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When do others begin to notice weight loss on you? 10 lbs, 15 lbs, ...

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Age 35 / Female / Start Weight 212 / Todays Weight 204.5

Question:  So I was thrilled with the results since starting this on April 7th, I am down 7.5 lbs and am starting to feel really good. My clothes are feeling much better, my skin is healthy looking and clear, and my question is, when do others begin noticing changes in you?. Or for that matter, when do I see changes in my weight (besides what the scale says). There is always that one person who you see everyday and all of a sudden, they look different and you say "Wow, you look great, how much weight have you lost?" My question is, when does that happen? I am really proud of my commitment and feel great but I was just wondering when your physical appearance begins to show weight loss.

BTW - I absolutely love everyones comments, what a great moral support system. Who needs WW when you have CC. Thanks for everyone's comments and motivation to others it helps those of us that don't write much.

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Congrats on losing 7.5 pounds! I'm glad you're feeling so great about yourself! :-)

For me, it depended on the person. I'm really short (5'2), so people who knew I was trying to lose weight (like my mom) said they noticed after about five pounds. A couple more people noticed when I lost 10...more when I lost 15, now a lot of people seem to notice now that I've lost almost 20. Obviously, the more you drop, the more people are going to notice.

I would say, though, that when I lost 15 when when it seemed to become apparent to most people.

Thank you so much, that's what my husband thought too. Being 5' 10 I carry my weight well but that will be my goal for next week when I am at 10 pds gone, to see if anyone notices. Congratulations on 20 thats terrific! If nobody notices next week, then I will wait for the 15 pound shed. THANKS.

I am in the same boat as minerva_moon, I am 5'1" so any little bit of weight really makes a difference. Several people noticed after I lost about 5lbs, it all came from my face which made it REALLY noticeable. My mom and a couple other people I work with noticed my body shrinking at about 10lbs...I also noticed my pants were fitting better!!! I still have about 10lbs to go to get to my goal...woo hoo!!

Congrats on your weight loss and keep up the good work!!

They'll notice when you change what you wear.  If you lose weight and wear the same clothes you look exactly the same for quite a long time.  If you get some new clothes that fit your new shape you'll get lots of people noticing.  Doesn't take much... a belt to cinch in your new, better-defined waist can be all it takes.

I still have some of my baggy old 'fat clothes' that I use when digging the garden or decorating... I put them on and it's like I never lost 50lbs.  Awful!

Gi-Jane - Wow! 50 pds, you should post some before and after pictures, thats incredible! I wouldnt mind getting some new clothes but since my current goal is 165 and I am only at 204 right now, that can get costly. Pretty soon, no more Womens size 14-16 for me! I am shooting for size 10 and will take it from there. In the meantime, it's baggy clothes that will hopefully hange off my big butt soon. :)

Congrats mrdudek!

I guess you'd notice result depending on where you lose your weight first.  For me, it seems to come off my face first, but I don't ever seem to notice it with my body even if I drop dress sizes.  If you don't feel like you're seeing the weight drop, why not start measuring yourself? 

I think it depends on the amount of weight you need to lose.  Say...If you are 100 pounds over-weight, people probably will not notice a loss of ten pounds as they would if you only need to lose 30 pounds.  However, you will notice. You will notice the inches you lose.

Hard to say-

It's terrible my extended family (grandma, brother, sister and in laws) couldn't tell for certain that I had lost weight until I had lost 35 lbs! Before when I saw them at about 20-25 lbs of loss they knew something looked different but, then when I was at 35 - 40 lbs they just went nuts noticing about how much thinner I was.

Oh the other hand my neighbor who I see about 3 times a week could tell at or a little before I had lost 15 lbs.

Just depends I think in part how they are used to seeing you. My neighbor had always known me to be heavy and my family had always know me to be thinner so, in their eye they expected me to look two different ways.

howdy doody,

 I am 5'10"and when people started to notice that I had lost weight was when I hit the 10 pound mark. I started off weighing 190 in january and now I am down to 178 pounds. Very happy but I would like to see how 160 feels. I went to my boyfriends aunt and uncle's house about a month ago and the first thing his aunt said to me was oh my Bethany you have lost a lot of weight. I wanted to take her home with me. I hope this is not a vain thing but it feels so good when somebody that you don't see on a regualr basis looks at you and tells you that you lost a lot of weight. It is a huge confidence booster and just reassures me that I am doing things right. I just hope that I can keep my motivation going to get down to 160 pounds. Congratulations all on your weight loss no matter how big or small. I am very proud of you all.


 I'm 10 years older and about 1" shorter than you,  but our weight stats are the same. I started at 212.5 and got my first comment when I had lost exactly 15 pounds. I was wearing 18W (sometimes a 16W) when I started. Those 18W's are swimming on me now that I am down 17.5 pounds. I can wear a regular 16 easily now and even bought a regular 14 denim capri pant at Target last week (but I think it must be sized generously). I know we aren't doing this for others - but IT SURE IS GREAT when they notice!!

The other things I've noticed: more energy, my rings and watch fit looser (in fact my wedding ring is getting almost too loose), thinner face.

Oh and I agree completely with GI Jane (always a wise person on these boards) - don't walk around in your baggy clothes, I've tried to start wearing things just a teeny bit more fitting, and people notice the weight loss when I do that.  Good luck and keep up the good work. Add me as a friend (and the others on this post, too) if you'd like.

Hi mrdudek,

we have similar stats, Im 5'9.5" and started at 219lbs.

I think it can all depend on the person, a lot of people don't like to comment on peoples weight at all. I have lost 56lbs so far and some people still haven't commented! lol.

Congratulations on the 7.5lbs! thats great :D

I was wondering the same thing. Ive lost 15- down from 197 to 182 now of course I have noticed, my pants are falling off and most of my loss was in my waist. I need to lose alot more so havent bought any new clothes yet. Im on a misson here-lol. And I keep waiting for someone to mention it. still nothing! Ive noticed people taking a double take at me but I bet theyre still trying to figure out whats up. I think the new clothes thing is true. My shirts are real baggy as to hide my muffin top. Soo Im gonna try the 20lb mark and maybe a new outfit. I just dont want to go around announcing it, its much nicer when someone ANYONE notices-lol

I'm 5'7, started at 142, and now I'm at 128. My family notices, but my friends haven't really said anything. I notice the change, but I think for anyone to really notice, I'll have to do some toning exercises or something. I don't know. You'd think after 14 pounds my friends would notice.

So far, I've lost about 7lbs, and only one person has noticed/commented about it (my mum).

I have a friend who commented that my skin complexion has become clearer and more radiant though, and it makes me really happy, cause for me, weight loss is also about becoming a healthier person! (:



It probably took about a 30 pound drop for other sto notice with me. Mind you though, I was 265 when I started.

mrdudek someone suggested in another thread gettin your clothes taken in by  a tailor rather than buying new stuff. maybe somethin you can try as the weight comes off ? cheaper than new clothes (even better if you already know your way around a sewing machine) an it means you dont have to buy in between clothes.
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