for the next few days

things will all even out.. no worries :)

just eat as you were before going over, drink lots of water, and exercise nothing drastic. . to counter act all the calories I took in on Thursday, I walked for an hour and a half prior to dinner. . .it helped tremendously!!!
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